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  1. Grabber

    XW VS XB

    Hi I put top loader on XD with XB shifter and it hits handbrake cable.If I swap to xw/y shifter will it hit hand brake cable?me
  2. Grabber

    XD Toploader

    Manual XB gt’s had 4V engines and toploaders to 12/73. from 1/74 changed to 2V and Singlerail. I am told that they were doing toploader special orders only after that, and ran out of toploaders in the XC’s. This means no toploaders in XD’s. Perhaps a factory person can confirm.
  3. Grabber

    XD Toploader

    I’m looking at a 1 of 1 police order and it has 351 toploader. I thought dees only had singles. I know ESP5.8’s had single. Second dee I’ve come across that may have factory toploader. the ford letter makes no reference... Dee needs full resto. Whaddaya reckon it’s worth...
  4. Grabber

    XD Toploader

    Did XD’s come with Toploaders
  5. Hi you still got hardtop for sale?

    1. Fingers


      No, sold in July

  6. Grabber

    XH XR8 Steering

    Hi, is an XH XR8 Intermediate Steering Shaft the same as any other e.g. EL 6 cylinder
  7. Do XD tail lights bolt straight to XF...
  8. Grabber


    I am seeking the plastic door piece on the left. Can I buy these new?
  9. Grabber

    xa gt badge placement

    Well done TKO's rule the world. Im keen to see how the bell housing works out...
  10. Grabber

    xa gt badge placement

    what 5 speed and which bell housing?
  11. Grabber

    xa gt badge placement

    No, I need a blackboard in me garage of who I lend things to. Im pretty sure where it is but what do you do, call the Ghostbusters to go thru their house - well thats one option. Ill find out where it came from and get another one and let you know...
  12. Is this Bob that lives in Chapman or stirling with an xd ute?

  13. Grabber

    XB Tailgate FORD Badge

  14. Grabber

    XB Tailgate FORD Badge

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I removed the F O R D and just want the oval shaped love to RHS like later model Utes. Need size of ford badge and location measurements.