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  1. Jeffb5.8

    XD Toploader

    Any updates did you buy it
  2. Jeffb5.8

    XD Toploader

    Single Rail only, Good to see your still kicking around
  3. Jeffb5.8


    Water pumps can be a cause of the overheating, Some of the cheaper ones don't work well just creating cavitation and air bubbles, best fix it to get a electric water pump which controls the flow, we used these on the old 1948 Bentleys for weddings and are the best thing ever. My old Clevo used to over heat with a cheap water pump, I then upgraded to a QCP or something brand which had the Wheel instead of the fan blade type and that along with Rad clean fixed my issues. could sit in traffic on a 38deg day and while it got warm it never overheated.
  4. Jeffb5.8

    351 compression

    Check the block hasn't been shaved as well as this will increase the comp way to much for pump gas. I had a 351 030 (Block deck to 0) and CC Heads and it was a pinging nightmare with unleaded, even 98 was only a little improvement. Change to a wilder cam made a little difference but it then suffered on take off, increased stall and that helped but was still not fun. We estimated it had 11.8:1 comp as on Avgas it was a weapon, you could advance the timing from 0 to about 10degs and the change was awesome Mate had the engine after me and he replaced the heads with a set of shaved & Ported OC reco heads and back to the original Crow cam and it was a total different beast, no over heating and ran really nice as that was just over 10.3:1 compression
  5. Jeffb5.8

    TDC and rotor arm position

    It also helps to have two people when doing the finger over the spark plug hole, Soon as you feel the pressure put a tiny white liquid paper mark the balancer and the when it stops mark it again, TDC will be in the middle, do it a again to confirm. Once up and running mark TDC on the balancer at the pointer. Then set the dissy in with the rotor where number one lead will be and the vacuum advance should be pretty much straight giving you almost equal distance of advance and retardation. The movement will allow you to get the two spikey internal gears to line up correctly if you not 1 tooth out. If not you will most likley be one tooth out on the bottom gear, lift the inch and rotate it just a little and then slide back in. My brother who lives in Perth just rang his RACV / NRMA roadside and told them it wouldnt start, when the mech arrived he told him the truth and thet got it fixed and the mech scored a carton of Beer and wrote it down as electrical fault. Win Win.
  6. Just Beware http://www.9news.com.au/national/2014/07/30/13/49/dad-jailed-for-crash-that-killed-son
  7. Jeffb5.8

    Vacuum diagram for Thermoquad + tuning

    1) Vacuum resevoir line from HVAC unit to rear christmas tree (manifold vacuum) 2) HVAC control vac line to hot water valve 3) W (white) vac line from HVAC control to 107 deg C PVS (top port). 4) G (green) vac line from 107 deg C PVS (middle port) back to the left hand foot well diaphragm Borrowed from another (Forum) Post 213 from Paul's 82 XD Ex Pursuit thread on Xfalcon
  8. Jeffb5.8

    Ford V8 Escort

    I like the idea of a Clevo sigma, any pics or tips Motorcycles4ever, maybe a retrospec build thread?
  9. Jeffb5.8

    Gilmer drives

    I had the Pro Comp one and worked fine, I did carry a spare Gates belt just in case but had no drama
  10. Jeffb5.8

    inlet manifolds

    I didn't think they make a victor junior for the clevo, just the Windsor. You have the performer or the air gap as choices from edelbrock
  11. Jeffb5.8

    xe conversion from 6 to 8

    You need V8 chassis plates to take the V8 mounts for the engine, The 6cyc ones dot work with the V8 mounts. They come up on eBay for between $40'and $70
  12. Jeffb5.8

    xe conversion from 6 to 8

    Clevo 4spd bell housing redrill for T5 or dellow housing T5 from a EB - EL use a 6cyl one as they are shorter. Bolts into current mounting point Tailshaft from same car AU starter motor