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  1. World's full of fukn morons theses days init!
  2. I haven't done that yet but i'm still seeing pics, maybe that's why i'm not seeing the sig though. I'll clear the cache tonight and see if that sorts.
  3. Awesome i can see pics again! jca4, for some reason i still cant see your sig either.
  4. Thanks for the info and pics Actionman
  5. Ok cool, thanks Dale thats what i thought you meant.
  6. What about an on car pic from a bit of distance? So what were they originally ea or xe/f ghia? Also is it just the angle/light or is the paint colour slightly different on the caps and wheels?
  7. Sorry Dale, are you saying the repro caps don't actually sit flush on some genuine esp wheels? Or that even the original ford caps did not sit flush on some of the wheels?
  8. Got a pic for me Action man?
  9. Bit of thread mining here, but is it correct to say that if i was to paint up a set of ea or xf ghia snowies in esp gold and purchase a set of esp repro caps form ebay that said caps wont sit flush with the wheel face? I want to make up a set but don't want them to look dodgy...
  10. ^^ some wheels there for action man
  11. Yes, but much less shit box
  12. Would you be interested in selling me the wheels and caps? I wanna try make up a set for the xf but i think i heard some where if you use the caps with ghia wheels or ea wheels the caps don't sit flush cause both those wheels have been machined, not sure if that's correct or not though???