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  1. Shit mate haven’t been in here for a very long time! Utes even crazier than ever lol! Might actually log in later on and have a good catch up. 👍🏿
  2. So did a clutch on my brothers Apollo (camry) First one ive ever seen that doesn't have a spigot bearing...... Well I hope not anyway haha
  3. Apparently the same box as the explorers or something
  4. Yeah mate 5 speed auto
  5. Seen that mate, I just finished doing some stalking haha. Ive always wanted to buy a brand new car, reckon it would be awesome being the first owner. I just have a phobia about getting into debt for a car........ Might just have to bite the bullet and toughen up hey!
  6. Hey James Yeah mate better show my face every now and then hey! Plus I need to check on that xe of yours to see if its running yet haha
  7. Picked up a 2008 fg for 3k today, the auto is fucked in it after only 120 000 ks. Its lost 3rd gear which is apparently pretty common from my googling
  8. Shit James this looks unreal You are one fussy man, bet you cant wait to finally hear this thing run!
  9. Thanks guys, well then I will grab a new pick up for it and see how she goes Its just a pain in the arse gremlin that I want to fix coz im too scared to drive it too far at the moment. Need her to be reliable for the nice weather coming up!
  10. Hey guys the xd has been playing up a bit recently After driving for more than 30 mins sometimes it will just cut out and wont start again till it cools down a bit or just whenever it wants to fire up again.... Now before you ask its not a fuel problem, ive checked all that. So my next line of thought was maybe coil, so bought a new one and in the process of mucking around with it all ive taken the dizzy cap off and am a bit confused about the carbon bit in the middle that contacts to the rotor button...... In all the other dizzys ive played with the carbon bit(or whatever it is) sticks out a bit and is spring loaded so obviously has pressure on the rotor button at all times. Ive noticed on mine it is only just flush with the outside surround, but can still be pushed up inside a little bit from the spring. So my question is this normal? Has anyone got any pics of their MSD Pro Billet dizzy caps they can show me? Im hoping this might be the problem lol, lot cheaper than a new 6al box etc..... Oh and all this had only done max 1500k's since being installed so shouldn't really be worn out yet? Thanks all!
  11. Nice, remember all that stuff at my mums house is still yours when you want it mate.
  12. Nice bro, the old girls getting there hey
  13. BTW What are you looking at?
  14. Shit man, im heading off up north tomorrow for a month otherwise I would have for you, im unemployed at the moment so wouldn't have been a drama.....
  15. Lol still has the original hose clamps on the top hose