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  1. Yeah I don't think its any bolt ons, and auto. Pretty sure if it was a fan belt issues the belt would liberate it's self but I'll check it out
  2. Possibly loose flexplate but its not making noise at idle. I am going to pull the trans to check when I have a chance.
  3. You know what didn't try this, just did and its not making the noise.
  4. Yeah def tight
  5. this is a possibility but it's not noisy at idle.
  6. Yeah solid and def not pinging
  7. Hi All, So my engine has develop a noise which I would describe as a chatter from around 3000 rpm. Normal driving I change gear around 3000 and the engine produces the chatter noise. If I put my foot down the engine make more of a rattling noise from 3000 up but it's not as noticeable. Im thinking valve train so I checked and adjusted the lash at .020, no change. I thinking possibly harmonic vibration, hope not. Anyone have any ideas or what else it could possibly be? Cheers
  8. Cheers mate, I had it happen again a little higher in the rpm. So I've turned it up to 8800. Lol
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  10. Hi All, Anyone had issues with the street fire ignition box's, in particular the rev limiter? I had it set at 6500, haven't hit it, or not sure if it was even working but today it came on a few times some where around 4500 to 5000, at least thats what i assumed the problem was. I turned it up to 6800 and the issues seemed to go away. Just wondering if this is a common issue with the ignition box or not?
  11. Yeah stick it up your bum, it will still fire.
  12. Just a bit of fun, funny since I've had the corty back on the road the older people love to chat about it, the lowrider, younger people want to chat. I love to hop it down the road, but hate spilling my beer! Guess its having sometimes unique always gets smile's on people's faces
  13. Anyone interested in hydraulic cars? I been fucking around with them for a couple of years now Having trouble linking stuff.
  14. I'm a bit rough, I lack patience. Cheers loving it. Few more upgrades to do soon to the engine and brakes.