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  1. winton

    3.3 running issues

    Have you tried yelling at it?
  2. winton

    Cleveland Bolt On Power - No Machining Mods...

    Haha, i find this amusing
  3. winton

    Wheels are offset?

    I've had this problem on an xf Ute, just how it was built is the conclusion I came to. You don't notice it till you fit wheels that struggle to fit under the guards. Also had similar issues on the front.
  4. winton

    XD Toploader

    I bought a ex cop xd 20+ years ago from a car yard, I was 17 at the time. It had a top loader and 9" wouldn't have a clue if it was factory. Really should of kept that one. I know the guy who owns it now but haven't seen him in years.
  5. winton

    can anyone id this diff?

    I think you will find the offset from the bearing to flange is different, I'd guess around 15mm. The flange would foul on the drum brake internals, I could be wrong.
  6. winton

    can anyone id this diff?

    Its like the game guess who. Dose your diff have solid disks? Yes. Is your diff a EA/EB wagon diff? Flips down picture.
  7. winton

    Toploader shifter issues

    The best way to eliminate top loaders poor shifting issues is to replace it with a Borg Warner. I've never had a top loader that liked to shift gears quickly. I snapped part of the shifter mount on one years ago trying to force it throu3the gears. After that went auto, never looked back but yeah I didn't really answer any of your questions did I.
  8. winton

    Strange Mercury Silver

    I know a guy with a blue el has the same affect, looks pinky, purply. I've also seen another blue el like this. I just assume it had had a fancy coat painted over the base colour, maybe as a dealer option?
  9. winton

    Crossflow Problem (breaks down at 3500 rpm)

    Hang on, was it a points dissy originally? Then yeah not 12v
  10. winton

    Crossflow Problem (breaks down at 3500 rpm)

    If you are talking about the wire I think you are its not a 12v wire.
  11. winton

    351 ?

    Do you have any of these items?
  12. winton

    Bw35-40 differences

    Cheers guys, that clears up my confusion. About 20years ago I swapped a 40 from an xf in to an xr, I need to used the xf tail shaft, because from memory the 35 was shorter, but pretty sure I read somewhere else that 35 and 40 were same, so yeah confused about why I had to use the xf tail shaft. With the corty tail shaft i was worried about the length.
  13. winton

    Bw35-40 differences

    Now that I think about it, I think I'm wrong and that the xmember mount is further back but the overall lengths are the same. If anyone could confirm or tell me different would be great
  14. winton

    Bw35-40 differences

    Hi all, I think i vaguely remember that the 35 was shorter then the 40. I'm I right or wrong? And dose anyone know what year ford changed from 35 to 40. I need a trans for a corty, I'm sure they had 35s, don't want to get a 40 and the tail shaft doesn't work. Cheers