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  1. They were built here yes? or did they build them in NZ too?
  2. I'm assuming WA as it is in the WA chat sub forum bear.... but you never know i guess.....
  3. Exactly! How this bloke could not consider those points when writing that add is beyond comprehension.
  4. Unbelievable. They actually sound serious
  5. I wonder how he'd go with getting the esp gold colour? I've already bought two cans of the gold paint from global trim too.
  6. Thanks for the reply gerg. I don't think i'll bother clear coating the polished lips i'll just leave them and polish regularly.
  7. Got a few questions for those with more experience than I. What's the best way to go about stripping the snowies, sand blasting, soda blasting, or something else? Also what primer is best to use on the alloy? I'll pick up some plastic primer for the new caps. What clear coat do people recommend to finish over the gold? And paint first, machine lips second is the way to go yeah?
  8. Got an angle grinder? Cheap job if you do...
  9. 25g is cheap... now that they're not making them anymore......
  10. mines only got 94,000
  11. cool
  12. yep, im wet
  13. Ute is fekn sweet! But did anyone notice this thread is four years old ....
  14. way cool