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  1. scottly

    351c Procharger

    How did you go with your kit man, did you end up buying one?
  2. scottly


    There was Australian company that ran this test vic based I think. They bolted a Cleveland water pump to a clear peice of Perspex glass on a cooling system jig of some sort. you had full view of what was going on behind the water pump they spun it at low rpm and then the took it up to mid to high rpm's and that is where it was having major issues. So there is already a solution out there, if this is your problem! I just can not remember the company name. I would call someone like pavtek or dandy engines ect
  3. scottly


    I have heard of guys having problems with the water pump spinning to fast, by increasing the coolant flow it does not allow enough time for It to cool when passing through the radiator. i think the fix was a bigger water pump pulley maybe a chev one from memory? Or this could just be a old school thing to do that never actually fixed the problem, I'm only going off what others have done
  4. scottly


    Far out man you are really having some problems. Hopefully it's sorted out soon and you get to enjoy driving it.
  5. scottly

    Holley + Cleveland = Flooding

    Hey mate, I have the same problem with my xd ute it's a warm 302 Clevo with a quick fuel 650dp. I spray aero start down the carb so she fires first go and doesn't flood and runs perfect from then onwards, I put it down to the carby being over jetted for the motor and a poor battery and a shit starter motor. I will eventually get a hi torque starter motor and the Correct size Jetting to fix this but for now aero start for the first start of the day and she is all good.
  6. scottly

    Haltech Ecu price and suppliers vic

    Yeah he definitely can get them, I'm trying to work out the cost but if they come on sale I'll buy one just to save where I can.
  7. Hey guys, I'm currently looking at the elite haltech range of Ecu's for my twin cam turbo xe. I have been looking for suppliers that advertise prices and can't seen to find much, so I'm wondering what are the best company's to use has any one purchased one lately? Cheers Scott
  8. scottly

    Xc drip rail repairs

    Were the gutters on these models welded from the inside which requires the roof skin to be removed to repair correctly?
  9. scottly

    Cleveland EFI temp sensor

    Can you post some pics up when you decide what location you use I'm interested to see
  10. scottly

    Aussie speed rocker cover weldable?

    Very very true mate
  11. scottly

    Aussie speed rocker cover weldable?

    I'm pretty sure you can get bungs that use a thread and thin nut all you do is drill the hole slide the bung in, then the nut tightens from the inside of the rocker cover. But weld in is probably a better option
  12. scottly

    Custom rust repair and patch panels?

    Mate I wish I had straight one for you to work off every xd xe xf I have ever had come threw my hands have all been shagged like dean said towbar cut out with a trailer plug screwed on or just being a low down panel people Seem to hit some thing every time reverse is engaged. I could see this being a good panel to reproduce and take to market as no one does it. But like you say you need a template, thinking about it now I'd deffinatly buy 2 hopefully some one has a good example I'm on the hunt now.
  13. scottly

    Custom rust repair and patch panels?

    Hey man, have you thought about making a replacement beaver panel to suit xd xe xf's maybe even stepping up the thickness of the sheet metal to make it that bit stronger. I'd be keen for 1 maybe even a spree one
  14. Hey mate not really answering your question but have you looked into the renogate sequential shifters that's what I currently have in my xd
  15. Hey mate not really answering your question but have you looked into the renogate sequential shifters that's what I currently have in my xd