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  1. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Cheers mate I'll do that, legend! The Mictrona is indeed a tacho / clock thing. The tacho works a treat but the clock has issues. Very handy little gadget, seems reasonably accurate and just adds to the oldschool feel of it. Now I just need an under-dash UHF and I'm set. - boingk
  2. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah, 17/100 blew me away for such a big unit too! I reckon if it had sane tyres (ie not 35" muddies) then it might even squeak in 15/100 but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Hearing you all on the no pics. I think Google has changed the way they allow hosting again. This has bit me a few times, I'm usually able to resolve it in a few days. For now, here's a link to the album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gPNsJ6vdbku1EgdH9 Cheers - boingk
  3. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Did the photos work in that post? I'll try again.
  4. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Okay, so this was an epic trip. I left home on the 19th, carrying a few boxes of things plus the boot of spare parts for old mate - seat, vinyl, steering column, roof racks, etc. The Val shot its water pump spigot about 100km out of town. I found out after slowing down for a truck in front - all of a sudden it felt like it'd thrown a rod. The good news was the fan didn't gouge the radiator, but the bad news was I had to take it off and let the pump wobble under 80kmh. It lasted a few hundred kay until I was just about to hit the SA border checkpoint. I fit a bit of rope to the pulleys, stretched and retightened and tensioned again, and showed up at the checkpoint with rust-coloured water on the fender, a run-on from the poor thing being hot and then steam rising as the overflow bubbled due to no airflow allowing the contents to boil. So, I limped off to get a belt and found two good blokes in Paringa who lent me a hand. I paid for the belt, fit it, and was off again. I made it to the seller just out of Waikeri as the sun went down. We had a chat about the personalities of our vehicles, exchanged receipts and I was out of there. I camped the night behind a servo and in the morning made a 100km leg to see how she went - 'not terrible' was about it... she used about 40L/100km. Not impressed at all, I changed to the Holley Brawler 650 in a servo carpark and was on my way. First fillup was 20L/100km and after that it dropped to 17 on the open road, cruising along about 2600rpm @ 100kmh courtesy of the big 35" tyres. End result? I'm pretty bloody happy. 17/100 is magic for one of these bricks on 35's. I'll see how she goes with my nice closed chamber heads but honestly I'm considering leaving her as is. Very good bang-for-the buck in terms of fuel usage! That carb swap basically paid for itself. Cheers - boingk
  5. Boingk


    I've done a stack of research into this. Bloke near me has one in a 78 model F100, the thing is a mess but the 300/6 engine is complete. The best 'parts book' build would be a 240 head on a 300 block, headers and dual exhaust for as long as possible before the merge into a single 3". The States even got cast dual exhaust manifold for ehavy duty applications, no idea if any made it here. Go a moderate manifold or even port the stocker for a Holley 500. Jam an HEI dizzy on there if you can, otherwise just upgrade the stocker to electronic if not fitted already and use a solid state coil for a nice fat spark. Camshaft we're looking at something like a Howards 280996-10 with 500 lift and 220@50 which is plenty without stressing the stock valvetrain - see here: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hrs-280996-10/make/ford Anything more you'll probably want custom pistons or a very shaved deck to help with compression. The head flows about as well as an alloy Xflow, so poorly for such a big lump of an engine. Apparently you can up it with some mild work to about 200CFM intake, stock is about 185 or so... hence the Holley 500 which would be about perfect for a 250hp engine. Unless you chop a pair of LS1 heads up... then you need three Holleys: Have a read. This guy is a legend, made the setup himself and just figured out where to chop. The pair of heads is centred on the #2 and #5 cylinders, and because of the size and shape of the chambers it doesn't matter that the others are a bit off-center on the bores. Amazing. https://engineswapdepot.com/?p=4014
  6. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    I've got both lying around so thats no a bad idea actually. Today I gave the Val a good once over, she's got fresh brake fluid, oil and filters, refurbed Holley 500, new themostat and gasket plus a coolant flush and fill. I've done some crazy trips in this old rig but its time to move it on. She'll do well with the new owner and I'll (hopefully) not have too many issues with the Effy. Fingers crossed, not long now.
  7. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Knew I was forgetting something. Legend! Now I just need to figure out where I put them haha.
  8. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Yeah fuses always go with me, but good catch on the putty stuff. I'll grab some of that for sure. Old mate says its a new radiator but you never know. That's pretty much my daily list, most sits in the boot in a milk crate haha. I'm definitely taking jerries as the good ole Effy will be somewhat less than frugal on 35s and I don't want to run out on the longer stretches back home. Good idea on the torch though, I rely too much on my phone at the moment and a proper torch will be useful, especially as I'll be camping overnight in the thing. Ah, and you guys heard of Trangias? Best cookstove ever. Swedish, weatherproof, self-contained, light, not too dear and last bloody forever. They're quick to use, too, the amount of times I've outdone some you-beaut pressurised mountain stove is crazy. Usually I'm done eating by the time they've finished cooking. Keep the ideas coming. Can never be too prepared for a road trip... and this will be about a 6 hour each way trip into the middle of butt-fahrk-nowhere South Australia. - boingk
  9. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Okay, deal is put together and I have my border pass COVID whatevers all sorted to leave in less than a week's time in the Val, rockin' along on an unrego permit to the final destination. On the way back in the truck I'm going to go look at a Honda Grom - those mini-bike looking things you've probably seen tootling around the last few years. I'd love to get back on 2 wheels again and figure this will be a good, cheap way to do it that will sell on easily after if I tire of it. The breakdown bucket so far is a 12v fuel pump, 10g wire, entire new carby, 10L water, coolant concentrate, 5L oil, Z9 oil filter, spark plugs, timing light and hand tools. That should sort out whatever the last owner hasn't, although the truck is regoed so can't be too horrid. Fingers crossed!
  10. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    This is where things get weird. I have a Chrysler wagon (because I'm just sick like that - sick!) and have been offered an even trade for a '77 F100 XLT - Clevo, 4WD, tub rear and already regoed and running on 35" tyres. Hot damn. This might happen. May still do up the F250, but either way the engine is going in the new truck if I get it.
  11. Boingk


    Dart or Arrow is my bet. It's a 4.235 stroke and 4.18 bore for 465ci or 7,620cc. Good Lord. Check the video at 5:10 for the specs - they do a card on screen. And 14.2:1 compression? Far out. Honestly I would consider a larger combo at that point. There are plenty of 500+ cube engines that will do over 1000hp without having such extreme specs, although the fact this thing is essentially a "smallblock" does have a few merits. - boingk
  12. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Okay so I ended up with 30-thou ring end gaps due to pre-gapped rings but what the hell, thats way better than the 120+ I had to start with, and with 11:1, worked heads, camshaft and possible nitrous use thats probably not a bad place to be. The whole shortblock is together and torqued to spec with new bearings and oil pump, the sump/timing set/water pump go on next and then I'll chuck it back in the truck before I put heads on it.
  13. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Yep, it liked the starter but it most certainly ran. Probably why it sounded badass - absolutely zero compression. I imagine it would've topped out about 70kmh with those ring end gaps haha. If I have 20 thou gaps this time around I'll be happy, should be about right. Yup, generous piston to bore clearance but honestly I'm more worried about getting this thing on the road as soon as I can. My next lot of leave is in April (I generally keep working over the holiday period) and I'd love it on the road before then. I'm using a very basic dial-bore gauge I got from ebay for about $40. It's consistent at least, although was a prick to set up. The micrometer is a metal bodied digital unit from repco and works fairly well.
  14. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    The sump and valley are post-cleaning session. They were caked in a 1/4 inch of black buildup. The bores were pretty good, though, as are all the bearings and lifter bores. Sludge from age and lack of oil changes, coupled with only the occasional fire-up is my guess.
  15. Boingk

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Getting somewhere. There was so much freakin' sludge in this thing. Luckily a small stainless brush, an old chisel, a few cans of degreaser and a whole lotta elbow grease got it sorted. The block is clean enough and the bores measure up well at 4.001" to 4.002", but the stock rings are shot and a few of them cracked in half on removing the pistons. I measured two end gaps and they were both about 1/8" hahaha. The pistons themselves don't look as bad as I thought though. They measure 3.996 to 3.998 across the thrust faces so I'll probably reuse them. They don't show any signs of damage beyond some mild pitting - with that and the broken rings I'm thinking detonation. The sump cleaned up well, too, after pouring about a pint of sludge out of it. The stuff had the consistency of cold porridge. Lovely. On the upside it looks like a good strong pan with true sealing surfaces, and even the dent in the lower section beat out just fine.