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  1. I also agree that you likely have at least 5deg too much base timing at the moment. You can set this for what the car likes at idle and use your ramp to get to where you need to be at total. ***** Sorry, I missed that you have already pulled it back to 15 degs.
  2. Yeah, ok. You might be able to bring it in sooner though?
  3. I agree with what Greg has said, but I also say do it. And the argument for getting this rather than paying someone to tune a carb is the same as having programmable ignition rather than getting a re-graphed dizzy (i.e. you change something and you don't need to pay again). It also means you don't need to take it somewhere and talk to someone, haha. That last vid it goes pretty lean on transition though.
  4. I would have thought more than 2 deg/500rpm? At 14deg idle (and upto 900rpm to stop the timing wandering at idle), that is less than 25deg total at 3,200rpm (where I would be thinking more like 32-34deg. This would be my total advance guess (i.e. 32-34deg at 3,000-3,200rpm). In saying this 2deg/500rpm might be a good starting point and ramp it up progressively from there.
  5. How much boost can these things handle?
  6. Almost, yeah. Nice clean and bright headlights (like new factory XE lights) for me. But then again, I like XFs so WTF would I know, haha.
  7. Rev it as much as you are comfortable with. The guys that want to see 6,000rpm before everything is sorted can build their own. Once you have a good power run under your belt and see it working to 6k, then you might use it.
  8. Yeah, stiffer, but not as stiff as new lows still.
  9. Cutting springs makes the spring rate higher, not lower. Just buy some lows.
  10. You could try one of these which are designed partly to reduce losses due to sudden expansion:
  11. I was thinking more like this (although the runners are long): What you have done, certainly looks the part though.
  12. xFalcon thread "BA AU Upgraded XE THE BOSS" I think KLR250 was using BA stuff in the front of his XF too?
  13. I am sure it could be, but as you say, a custom manifold would be required. I would probably have one fab'ed up rather than using the banana manifold. A nice row of carbs sticking through the bonnet would look cool if nothing else.
  14. Downdaughts would be cool, no tower clearance issues then.
  15. Yeah, fair enough.
  16. Or keep a clutch fan because there was never anything wrong with them...
  17. That will be how it was balanced. You can just change the pistons. I read that it was balanced as an assembly and over thought it. The rods are balanced so the pistons just need to be.
  18. Your bob weights will change so the crank will need to be re-balanced, unless the pistons weigh the same as the old ones (not likely). Edit: I need to refresh more often or write faster.
  19. Decide for yourself mate, it is easy for us to spend your money. If the cam is too big for what you want, change it. If it is what build up the compression how you want. Would be a pity to machine a block which you have already spent the money on.
  20. C2 head swap is probably easier if your other head has not got a lot done.
  21. Look up these on Summit (link won't paste on my phone). Correct pin size and 1.556 comp height: Keith Black Silv-O-Lite Cast Pistons S1192-020.
  22. Just a quick look so I may have done something dumb and for some you would need the pin holes in the rods opened a tad:
  23. Defective tacho???
  24. 4,000rpm...
  25. Could try pulling your all in rpm point back by 500rpm at a time (down to as low as 3000rpm) and see what happens, otherwise it must be close.