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  1. dvfalcon

    XE Gauge Cluster

    Hard to explain and to hard on the run to draw and post a picture on the run but as you suggested I would run a new wire and join it at the cluster plug and see how he goes.
  2. dvfalcon

    XE Gauge Cluster

    deankdx The oil sender works resistance to ground.the ground is though the body of the sender as resistance changes oil pressure gauge changes. This being the case the wire should run from the sender to the cluster with no interference from supply or earth “””””With it unplugged at both ends, cluster check if it has +12v there( shorted to 12v).”””””””” cluster un plugged and. Wire off the oil sender depending if multi meter or just a test lamp I would check if +12v is being introduced in to the wire, wire is shorted to +12 volt Multimeter - place the black lead to earth and the red lead on the wire, if you measure 12v the the wire is shorted to +12volt. test lamp - connect the clip on the lead to earth and touch the probe on the wire, if it lights up the wire is shorted to +12v “”””””Check if is grounded to -12v (shorted to Earth)””””” Multimeter - place the red lead to +12v and the black lead to the wire, if you measure voltage the wire it is shorted to the earth. testlamp - connect the clip on the lead to the wire and and the the probe to +12v, if it lights up the wire is shorted to earth.
  3. dvfalcon

    XE Gauge Cluster

    Just keep in mind Xd Xe have oil senders. And some dash looms have less wires(budget/basic loom) have done many dash changes, instrument panel with no issues only ever had one loom that did’t have all the loom wires. Do a resistance check from the from the sender to the to dash plug. With it unplugged at both ends, cluster check if it has +12v there( shorted to 12v). Check if is grounded to -12v (shorted to Earth)
  4. dvfalcon

    300 USA 6CYL

  5. dvfalcon

    300 USA 6CYL

    Did these come in f100’s
  6. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    I had some flake caused by two long between coats, 1/2 ass sand/that’s enough, paid for that. The rest you can hit with a chisel and not chip it
  7. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    I use KBS and Por15 on all my seams and Rust repairs. I love the products but only time will tell if if works! Dale
  8. Must look into this one then
  9. Just watch the little horse shoe left over nibbles get stuck in your sole, and will puncture pneumatic tyres on your hand truck.make shore yow sweep them up Dale
  10. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    What i found underneath Dale
  11. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    Two small holes I found
  12. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    Rust around the rear window is typical caused by sealer drying up and rear window flexing, rubs paint away and bingo rust. Look into the hole at the top of the A pillar as this spot is a doozy what you find behind. I had two 5mm holes welded up fine. I was lucky that as I prepared the area for paint the wind screen rivet that holds the trim clip out fell out looked into it a bit more and what I found was yuk. Please investigate this area it will ruin a good paint job. I will hunt up a photo of what can be beneath Dale
  13. dvfalcon

    XD door handles

    The top original handle in your first photo the plastic clip that holds the rod on is from a xf (rod has a90degreee bend in it. Xd/Xe rod had a S shape bend in it and goes through the eyelet grommet that came that came on the new one. I would say the hole drilled in the new arm is to large for the xf attachment. You could always make up anew rod but I would just repair you old one
  14. dvfalcon

    Funny Photos/Pictures

    Is that the SANDBARRA
  15. dvfalcon

    XB Dartosmobile

    Fix it once fix it properly, these cars have all had clean ups/tidy up/ rebuilds over the years but have never been rebuilt like they are rebuild today. The rust has always been their. Dale