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  1. SirkWhyXF

    Checking 275 wheel clearance on the XF

    I've just had a look in the build thread gerg and he mention in there that front are 0.
  2. SirkWhyXF

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    I wonder how he'd go with getting the esp gold colour? I've already bought two cans of the gold paint from global trim too.
  3. SirkWhyXF

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Thanks for the reply gerg. I don't think i'll bother clear coating the polished lips i'll just leave them and polish regularly.
  4. SirkWhyXF

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Got a few questions for those with more experience than I. What's the best way to go about stripping the snowies, sand blasting, soda blasting, or something else? Also what primer is best to use on the alloy? I'll pick up some plastic primer for the new caps. What clear coat do people recommend to finish over the gold? And paint first, machine lips second is the way to go yeah?
  5. SirkWhyXF

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Well i scored a set of 4 82 stamped esp wheels And i'm talking to Ben the legend from Global Trim to line up a new set of caps and some paint to make em perty too.
  6. SirkWhyXF

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Thanks for the info and pics Actionman
  7. SirkWhyXF

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Ok cool, thanks Dale thats what i thought you meant.
  8. SirkWhyXF

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    What about an on car pic from a bit of distance? So what were they originally ea or xe/f ghia? Also is it just the angle/light or is the paint colour slightly different on the caps and wheels?
  9. SirkWhyXF

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Sorry Dale, are you saying the repro caps don't actually sit flush on some genuine esp wheels? Or that even the original ford caps did not sit flush on some of the wheels?
  10. SirkWhyXF

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Got a pic for me Action man?
  11. SirkWhyXF

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Bit of thread mining here, but is it correct to say that if i was to paint up a set of ea or xf ghia snowies in esp gold and purchase a set of esp repro caps form ebay that said caps wont sit flush with the wheel face? I want to make up a set but don't want them to look dodgy...
  12. SirkWhyXF


    or maybe about 16 17kg with a tyre?
  13. SirkWhyXF

    EL GT-P 18" Wheels on XE

    Yeah that was a good point slo made, should be sweet then.
  14. SirkWhyXF

    EL GT-P 18" Wheels on XE

    Didn't make any noticeable difference on either car for me. Spacers are fine in my opinion (some hate them for various reasons, each to their own), however they may possibly void your insurance if you have an accident, and yes just more shit to deal with and another cost to add, unless you got them free with the wheels.
  15. SirkWhyXF

    EL GT-P 18" Wheels on XE

    Probably, but your better off with the copies in the right offset anyway, then you don't need the spacers.