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  1. Britto

    XD - XE Black blocks

    Had I quick look through the thread in my short arse lunch break couldn't see anything, my car was built 5th July 79 which I'm sure is 9G5 (correct me if I'm wrong) if yours is dated on or before that I'm definitely interested.
  2. Britto

    XD - XE Black blocks

    Sorry mate meant D2AE, late night, I'd be interested in your '79 XD block , what's the casting date code?.
  3. Britto

    XD - XE Black blocks

    Looking for a 302 black block for my 79 S Pack. I've read somewhere that the XD 302 V8 Black blocks had different casting numbers for those specific model years can anyone clarify this. Always thought they were 72DA numbers.
  4. Britto


    Thanks mate, so I would be safe with say a 74DA-7003-AA ?
  5. Britto


    Hi all New on here so here goes, hope I'm not going over something already covered. I'm doing a resto on a 79 302 XD S Pack that some fool has converted from 4 Speed to auto. As I understand it I need a 0503 009 single rail what I am not sure of is the casting numbers i.e. 7? DA-7003-AA . Does the number after the 7 equate to the year of the car and should the AA mean that model as well. I have a couple of gearboxes lined up but aren't pulling the trigger until I'm sure. Great info on here Cheers in advance Britto