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  1. scottly

    250 crossflow ignition coil advise needed

    Thanks for the reply dean! I will be out in the garage today and report back later.
  2. Hey guys, I have a 250 crossflow I’m trying to get started! The engine came from a ford xe with a electronic distributer (not efi type). I recently purchased a replacement ignition coil (goss brand) it states on the coil external resister required! Is that correct? I thought only points distributers required a ballast resistor. Any help would be much appreciated thanks scott.
  3. Hey mate, have you driven the car since changing to disc brake rears? Do the rears lock up unusually under Heavy braking? Some times the brake master cylinders are built differently from drums to discs, you should only need to change the brake master cylinder to the a four wheel disc brake type and problem should be solved! If your rear brakes are not locking up/ behaving strangely under heavy braking and providing that they still function correctly, you may be able to leave the factory brake master cylinder. that’s from my experience any way.
  4. scottly

    9inch into xe

    This is what my watts linkage arms look like! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. scottly

    9inch into xe

    Hey mate check out my thread on my xe I had custom watts link arms made. Not sure about your fuel tank clearance
  6. scottly

    Au falcon sohc starting issues help needed

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I tried everything and seems like it could be ignition related, or This is only a guess a bad lifter (lifters) causing a the little misfire. I did pull the plugs to see if there was a difference between them, they all seemed fine. I think I’ll take it to my mechanic now, it’s not worth my time and effort to try a chase this problem.
  7. scottly

    Au falcon sohc starting issues help needed

    Any other ideas fellas? I can’t get this looked at by my mechanic for at least 2 weeks!
  8. scottly

    Au falcon sohc starting issues help needed

    Thanks Gerg for the reply, I will check the fuel pressure reg/ vacuum line thing tomorrow, it can not hurt to try. yes it does it when it’s on gas and it’s worse when it’s on gas! What do you mean when a pick up is going dud? it also sounds like there is a lifter rattle/tick? could a backfire have collapsed a lifter causing valves to not open and close properly? I have never worked on a sohc engine or pulled one apart so it’s all new to me. Thanks
  9. Hey guys, I’m have a few problems with my ford falcon au sohc. When I start the car on gas or petrol, it runs for one second then stalls. It sounds like it completely just cuts out! Then I’ll go to start it again (on gas) some times it will fire straight up as if nothing is wrong. Some times it will start run for one second, then the rpm will drop almost making the car stall, but it catches itself from stalling and continues running. Other times it will cough and pop out of the air box and struggles to start on gas. It also has a rough idle and the exhaust fumes smell stronger than normal. I have replaced the plugs, leads, coils and intake manifold gasket. All 40,000kms ago. I’m hoping some one has experienced a similar problem and knows how to fix this. Or if you have any suggestions for me to try would be great. Thanks scott
  10. scottly

    Xc drip rail repairs

    I think bear is correct Howard astill makes and sells gutter replacement sections now.
  11. scottly

    EFI Xflow with EL ecu

    Hey mate, I can not help you myself but, there is a fella on face book bill hooton ( I think that’s his name?) he runs the every thing barra page! He seems to be the wizard when it comes to ford electrical’s and conversions, weather it be barra or sohc possibly CROSSFLOW. Send him a message and see what he replys.
  12. scottly

    Cleveland HEADERS - anyone used these?

    I have the proflow similar version of these, they are $150 or so more expensive. They seem quality built but the pipe wall seems thin (don’t know if that’s normal for stainless headers) and as above I think they will crack but not sure on the time frame. Have you thought about mild steel headers with polished ceramic coating? I think that’s what I would if I had my time again.
  13. scottly

    wheel spacers

    Smart move defective using the pre au wheels, tickford xr8 copies. Probably the best option
  14. scottly

    Blow through carb

    This guy has some use full tips with blow through carb tuning. He has been doing it for some time now. Might pay to even message him. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQpoC_ilAGaNyLrLnXaH4Rg