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  1. Yeah the teflon seals would shrink down into the grooves of the shaft a bit more making it easier to reassemble.
  2. When at a workshop and doing alot of these quite a few years ago, we compressed the seals much the same as you have Gerg and then put the whole shaft in the freezer for a few hours. You wouldn't believe the difference it made in reassembly. Great work on the seal installation tool.
  3. XF347


    Correct, I was stating to chestnut they did release a stroker as he asked why ford never did.
  4. XF347


    Ford did offer a factory 347 stroker in the TS50.
  5. This car had a drop tank, not sure if it was still fitted when he did the twin 3" exhaust though. http://www.ozfalcon.com.au/index.php?/topic/233-xd35i-ghia/
  6. While I agree gerg, when I bought this kit I did a lot of reading and found it is very common to use tie rod ends like this on mustangs. The guys in the states have been using similar for a long time without issue. I've had them fitted now for a few years and all I can say is it is one of the better handling x series I've ever driven.
  7. Helps eliminate bump steer with the drop stubs apparently. Sold as a kit from stub tech.
  8. Few photos as I was fitting the hubs.
  9. Thought I would add something different in here, I have 2 inch drop stubs and kings low springs. Although I dont have bump stop plates, you can see that the ball joint angle is still fine.
  10. XF347

    converting a barra to carb

    Fuckin... Yes!! That's awesome
  11. XF347

    20 x 10 inch on XF?

    Mate I've got 8.5's all round , looking at mine they fit easy on the back and I would say 9.5's would fit but offset would have to be spot on. I don't think 245/ 30's would fit on the front of my car, it might just rub in a few places. But the front is lower than you can go without drop stubs so unsure if they would fit with standard stub axles and SSL's.
  12. XF347

    20 x 10 inch on XF?

    The tyre is very slightly stretched but not much at all. No tread hangs out the edge of the quarter panel, it just fits under.
  13. XF347

    20 x 10 inch on XF?

    4.5 inch backspace, no rubbing anywhere on full lock. I have 2 inch drop stubs and super low springs. Wheels also fit with standard stub axles and SSL's. Tyres are 235/30R20's from memory.
  14. XF347

    20 x 10 inch on XF?

    20x 8.5's definately do fit on the front. Mine has them all round and tyre is almost under the guard with no rubbing and no mods to get them to fit. Although only running a 235 tyre on front. Unsure about the 10 on the rear though.
  15. XF347

    Front strut spacer

    I believe he is just showing the spacers. If you look closer there is no shock there, so obviously the nuts were removed to get it out.