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    351 compression

    Check the block hasn't been shaved as well as this will increase the comp way to much for pump gas. I had a 351 030 (Block deck to 0) with 302 Rods and CC Heads and it was a pinging nightmare with unleaded, even 98 was only a little improvement. Change to a wilder cam made a little difference but it then suffered on take off, increased stall and that helped but was still not fun. We estimated it had 11.8:1 comp as on Avgas it was a weapon, you could advance the timing from 0 to about 10degs and the change was awesome Mate had the engine after me and he replaced the heads with a set of shaved & Ported OC reco heads and back to the original Crow cam and it was a total different beast, no over heating and ran really nice as that was just over 10.3:1 compression
  2. Jeffb5.8

    Phishing Scam email password

    Did a email search and I found I used it back in 2006 on a Virtual Sports dream team, which had a email say you login and password are below. So maybe that’s where it came from.
  3. Jeffb5.8

    Phishing Scam email password

    That’s what I thought but it’s a good guess since it wasn’t a common password or name.
  4. Jeffb5.8

    Phishing Scam email password

    Anyone else recently get a phishing scam email that had a old password used to access Xfalcon? I had one and the only time I can remember using the password identified in the Subject line was for Xfalcon? I may have used it elsewhere but cannot think that far back. It was a very old password and I haven’t used it in ages like 5+yrs but I thought I would ask the question in case there was multiple people as I know Xfalcon site was down a few weeks back. Should I now change all my password to another new password even if it’s not close to the one the hacker sent me.
  5. Jeffb5.8

    '73 XA Falcon w/ Boss 260 conversion

    My tiler had one of these set up in our bathroom, mainly because it was originally built in 1923 and he said the wall would be all out of plump, He was correct but his tiling is so good it was worth extra $$ to use him over others. He also set it up for me in other rooms of the house so I could hang artwork all at the same height and it was so much faster than measuring and guessing. P.s Awesome fab work love the thread.
  6. Jeffb5.8

    The completely off topic thread

    Anyone watch Car Master: Rust to Riches on Netflix, Constance Nunes building engines and carbies. Awesome, Some cool cars as well. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8893550/
  7. Jeffb5.8

    The Gergwagon Revamp

    Q;:Do you know why you cannot hear a pterodactyl go to the toilet A: Because the P is silent P.s Need more Updates
  8. Jeffb5.8

    The Gergwagon Revamp

    Ha Ha might have to drop it to my new house, will be moving again in a few weeks. Still in the same area
  9. Jeffb5.8

    XD 1980 Ute Street Drag Build

    I had the Same Speedy wheels on my XD in 14 x 7 fronts and 14 x 8 rears, So hard to get tyres in decent widths so I went to 15" rims
  10. Jeffb5.8

    Defective's xf pano...

    I like the AU's even nearly bought a AU XR6 as a play thing, but went the boat instead. So is a Barra Turbo conversion as easy as Non turbo?
  11. Jeffb5.8

    The Gergwagon Revamp

    So any updated Pics without the Bird Poo on the windows.
  12. Jeffb5.8

    Cars That Make Your Panties Moist.

    Correct and each time I looked for it my first reaction was go for a foot handbrake, then look on the other side of the console. Same as the bonnet release being on the passenger side.
  13. Jeffb5.8

    Cars That Make Your Panties Moist.

    Shame to give it back, but being 6ft 2 there is no leg room for a back passenger even the kids struggled.
  14. Jeffb5.8

    Cars That Make Your Panties Moist.

    Dropped my Ranger in for its 45,000km service and they gave me a Mustang GT as the loan car. It’s a big step up in power from the Ranger and has a beautiful engine note. Also the mirror lights put a horse on the ground when locking it.
  15. Jeffb5.8

    TDC and rotor arm position

    It also helps to have two people when doing the finger over the spark plug hole, Soon as you feel the pressure put a tiny white liquid paper mark the balancer and the when it stops mark it again, TDC will be in the middle, do it a again to confirm. Once up and running mark TDC on the balancer at the pointer. Then set the dissy in with the rotor where number one lead will be and the vacuum advance should be pretty much straight giving you almost equal distance of advance and retardation. The movement will allow you to get the two spikey internal gears to line up correctly if you not 1 tooth out. If not you will most likley be one tooth out on the bottom gear, lift the inch and rotate it just a little and then slide back in. My brother who lives in Perth just rang his RACV / NRMA roadside and told them it wouldnt start, when the mech arrived he told him the truth and thet got it fixed and the mech scored a carton of Beer and wrote it down as electrical fault. Win Win.