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  1. dvfalcon

    FC LTD centrecaps

    Autosol is good truckies have been using it for years. A cheap old school polish for alloy is a mixture of half brass and kero. The go to for the truckies atm is purple polish have not used it personally but gets great reviews Dale
  2. dvfalcon

    T5 to Toploader Bell

    XF 5spd ain’t much chop, came with the 3.3, from memory same as a sigma. Better off with a 4 Spd. Hunt up a e-series 6 cylinder. This is a bell housing I modded a singlerail bel housing the bottom two are the new
  3. dvfalcon

    A few electrical issues

    Wiper relay in? LHS of steering column
  4. dvfalcon

    5.0 Coyote into X Series.

    Top work have been following this build
  5. dvfalcon

    Plenum repair

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. dvfalcon

    Plenum repair

    Put it back as it left the factory
  7. dvfalcon

    Plenum repair

    It does support the top plenum cover couple of spot welds, directly below there is the pedal box. There is bolts on that area for the wiper motor assembly isn’t there? Support Just going of memory car to far away atm.
  8. Photo stolen from Facebook, one in the build Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I have used him good price and service
  10. dvfalcon

    Tips on welding cracked strut tower in XG ute

    I killed one of my Xe’s Cracking between the upper control. All caused by a new set of tyres and a crap wheel alignment. Every so often would grabbed the front guard. Didn’t fix scraped it my bad. if you have the time replace as much as you can with doner parts. A few layers make up this area, and it cops a pounding Dale
  11. As Sparky Dave said http://grafixunlimited.com.au/ford/falcon/xd_xe_xf_zj_zk_zl/xe
  12. Single rails are good, stop the gear stick from coming out, the only issue you will have is the selector rail seal. Dale
  13. dvfalcon

    Xd headlights into XF

    As sparky Dave said, the xf plugs were once available off the shelf at Autobarn been a while since I bought them. Jay Dee auto cables in Baywater sold them as well Dale
  14. dvfalcon

    T5 oil (710)

    Just for those after the gear stick for the floor. Had trouble sourcing a XE so I ended up at the GT SHOP. To see what the has and if I could use it, the had repo ones for a XC that worked a treat Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. dvfalcon

    T5 oil (710)

    This guys I will start chasing one down