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  1. The top original handle in your first photo the plastic clip that holds the rod on is from a xf (rod has a90degreee bend in it. Xd/Xe rod had a S shape bend in it and goes through the eyelet grommet that came that came on the new one. I would say the hole drilled in the new arm is to large for the xf attachment. You could always make up anew rod but I would just repair you old one
  2. Is that the SANDBARRA
  3. Fix it once fix it properly, these cars have all had clean ups/tidy up/ rebuilds over the years but have never been rebuilt like they are rebuild today. The rust has always been their. Dale
  4. I scrapped a XB coupe for the doors and running gear. All for a XA Ute. Ute long gone but the running gear I still have in my XE Ute. Silly thing is the Coupe was in better condition than the XA Ute. Dale
  5. Were to you get the red wheels from?
  6. The rear window is caused buy the sealer drying up, rear window flexes, rub through the paint and bingo starts to rust Dale
  7. Have looked into using the outright purchase/ change over from Bunnings or total tools and then you could have both. $250 rent per year is a rip off. I only use 1 bottle a year if that. May not be economic for you if you use a lot but worth crunching the numbers. Best of all if you run out on Sunday they are open. Dale
  8. This if just the factory toe bar. The hardest part would be finding standard bumper irons
  9. The last photo is a different car , a previous HO build. From what I understand the car for sale is a original esp sold out of SA a little while ago sent to HO for a rebuild. The last photo is HO’s poster car.
  10. XE XF Ghia were chrome, XE ESP and EA sPack were Black
  11. Another option I just welded up more area on a cleveland/ single rail bell housing to use original t5 bolt holes
  12. Very interesting hopefully it survived
  13. Keen to here feed back on welder
  14. Seen some one bolted in in the past. Not shore of it's strength?. Invest in a engine tilt, come in handy https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Engine-Load-Leveller-Lift-chain-Brackets-T-E-Tools-TL9901-New-750KG-Capacity/253003474818?hash=item3ae82ea782:g:Oc4AAOSwsB9WB7tL