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  1. XF347

    What could have got these cars a defect

    In WA, you do not have to carry a spare but if you do, it must have legal tread.
  2. XF347

    the eye candy thread *NSFW*

    I didn't notice a calf muscle
  3. XF347


    Good to see you got it sorted, now to enjoy cruising!
  4. XF347


    Correct, I was stating to chestnut they did release a stroker as he asked why ford never did.
  5. XF347


    Ford did offer a factory 347 stroker in the TS50.
  6. This car had a drop tank, not sure if it was still fitted when he did the twin 3" exhaust though. http://www.ozfalcon.com.au/index.php?/topic/233-xd35i-ghia/
  7. XF347

    Let's find Jack

    I think his name was Ash?
  8. XF347

    The completely off topic thread

    Ye mate I did, had a flick through your thread and early on in my build I tried the same way as you and was never happy with it. I ended up making a whole new harness. I think there's pics in my build thread. Utes looking mint too!!
  9. XF347

    Bears  XB Fairmont - The Nugget.

    Quality work on an awesome car, reminds me of a Peter Anderson type build not missing any smaller details.
  10. XF347

    Hendrixhc's Long Term XE Project!

    It's page 100 of your thread, this car deserves to be running! good luck mate can't wait for updates!
  11. XF347

    XB Dartosmobile

    It's good to see the car from a distance again, I almost forgot it was a nice coupe with all the close up rust pics
  12. XF347

    XF347 Build

    Been really slack still, have been driving it a lot though which is a nice change. Gave it a quick scrub today after a drive...
  13. XF347

    SMIKXF Build

    Lookin good, cant wait to see more.
  14. XF347


    Just posted this in another thread, definitely works but as you say, it isn't permanent.
  15. Baby oil works much the same as ATF on plastics.