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  1. colin0933

    The first Windsor Thread.

    Hey mate, The brake booster is standard XF Falcon. The brakes are also standard XF 4 wheel discs. Completely legal & engineered
  2. colin0933

    e series v8 into xd

    I have a project thread in XFalcon (that other site) on page 12 of projects called XF XR8 build. Some of the pics you will have to click on & they will open in photo bucket. Never used to be like that but now they are.
  3. colin0933

    e series v8 into xd

    I have an EL series 2 XR8 motor, box & rear end in my XF. Most have seen it. Left it injected because I wanted to run petrol & not gas. (My car is 1987 & is unleaded hence needed injected to comply). Completely legal. Need to make sure your brakes are similar to what the motor came out of i.e. same stopping power as EL in my case. Used XE V8 mounts, turned the gearbox mount around 180 degrees & modified the tunnel (slightly) to take the factory EL XR8 manual 5 speed. Extractors are modified Pacemakers. Tried that many different ones, not sure what they are. Needed to be modified to miss steering box. Only other mod was to fit an XD battery tray & modify it so that the alternator does not foul.
  4. colin0933

    The first Windsor Thread.

    Most have seen my XF with a EL XR8 series 2 motor but thought I would show a couple of pics for those that haven't seen it.