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  1. 25g is cheap... now that they're not making them anymore......
  2. mines only got 94,000
  3. cool
  4. yep, im wet
  5. Ute is fekn sweet! But did anyone notice this thread is four years old ....
  6. way cool
  7. new

    You too, welcome.
  8. Yeah i had something similar last week talking to a guy at work he's 38 and not really into cars, drives a aurion sportivo and lusts for an 86. I was explaining to him what an ESP was and how the wheels were a different finish and hard to find, to which he replied "oh so they must not of imported many of them". I just said yes...
  9. This don't look to bad either, bit more money but looks nicely done.
  10. This seems worth a look, 7 months rego too...
  11. I'll have to check that one out as well.
  12. I might just give deans recomendation of imagur, or whatever it's called, a go as i'm not fond of using the phone/tablet to post images.
  13. No cup holders in my ED either grrrr But yeah, fekin awesome Ants!
  14. Well i'll call in and pick up the living slave on the way home today and put it to work on the weekend If i can be bothered i'll have a go at learning tapatalk and post a couple of pics of the beast, she's currently suffering from a case of split personality disorder...