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  1. Splashv8


    This is the one I was going to order. Where is the best place to get good parts? Ebay is full of Fuelmizer and Tridon and Im not really keen on both.
  2. Splashv8

    Rotor Button,Cap,Leads Plugs

    If you look very careful you can see the words "Motorcraft" in small print on the inside of the tube. I believe they are a very limited edition used by Ford and where only available in Hot gay Pink or Sassy Fluro Yellow.
  3. Splashv8

    Rotor Button,Cap,Leads Plugs

    I think this should do huh?
  4. Splashv8

    Rotor Button,Cap,Leads Plugs

    Ok, My apologies then dave. I was lucky the hardware store had an almost Identical 16mm rubber tube, So I will undo that clip and replace it.
  5. Splashv8

    Rotor Button,Cap,Leads Plugs

    On second thought its #20 on that diagram I reckon. don't understand why it would be taking air into he Manifold via that tube though?
  6. Splashv8

    Rotor Button,Cap,Leads Plugs

    Thats a negative dave, Looks like number 23 on that Diagram? what do you guys say? Heres a pic of the connection, it runs all the way behind the Airbox Filter and disappears into the Abyss. Also yes it does have a clip on it thats hard to see in that pic,I will get the Long nose pliers out and remove it. https://imgur.com/pQVKuwZ Man I tried to download Tapatalk but its confusing, Can we lift the Max size of the Photos so I don't have to keep emailing them to myself then using Imgur? Good call on the length of Hose Gert, I will run Down to the Hardware shop and see if I can pick it up.
  7. Splashv8

    Rotor Button,Cap,Leads Plugs

    This explains the sucking noise, check out the sneaky bugger. must of accidentally ripped it out while I was trying to get to the spark plugs https://imgur.com/21sE5k7 https://imgur.com/9e87kWu PS I forgot to ask does anyone know the technical name of that hose that connects in there so I can order a new one?
  8. Splashv8

    Rotor Button,Cap,Leads Plugs

    I agree, always best to spend that lil extra and get the quality stuff. I don't think the cap or rotor button is OEM. Yeah Gerg, I think you are right the ECU seems like its trying to re-adjust/learn and over compensate, its sounding more normal every time I turn it over. when it cools down outside I will disconnect the terminals like you said and start from scratch again. I also picked up Muzzas DTC device this avro, so I would like to run a diagnostic on it too, it may shed some light on the cylinder misfire. Its more of a boom.boom boom. bup bup, noise I can here out of the muffler, deff a misfire, not like a cross leads/wires sound but more of a Deep lumpy Stage 3 cam, then it almost stall, then rev to 2-3k. Its interesting you mention the Vacuum leak it was making a loud sucking noise last night when I kicked Monica over,I will also check the PCV. I will try and get some audio and video of it tonight its just too freakin hot out there right now to do anything.
  9. Splashv8

    Rotor Button,Cap,Leads Plugs

    Yes mate for the Splash ute, Same motor as the XH Xr8 I think. I will hit it Tomoz after noon when I get off work. I think it's the Plug or the lead. but she sounds a lot better. I couldn't believe the condition of the Rotor button, it looked worn out.
  10. Splashv8

    Rotor Button,Cap,Leads Plugs

    Yeah she's misfiring. its 38 freakin degrees out there! stuff it ima a have a beer and cone. and re-centre and re-align myself
  11. Splashv8

    Rotor Button,Cap,Leads Plugs

    I just finished replacing the spark plugs (used the Denso T16PR-U15) the Leads,Rotor button, and the cap But when I fired Monica up, it sounds very rough then will rev to 2-3k by it self then almost conk out, but won't. I was careful to number all the leads and mark the position on the Cap but Not sure where I have went wrong. I didn't gap the plugs if that helps? where have I gone wrong?
  12. I too am guilty of paying the mechanic to flush it out with the machine, Ive done it without and its bastard of job, you need 3 people to do it succesfully. Not at all, Penrite and Mobil One are the only 2 oils that are approved/Meet and exceed the Mercedes Benz Standard were other oils don't.... there are also independent/scientific tests between the oils were you can clearly see the difference, there is a reason why Castrol Magnetic is $25 for 5 litres.....
  13. Spot on. one would have to do a complete flush/Vac and even then you wouldn't get all of it. I guess this is why log books are so important, you can see what oils/fluids were used in the past. I would still like to drain the old stuff and put in the Penrite stuff, Ive been using the HPR5-40 FS in the benz and have never looked back. it is as good/better then the $30 a litre Mobil one oil
  14. I was led to believe I could use the Penrite ATF FS with Green writing on the bottle?