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  1. Splashv8

    Hey everyone

    Welcome Mate, Always loved the XGs, 74ks sounds suspiciously low, would love to see pics as well. Cheers
  2. Splashv8

    My Splash V8

    Finally picked the beast up and bought here home, I want to get the Windows Tinted and a really nice set of Simmons Fr1 Mags Just to Jazz it up bit.Also want to fix the shitty exhaust. Oh yeah thats Skipper in the Back, or the new Ford 2.0 high tech anti-theft Car alarm.
  3. Splashv8

    Hello [emoji4]

    I can't find the Gregorys for the XH any where online am I missing something? also on Ebay they want $289 for the Xh repair manual,Does this come with 12 months free 98PULP?
  4. Splashv8

    Hello [emoji4]

    I might mosey on down and bring the Splash for a spin Id love to add an XH Outback to my collection
  5. I too am guilty of paying the mechanic to flush it out with the machine, Ive done it without and its bastard of job, you need 3 people to do it succesfully. Not at all, Penrite and Mobil One are the only 2 oils that are approved/Meet and exceed the Mercedes Benz Standard were other oils don't.... there are also independent/scientific tests between the oils were you can clearly see the difference, there is a reason why Castrol Magnetic is $25 for 5 litres.....
  6. Spot on. one would have to do a complete flush/Vac and even then you wouldn't get all of it. I guess this is why log books are so important, you can see what oils/fluids were used in the past. I would still like to drain the old stuff and put in the Penrite stuff, Ive been using the HPR5-40 FS in the benz and have never looked back. it is as good/better then the $30 a litre Mobil one oil
  7. Splashv8


    Purchased..Thanks Dave.
  8. Splashv8


    Heres a quick one she took before it got loaded onto the transport. not sure exactly when it arrives in Melb but as you can see its in pretty good nick and a good buy for $4500, considering its a one owner car with full log book service history.
  9. I was led to believe I could use the Penrite ATF FS with Green writing on the bottle?
  10. Splashv8

    Hi all :)

    Welcome Migwelder, The 95 Xgs are a nice ute, Ive always liked him. plus they look really tuff when done up and clean.
  11. Splashv8


    Hi Searly, The Splash ute is a limited edition XH basically, 300 were produced and the V8 (same as the Xr8) was a factory option, these came with Cruise control + Air con as well as some other small features. Thanks Sparky, your right about that, they are getting very hard to find in good condition, In fact I had to get mine sent over South Australia it cost me $230 from Adel-Melb which I couldn't even drive one way for that. It should be ready for pic up late next week. and I will take enough photos for ya to bore the shit outta ya ahaha. Im not familiar with Murrays one, I was looking at the icarsoft device. do you have a link to Murrays one?
  12. Splashv8


    I was just curious what Scan tool (DTC/error code) you all use or recommend, I have the icarsoft one for my Merc Benz, but the guy wants $269 for the XH one which I feel is a lil steep. what do you guys recommend.
  13. Splashv8


    As the name suggests I have recently purchased a v8 Splash Ute With 200ks on the clock. Ute is in remarkable condition for it's age, and also has a full log book service history up too date.( full Ford dealership servicing)bought it off the Original owner 65 yr lady,who only drives it twice a month. to market and back. The plan with Ute is too keep it totally original and over the next few years to rebuild it and bring it up to show room condition. Apologies for no pics as it's currently in transit from Country Adelaide to Melb. I have been looking for a rare Ute in good cond for a few years now and like everyone here I like fix and tinker with things, so I guess I'm in the right place. Cheers Splash