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  1. scottly

    wheel spacers

    Smart move defective using the pre au wheels, tickford xr8 copies. Probably the best option
  2. scottly

    Blow through carb

    This guy has some use full tips with blow through carb tuning. He has been doing it for some time now. Might pay to even message him. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQpoC_ilAGaNyLrLnXaH4Rg
  3. Savy Motorsport make them I think
  4. scottly

    Avgas Vs Gull Force 10 pro

  5. Gee thanks Gerg, I owe you a beer lol. I was trying to start the thing with The coil earthed from the battery and it was not producing spark and the coil was warming up rapidly, exactly what you said above. I had me puzzled, I was like there is only a few wires why isn’t it throwing spark. I’ll give it another go tomorrow.
  6. Hey guys, does any one know the correct wiring to get a 250 crossflow running on a engine stand? Is it . thick cable from starter to + battery . Cable from starter to + battery to turn it over . Cable from + battery to + coil . + cable from dizzy to + coil . thick cable from - battery to earth on engine . Cable from - battery to - coil . - cable from dizzy to - coil does any one know if this is correct? Also is there a resister in there some where? the engine is out of a xd with a alloy head and electronic distributer.
  7. Mother fu$ker that’s a good one. i look forward to seeing how this goes. Are you going to do the roller bearing modification? I have never seen this done before.
  8. scottly

    12v ignition source Help please

    Ok so I spoke to the ignition company and the suggest don’t do it for multiple reasons I can’t remember what they were. He suggested to find a clean source for the 12v switched ignition. Thanks
  9. scottly

    12v ignition source Help please

    Thought I’d just give this a little bump, any ideas fellas? I think I can just call the ignition mob ask them to.
  10. Hey guys, I have a question for the 12v electrical guys. I need a switched ignition for accessories in my engine bay (xd falcon ute originally 6 cyl) My question is, Is it possible to run to run a switched ignition source off the + coil as I need a constant 12v power whilst cranking? Or is this a bad idea? Or is there another place easy enough to tap into? thanks scott
  11. scottly

    Blow through carb

  12. scottly

    Blow through carb

    I am probably a month And a half or so from Mine being finished. Jump on YouTube man and check out some rear mount turbo cars there are awesome. I think there is a well known brown Torana that’s a street car with the rear mount set up, it’s bloody cool and it’s very quick from memory
  13. scottly

    Blow through carb

    You will need a also wastegate I’m sure there will be other small items