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  1. Stu5766

    Uploading pictures

    Hi. Is there any other way, other than photo bucket to upload pictures. Every time I try to use it, I get spammed with shit & can't upload my picture. regards stu
  2. Stu5766


    Make the bad man in the van stop.
  3. Stu5766


    Hop in the back. There's lollies in there!
  4. Stu5766

    The completely off topic thread

    Yeah, but did you find the other item that you were actually looking for? Or will that show up in 3 years also?
  5. Ok, but I'll need to move into your joint during the " trial separation " that will happen when I drag another car home!
  6. I think if the seller was willing to put a little effort into the sale & got it to run ( even off a jerry can ) & could 100% confirm it was indeed a 351 & possible get the sunroof to function, he could get a decent buck out of it. The remoteness of Condobilin could also hurt him.
  7. Stu5766

    Timing & jet / power valve sizes.

    Good afternoon people. Looking for people's advise on setting up the fuel & spark on the clevo. As it will be a few weeks till I am able to dyno it. 351 clevo with about 10.8:1 comp Closed chamber heads with port work & roller rockers Solid F246 crane cam 4 into 1 extractors with twin 2.5 system Air Gap manifold with 1" spacer 750 HP center DP proform carby MSD dizzy currently set at 12* with 18* mech advance its backed up by a toploader & 3.9 LSD 9" diff. advised on jets, power valve & timing would be aprciated. thanks in advance.
  8. I'm usually the first to dismiss these shitbox's as way over priced, but he is in the ball park. $1500 for a 351 clevo $600 for a full V8 single rail conversion $1500 for the 9" $1000 for the sunroof ( If its salvageable. ) $400 GS Bonnet ( If it's not totally stuffed. $300 GXL headlights & grill $300 for GS dash. $200 for side mirrors $200 for the GS fuel cap $6000 of bits for building an XC & the convenience of not scouring Australia looking for parts. I reckon he will get his 6k.
  9. Someone will pay that for it. I've seen it happen recently. Premium coin for shit!
  10. Your M plates must be the same as our classic plates. For cars over 30 years old with modifications. There is going to be a big blitz up here soon. Too many people rorting the H plate deal. 4 points & $4400 fine if the vehicle isn't considered within the criteria. Club also gets investigated.
  11. Hey Dean, what state are you in? NSW has introduced classic conditional rego. Same H plates, but allowed a few more freedoms than having to be stock. Only downside is the conditional rego plate is the same one issued to tractors & forklifts. My XD has tractor plates. Lol
  12. Stu5766

    F246 in & running.

    Where are you located mate? I use Jamie Waterhouse in Penrith NSW. Reasonably priced & he is very knowlagable without being a dick. He tuned mine last time & it pulled 13.3 down the 1/4. He also tuned a mates 393 XC & it just did an 11.5 last week.
  13. Stu5766

    F246 in & running.

    It will go on the dyno when I regroup some coin. Chambers started out at 57-58cc. I cc'd them once my engine bloke shaved them & they are 53cc. Pretty much what we were aiming for. Instead of the standard 50tjoy head gaskets, I got the felpro steel o ring type which are 39-40thou. Last time it was on the dyno it had a XE274 cam & about 10:1 compression, it had 272RWHP.
  14. Stu5766

    F246 in & running.

    I have finished the install of the F246. Finished up taking 25 thou off the heads with chambers of 53cc. 40 thou head gaskets with the slugs 39 thou down the bore. Comp ratio works out about 10.8:1. Cam is degreed in & with .5 of a degree. Hoping for some decent numbers out of the old girl.
  15. Stu5766

    Project 260z for FREE

    Set of extractors from Stuart wilkinson with a lot of his other goodies will put a smile on your face. He is Sydney based, but he knows Dato's like nobody else.