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  1. Rat-XF

    Blow through carb

    12 months to the day... Random!!! Anyone else doing the turbo Cleveland build?
  2. Hi fellow X Series falconers. Has anyone discovered an angled ball joint from possibly another vehicle to combat bind on a lowered Falcon? Something along these lines
  3. Rat-XF

    Blow through carb

    Wow were did those years go Anybody else getting into a Turbo Cleveland on here?
  4. Interested to know if anyone has upgraded there interior to Ea,EB,AU, BA etc
  5. I realize it wasn't intended to lower the Shelby. I'm implying the same principle in reverse with a shortened arm to stop ball joint bind. I understand suspension geometry and I'm trying to engineer a solution for a slammed ride without spindles and ball joint spacers. I think track cars and suspension geometry may be in another thread?
  6. Crazy i went down this road few years ago and i got welded shorten arms from an XF track car but they wouldn't pass a wof for street use!! Im thinking along the lines of putting them back in and doing the Shelby mod but drilling the holes 1" above and slightly forward not below.
  7. Rat-XF

    Blow through carb

    Hey mate how did you get on with this? ive made more progress and discovered Titan1500 on youtube and well this has now been ordered https://simplestage.shop/products/brpb-boost-referenced-power-valve $130 delivered NZD. Titan1500 has about 4 short awesome vids that explain it all..super simple.
  8. Awesome thanks heaps for the reply Im pretty lucky in that respect ive been in the Fastener industry for a very long time Any idea who sells the arms? Its a funny topic when you say you want to slam a car as low as you can on springs.. if someone says it cant be done it makes me want to do it more and ive always had slammed cars so its gonna be slammed.
  9. Rat-XF

    Blow through carb

    Im a large portion down this route in Turbo form and from NZ, the one thing ive found in NZ is everyone has gone the EFI option years ago and hardly anyone knows about blowthru carbs or there tuning. {Zero support). I was lucky to come across a demon blowthru which has had all the metering blocks and float upgrades to suit. Converting a holley to blow thru is pretty simple and a few hundy but its the tuning of this set up that eats up the money you have saved. If you got a quickfuel kit ex USA with the pump and referenced reg your away or the Oz dollar is great at the moment for tried and tested options over the ditch.
  10. I looked but couldn't find it, has any one just made a simple wedge that bolts in to correct the angle?
  11. Rat-XF

    351c Procharger

    Wow there twin kit is cheaper then a 671 kit here in NZ!!!
  12. Hi Mate thanks for the link.. wow $230AU I was just kinda hoping to make one out of tapered steel rather then alloy Your Ute looks pretty awesome
  13. Does anyone have experience with both of these on a turbo application? Ive always run mine on Avgas as its handy to were i live and it seems to sit well for a long period, it has in my case anyway. Things ive noticed is it does not have the oily film like 98 pump gas and well it smells awesome My new fuel system gives me the option to run E85+ but idd need to outlay some new metering blocks etc and ive heard horror story's if it sits for awhile? Would it be worth an E85 carb kit to run this fuel? Any advice on pros and cons would be awesome.
  14. Sorry im new i did look in the forum but couldn't find decent info on Ball Joint spacers for lowered cars. Has anyone made these? After a wedge shape idea for a 3 bolt ball joint to keep the car low but even out the ball joint to avoid binding. Wanting to make it myself so cant really go down the road of drop spindles.