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  1. Fknclevo

    turbo 250 crossflow

    planning to build 250 crossflow to around 400rwhp but curious as the what anyone else has ran to do it bottom end : seen kits online with 200 rods and ross pistons is this a good kit? cant seem to really find any cranks are the standard ones good are people swapping them out for something else (e series cranks or something) are there any oiling issues and shit i should worry about? top end : planning on ports heads etc etc but what valve train parts is everyone running what kind of carb is everyone using (want to keep it carby) found exhaust manifolds and everything online what kinda of turbos is everyone using seen an ice control system for turbo crossflow is this any good? yes i understand barras and intechs are a better power route no i dont want to be told to just engine swap it, cheers for your help
  2. Fknclevo

    Trickflow vs 3v heads

    wondering what everyone thoughts on trickflow powerport heads 225cc vs 225cc 3vs looking at flow charts trickflow heads are better but don’t see many people using them
  3. Fknclevo

    Cam rpm operating range

    Yeh I wanted to go a big roller but still got to go over pits so we’ll upgrade later should be a good cruiser for now anyway but
  4. Fknclevo

    Cam rpm operating range

    I have upgraded all my valve train, yella terra roller rockers, performance valve springs 1.520 chev/ford, push rods, hydraulic ft lifters, arp bolts etc etc just wondering what the cams limits were
  5. Fknclevo

    Cam rpm operating range

    Hey fellas brought this cam, part number: cc-32-224-4 has 224/224 duration and .519 lift with 110 lsa on summit the try say the rpm range is 1800-5800 does to us mean I won’t be able to rev it past 5800? without valve float or is it just were it makes peak power ?
  6. Fknclevo

    Turbo on 250 crossflow

    Wdum im not going to build one anyway?
  7. Fknclevo

    Turbo on 250 crossflow

    Won’t be doing to much drag racing more of a street car, have a top loader, stock 302 Cleveland and a couple crossflows I’m either gonna piece together a beefy top end on the Cleveland go a 6inch rod 351 and try to stay with the standard 2v cc and port the shit out of them which will not run me to 18k🫣 have a fuel system for a carby that will support upto 700hp just very not knowledgeable on the crossys and how much it would run me but cheers for the info almost all the work will be done at home unless I go Crossy and it needs dyno tune etc
  8. Fknclevo

    Turbo on 250 crossflow

    Which build would I end up spending more money on to get around 400-450 at the crank reliably, turbo Crossy or na clevo
  9. Fknclevo

    Turbo on 250 crossflow

    Don’t know much about them how are their bottom ends and what would I need to do to make it reliable and is it worth spending that money or should I just build a cleveland
  10. Fknclevo

    Turbo on 250 crossflow

    thinking about turbocharging my carby 250 crossflow out of xf (alloyhead) but have almost no knowledge of them, I’m planning to build a built clevo or turbo crossflow both have pros and cons for my purposes wondering if I’d make similar power for similar cash on each engine. what is weakest parts and are there fixes or just buying stronger parts, are aftermarket parts still being made are there turbo kits available what sort of power am I looking to make reliably don’t want much more then around 400-450 at crank, want to stay carby. probably other questions I’m forgetting to ask but we will cross that bridge later