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  1. iamaelephant

    Engine mounts interfering with oil pan?

    I really can't believe this, I'm so annoyed. I was very careful with the gasket install (I followed Clevo King's excellent video). Everything seemed good until the final torquing (just 12 ft lb) and the gasket split in the corner. This sump install on the garage floor was such a massive pain, at this point I think I'll just live with the damn leak for a year until I can be bothered to do it again (or if I decide to pull the motor at any point). Any idea what I could have done to avoid this?
  2. iamaelephant

    Engine mounts interfering with oil pan?

    Correct on the brands. Unfortunately no I don't have an OEM mount, but if anyone does I'd love to see a measurement. My pioneer mounts are 4.5mm thick.
  3. iamaelephant

    Engine mounts interfering with oil pan?

    Here's a comparison of the old (only less than 2 years old) mounts to new ones. The old ones folded severely at the bend. I don't know what caused this and I hope it doesn't happen again. The new ones are 0.5mm thicker so not very much. Now that the new mounts are fitted I need to get the oil pan on and it is really fighting me but I'll get there.
  4. iamaelephant

    Engine mounts interfering with oil pan?

    I have Pioneer 602257 mounts on their way now, I'll let you know if they look any better.
  5. iamaelephant

    Engine mounts interfering with oil pan?

    Transgold https://www.maceengineering.co.nz/epages/macenz.sf/en_NZ/?ObjectPath=/Shops/macenz/Products/MNT836-D
  6. iamaelephant

    Engine mounts interfering with oil pan?

    I don't have any OG mounts on me right now, but I have some new mounts on order which should arrive in the next day or two. As it happens I am the one who installed the current mounts and I have some photos of them next to the ones I pulled out. To my eye they do look a millimeter or two thinner than the original ones, what do you think? They came from a reputable company but I suspect I bought some chinese junk here. The new sump is an Aeroflow, I've always had good luck with them as a brand.
  7. iamaelephant

    Engine mounts interfering with oil pan?

    Another day another problem. I'm trying to get a new oil pan onto my 351C and the engine mounts are interfering with the flange of the sump, preventing it from fitting. Is this a case of cheap engine mounts that are incorrectly shaped or what? See these pictures, notice how the engine mounts curve inwards toward the flage. Are they supposed to look like this? In case you're wondering how the old oil pan fit, the flange has been damaged by the engine mounts and it was very difficult to remove.
  8. I'm replacing the timing cover and crank seal. I found this post on another forum that indicates I can get away without using the lower rubber seal. I gave this a crack and it's leaking worse than when I started. It's NOT leaking from the corners, just the lower sump surface. Has anyone used this method successfully? I'm guessing I just didn't use enough high temp sealer. I have the rubbers so I can use them if I need to, but I had a wanker of a time getting them in without lowering the sump.
  9. Thanks for all of the advice and discussion folks it's been really helpful. I lifted the car and the spring easily popped back into its saddle. Not sure what caused it to pop out and what I can do to prevent it in the future @deankxf thanks for the advice on the shocks - I will start searching for a replacement pair ASAP. I've replaced every single bearing, ball joint and bushing under the car so it makes sense to finish it off with new shocks. Regarding the rubber on the spring saddles, that came like that with the Rare Spares complete bushing and ball joint kit.
  10. Thanks for the advice so far guys, will have a proper look for cracks and spring packers when I get it in the air. @SPArKy_Dave here's some pictures, they're a bit shit but it's the best I can do until I get the car lifted up. You should be able to make out the spring, bumpstop and how it rides.
  11. I had some weird suspension noise develop today on the front left. I haven't had time to get under it and inspect properly, but from looking through the shock tower gaps it looks like the spring has popped partly out of the spring seat. Do you guys know what would have caused this, and is there an easy way to solve it without spring compressors? The ute has been lowered, but it was done by previous owners so I don't know exactly how. Do the springs seat against the body or does the shock have a seat on top? I guess what I'm really asking is, when I lift the car by the frame and the wheels hang, are the springs under compression? If not, I hope I can just drop the shock from the top and re-jig the spring into its seat.
  12. iamaelephant

    Help me find the right water temp sensor for my Falcon

    Mate thanks for the part numbers! Managed to find the Fuelmiser locally, I'll let you know when I get my hands on it but this sounds promising. Appreciated!
  13. Bare with my because my car is a bit of a Frankenfalcon. My water temp sensor broke (terminal snapped off) and I'm trying to figure out what to buy. The ute is an XF. It has this dash which I think(?) is an S-pack dash, which I don't think is stock. The engine is a 351C, obviously not stock. The temp sensor goes into the water neck (sensor on left, fan switch on right). I figured since it's a Falcon dash and water is water I should order a Falcon temp sensor so I bought a TTS010. I fitted it but the temp is displaying in the middle of the dial (pictured above) while cool and "overheats" from normal usage. Cooling system is definitely good. The previously working temp sender has the following marks on it. I googled that part number and it indicates it's this unit with a totally different fitting. Any ideas?
  14. Thanks for your help on this guys, I have been putting this job off for ages but finally got it done. Pulling the steering box out is the way to go. The central nut on the coupling is not tight, but it has a locking tab piece that needs to be bent with a fine flat screwdriver to unlock it, and a locking washer thingy. No way it was coming off while in the car. I used the tuning fork style ball joint separator to remove the pitman arm from the steering linkage. I had to pull the drivers side header to get it out the bottom. A pain in the neck, but it gave me an excuse to install some brand new Pro Flow stainless headers I have had lying around for ages, and they fit great. Much nicer than the crusty old Pacemakers I was running. Also took care of some sway bar and leading arm bushings that needed doing. Now I just need to pop out for some ATF to fill up the PS reservoir and it'll be all done. I took some pictures that will hopefully help someone in the future with this job. https://imgur.com/a/OBWTbNV (VIDEO LINK totally shagged rag joint compared to new one) https://i.imgur.com/ie8KtNP.mp4
  15. Ok so I started getting into this in the weekend and I don't think it's happening with the steering box still in the car. I can't get the steering column shaft to telescope backwards far enough. I will pull the box some time during the week. I am hoping to keep the pitman arm attached to the box, will the ball joint come apart easily or am I in for a fight? Other than the ball joint it looks easy, disconnect the lines, undo 3 bolts in the guard and drop it out the bottom. The coupling bolts are already out.