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  1. dvfalcon


    am thinking it may have been made bigger. I put the motor inthe car in a hurry. Did the drive around at the time with not much luck to source new one. here i go again thanks guys
  2. dvfalcon


    this one must have been tapped out already then as it is bigger thanks
  3. dvfalcon


    Does any one knows if the sump plug thread on the Cleveland is larger on the later models Most the info on the net say it is 1/2inch. The ones on eBay that state size say 1/2 inch. The one in mine is larger? Trying the get a new one. I always thought they were all the same Cleveland crossflow. The socket I use is 3/4. I have another Cleveland her that takes a 7/8 socket? Thanks Dale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. dvfalcon


    zl floor is the same as xe, it only changed in late xf utes and vans
  5. Plugs are different but wire colour codes should be all the same
  6. dvfalcon

    XF to XD

    XE tail lights have always been the preferred, hence the shortage of XD. When the Taiwan replacement parts started to flood the market with the likes of SSS most XD were becoming XE and F’s. A V8 later looking Car. You could get after marked XD but demand not there hence there demise. Dale
  7. dvfalcon


    The early block distributed has the larger shaft, out side diameter. It is actually a imperial diameter 1/2”. The black block outside diameter is metric 12.5mm and smaller. The smaller diameter in the later block enables you to use them in the early block, chestnut mentioned that the can fog out them out quick. To overcome this you can machine a extra bush in the base of the distributor to support the shaft and stop run out. In the mid nineties when you could still by new Bosch distrubutor ice ignition did this mod, supplied new and modded for around $600. Now the do there own ignition ignition. How the have evolved, ignition have come along way, technology and price Dale
  8. dvfalcon


    Check out the haulass Garage Hot tank, a Billy Bob gem
  9. dvfalcon


    In side the door is like a dog bone type plate capsulated in some retainers with captive nuts to allow the door to move in and out I did remove that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. dvfalcon


    When lining up the doors take the striker off, I use 2 x 10mm window packers placed on the sill, sit the door on top in position and do up. It puts you in the ball park and adjust from there. A plate like dean made will last for years, if you can make one for inside the door as well so it sandwich the door between. Guard off is the best but just the inner guard will do. Window packers below but at the end of the day anything 10mm thick Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. dvfalcon

    Fairlane crushed velour upholstery

    As Dean said Ben at global trim would be my first call. also contact the seller in this ebay link he puts up Nos material all the time https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/EB-FALCON-XR8-SVO-S-PACK-GENUINE-FORD-NOS-SEAT-MATERIAL-TEAR-DROP-/143870251902?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  12. dvfalcon

    Drivers door key lock

    DGN with what the call the Tibet Lock will most probably be the same xf and earlier work differently c Dale
  13. dvfalcon

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Pre cross flow 6 cylinder f series, Canadian motor
  14. dvfalcon

    XE Spac Trim

    XD is different to XE
  15. dvfalcon

    Xc drip rail repairs

    Another repair job