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  1. Well done mate looks really good
  2. Yeah wow mate! I still have mine on my car but it hasn't left the garage
  3. Hey guys I'm not sure about those Holley regs I have had 2 of them and I have found them hard to find a happy medium setting on them. I've set the psi at idle perfect then at rpm it loses a lot of pressure, my concern if you where doing a big pull on rpm's could possibly drain the carby bowls almost needs a vacuum port on them. not good mate we hope for a speedy recovery what happened?
  4. Progress is great man good stuff
  5. What a cool thing with your kid mate well done 👍🏻
  6. Hey mate build is looking good, what accelerator cable where you going to use with the intake and the gas throttle body?
  7. One of the better ken block vids I have watched lately, the last couple have way to many sceine cuts it starts pissing me off. The car must be a handful to drive also looks lower than it use to, there is a couple of times when he lets go of the handbrake he hovers his hand in between the gear stick and the handbrake almost like he doesn't know what the car is going to do. I wish I could have a drive of it man that would be fun
  8. Any updates ants, I'm keen as to see this thing running and driving
  9. Id go 10mm or How about bricks mate
  10. a few updates
  11. That's cool man things blow out very easily, I'm sure it will be all worth it in the end. my xd ute I have done all the metal and prep work myself (this summer will be in color) I would hate to think what I have spent just on tools and materials. I must of missed what box are you running behind the windsor?
  12. Hey man, the ute is getting there, do you mind if I ask how much you have spent on panelbeters all up.
  13. Hey mate looking good, have you thought about mounting the power steering pump down where the a/c pump goes to use the flipped manifold idea or are you running a/c? Is electric power steering a possibility?