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  1. scottly


    I have heard of guys having problems with the water pump spinning to fast, by increasing the coolant flow it does not allow enough time for It to cool when passing through the radiator. i think the fix was a bigger water pump pulley maybe a chev one from memory? Or this could just be a old school thing to do that never actually fixed the problem, I'm only going off what others have done
  2. scottly

    EGO: my XD/F ute

    What part of the car are they for mate? Well done with the build to mate killing it
  3. scottly

    Hendrixhc's Long Term XCGS Project!

    Good work mate, who made that reverse cowl I can't recal seeing one with that swage or ridge line back a little from the nose of bonnet. I put a 4inch reverse cowl on my xd with a sika flex product recommended by very well known panel shop supplier, and then used upol fiber fill, then body filler to smooth it out. It has a hair line split both sides at the back about 30mm long just Like what ego xf xd said in another thread. Let us know what method you use and how it turns out.
  4. scottly

    Project: Re-assembly!

    Nice neat repair mate
  5. scottly


    Far out man you are really having some problems. Hopefully it's sorted out soon and you get to enjoy driving it.
  6. scottly

    ford xd cleveland toploader 9inch conversion

    it looks big but as soon as you put 2 cars and work benches panels on stands, it becomes very small
  7. scottly

    Zk lowrider build

    Cool cars man, did that blue one have the number plates GAMBINO or some thing like that. Looks like one I saw at a auto salon way back mid 2000s
  8. scottly

    ford xd cleveland toploader 9inch conversion

  9. scottly

    ford xd cleveland toploader 9inch conversion

    Lol yep your probably spot on there. So the update is over the last month I've been doing paint and panel In my spare time and actually making good progress. I kind of wish I had used my time and money a bit wiser before I started a family, oh well it will get there.
  10. scottly

    ford xd cleveland toploader 9inch conversion

  11. scottly

    Here we go again .

    Looking good man well done, are you going to do the paint yourself or palm it off to someone else?
  12. scottly

    Xw falcon

    Wow man very impressive. It's such a big job paint and panel 3 years is nothing you will be cruising this thing in no time.