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  1. No selfies from your Friday nights please!
  2. A tunnel ram would work better if the front and rear runners don't join on the top part of the manifold!
  3. What sort of engine do you want to run it on!
  4. I have an XC auto insert, message me if interested and your console looks like and auto one!
  5. I would like to copy and paste but my browser won't allow! Plwase add 25. BAWITHLOT - 4/1
  6. It is your second gear syncro that has caused your box to fail. The first indication should have been crunching when going into reverse. If you have spare boxes you just take the first gear synchro out and fit it into your second gear position. I have a couple gear boxes and should be in Cowra in a few weeks if that helps!
  7. Sometimes senders fail when they heat up!
  8. I fitted my own conversion and had it inspected and approved by my local Gas Fitter. However I was in the Aircraft industry and work with oxygen and electrical systems! I basically copied the donor car but replaced the lines with flexible type. There were a few hassles but I complied to the fitters requirements and it passed. In the end the install was neater than any of the other professional ones I have paid for before because I could afford the time to design a tidy install instead.
  9. It is truely sad, I can still remember her as a very dirty girl on stage! "Back to the Wall" was my most memorable song.