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  1. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    Typical falcon rear window you cut out and replace as you are doing.was told years ago by the beater the repairs my first one the sealant on the rear window drys up. The flexing of the falcon body the window seal rubs the paint away, once the paint is gone start to rust and bingo, that’s the end result. The one at the top of the C pillar is also common. May just a zap on the mig but cam also blow out. Before you put your roof lining in spray cavity wax all round the edge of the roof especially the R corners
  2. dvfalcon

    What could have got these cars a defect

    Repair bill out ways what the car is worth. Eg 4 tyres and brakes done @ mechanic worth more than the car if sold
  3. dvfalcon

    The completely off topic thread

    A lot of Maccas close restaurant and only have drive through open. Kids play basketball Friday night and like have a snack after the game with the team. Been kicked out of a few, sorry the restaurant is now closed.
  4. Did my first oil change on a FG the other day, after all theses years the ford engineering bright spark change the sump and bingo sump plug behind the crossmember and drains onto it
  5. dvfalcon


    Bush mechanic trick when the seals go, just get new ones
  6. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    Doors won’t hold you back a small mod here and there, electric, non electric etc. there is a glass thickness and panel gauge variation in some doors. Would not tell the difference, minimal Dale
  7. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    Rework, know how you feel my Ute seeks heaps repairs done 25 yrs ago. We never get done what we plan to get done. I don’t think of it any more, ‘ what gets done gets done!’
  8. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    Wiper mount was of only cut back for access. from memory this section behind wiper mount was 3 layer of sheet metal thick in section of of this repair I zinc every layer and worked my way out the the grey paint ir Por15 once finished. If I was doing the layers again I would paint with copper weld through doenot burn off as much as the zinc
  9. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    Unfortunately no build on a forum. One day I will put something up.Time poor that’s why it takes me so long, like to learn so do everything my self. I have shown different repairs of the plenum and Roof rust repairs I have done on both forums when people have asked question. Don’t mean to take over your tread here a a couple of what I dealt with. hole filled with silastic hole above pedal box repaired a sealed
  10. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    Macman Silastic was a major issue, most probably once the silastic repair was found would have scrapped this car. It is only a Fairmont Ghia, I didn’t want to travel around looking at cars that were not what people were saying where good. I had just cut, repaired and finished plenum surgery on the LHS. Water was slowly leaking into the car, the firewall insulation had acted like a sponge and were the it sits above the pedal box was destroyed. Looking back now with what I have learned in repairing I would take on any repair Dale
  11. dvfalcon

    Project: Re-assembly!

    Great fab work! The fun of leaving the car idle and build up under the wiper grill. Did it rust under neath here. I was lucky(not) to find a silastic repair patch on mine that once removed had full view of the gear stick Dale
  12. dvfalcon

    XE Gauge Cluster

    Hard to explain and to hard on the run to draw and post a picture on the run but as you suggested I would run a new wire and join it at the cluster plug and see how he goes.
  13. dvfalcon

    XE Gauge Cluster

    deankdx The oil sender works resistance to ground.the ground is though the body of the sender as resistance changes oil pressure gauge changes. This being the case the wire should run from the sender to the cluster with no interference from supply or earth “””””With it unplugged at both ends, cluster check if it has +12v there( shorted to 12v).”””””””” cluster un plugged and. Wire off the oil sender depending if multi meter or just a test lamp I would check if +12v is being introduced in to the wire, wire is shorted to +12 volt Multimeter - place the black lead to earth and the red lead on the wire, if you measure 12v the the wire is shorted to +12volt. test lamp - connect the clip on the lead to earth and touch the probe on the wire, if it lights up the wire is shorted to +12v “”””””Check if is grounded to -12v (shorted to Earth)””””” Multimeter - place the red lead to +12v and the black lead to the wire, if you measure voltage the wire it is shorted to the earth. testlamp - connect the clip on the lead to the wire and and the the probe to +12v, if it lights up the wire is shorted to earth.
  14. dvfalcon

    XE Gauge Cluster

    Just keep in mind Xd Xe have oil senders. And some dash looms have less wires(budget/basic loom) have done many dash changes, instrument panel with no issues only ever had one loom that did’t have all the loom wires. Do a resistance check from the from the sender to the to dash plug. With it unplugged at both ends, cluster check if it has +12v there( shorted to 12v). Check if is grounded to -12v (shorted to Earth)
  15. dvfalcon

    300 USA 6CYL