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  1. Stu5766

    Timing & jet / power valve sizes.

    Good afternoon people. Looking for people's advise on setting up the fuel & spark on the clevo. As it will be a few weeks till I am able to dyno it. 351 clevo with about 10.8:1 comp Closed chamber heads with port work & roller rockers Solid F246 crane cam 4 into 1 extractors with twin 2.5 system Air Gap manifold with 1" spacer 750 HP center DP proform carby MSD dizzy currently set at 12* with 18* mech advance its backed up by a toploader & 3.9 LSD 9" diff. advised on jets, power valve & timing would be aprciated. thanks in advance.
  2. Stu5766

    F246 in & running.

    Where are you located mate? I use Jamie Waterhouse in Penrith NSW. Reasonably priced & he is very knowlagable without being a dick. He tuned mine last time & it pulled 13.3 down the 1/4. He also tuned a mates 393 XC & it just did an 11.5 last week.
  3. Stu5766

    F246 in & running.

    It will go on the dyno when I regroup some coin. Chambers started out at 57-58cc. I cc'd them once my engine bloke shaved them & they are 53cc. Pretty much what we were aiming for. Instead of the standard 50tjoy head gaskets, I got the felpro steel o ring type which are 39-40thou. Last time it was on the dyno it had a XE274 cam & about 10:1 compression, it had 272RWHP.
  4. Stu5766

    F246 in & running.

    I have finished the install of the F246. Finished up taking 25 thou off the heads with chambers of 53cc. 40 thou head gaskets with the slugs 39 thou down the bore. Comp ratio works out about 10.8:1. Cam is degreed in & with .5 of a degree. Hoping for some decent numbers out of the old girl.
  5. Stu5766

    Condensation coming up from floor in ute??

    Hot chick: Oh no mister mechanic, it's so wet & I need you check it out with your tools. I have no money to pay you. Mechanic: I've got just the tool for it & we can work out the bill somehow.
  6. Stu5766

    Condensation coming up from floor in ute??

    I also reckon heater core. Get a pressure tester on your cooling system & check for leaks. Also if it's leaking as much as you say, you will notice your coolant level dropping in the radiator. Heater core is behind the dash in the heater box. You can bypass it, but it will be a long cold winter.
  7. Stu5766

    Solid Cam

    Double row rollmaster.
  8. Stu5766

    tyre size?

    Place called tyre shack in Nowra NSW sells 14" & 15" BF Goodrich & Firestone. Freight would probably be costly.
  9. Stu5766

    Solid Cam

    Well I had some progress this arvo. I degreed the cam & it was within .5 of a degree straight up at dot to dot. I would up fitting the 40 thou style steel "O" ring style head gaskets, so comp will be a tad higher than expected. The contact point of the roller on the tip of the valve stem is near on dead in the middle.
  10. Stu5766

    tyre size?

    Yep. 14" tyres are hard to get & bloody expensive for what they are. I acquired a TS Astra for free the other day. Took it for the electric power steering pump & the brand new 14" tyres on it. They were going to be spares for my 14" falcon rims which also fit my trailer. However the oldman acquired a set of 14 wire wheels for his fairlane, so there go my tyres!
  11. Stu5766

    Solid Cam

    It's an old school car with iron heads, so should be happy with the cranky sound it makes & will be more than happy if I get it into the 12's.
  12. Stu5766

    XE Speedo and Odometer Issue

    I have had similar issues in the past. Could be a faulty cluster or as mentioned the transducer or gears. I had a single rail once where the C clip popes off the out put shaft & the drive gear slid backwards. Recently in the XD my speedo stopped working. I thought it was the traducer gear, but it was fine. I got a mate to sit in the car with the ignition on & I spun the gear p by hand. The speedo started to pulse. I removed the extension housing & expected to see the drive gear had worn out or come adrift. What I found was it was slightly work & the remains of a previous gear stripped off & jammed up in the drive gear. I was able to clean it all out & get it running again. Both gears are available from rare spares for manuals. Autos from memory have steal drive gears & are cut the opposite way.
  13. Stu5766

    Solid Cam

    The Crane F246 seems to have proven itself as a good performer in various applications. My engine has the adjustable rockers, guide plates, & valve springs setup. The F246 also sounds cranky as with a set of iron heads.
  14. Stu5766

    Solid Cam

    G'day mate. It had a XE274. It pulled 272HP at the wheels, but with less comp. I've just had 25thou taken off of the heads. It was good for a 13.3 1/4 mile pass with a top loader & 3.9 LSD 9". I'm hoping to exceed 300rwhp & drop it into the 12's.
  15. Stu5766

    0-90ohm fuel sender to xf (volatge) gauge PROJECT

    I had a similar issue when I fitted the mustang tank to the XD. I used a peel unit interface to convert from ohms to capacitance. i have a couple of 0-90 units here if anyone is interested. cheets stu.