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  1. Stumps

    Vz no go after tranny flush

    Burn the commo and get a Falcon....just a thought...
  2. Oh and if i remember correctly the kits had the boost at 9 psi and 11 psi depending on the tune and if water methonal injection was installed.
  3. Mike Vine turbos in QLD is the place you want to talk too. Mike Vine developed kits for six pack falcons during the late 70's and 80's based on the Garret Normalair kits with significant improvements for every day reliability. He did kits for the XE/XF EFI cars that went pretty well and made between 280hp and 350hp depending on the kit. I'm pretty sure the bosch jet-tronic was retained in the XE's with a piggyback ecu fitted to operate the additional injectors and a few other functions.
  4. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    Thats some pretty cool stuff there, cant wait to see it finished. My plans are to start with a 3.3 probably an 81 as they seem to be the most common with the inline six. I want to minimise the amount of fabrication and mods, so i can focus on spending on the drivetrain and suspension. Probably wont work out like planned (it never does), but from my research the aussie block shares most of the same mounting points for the mounts and accessories, if i go an auto, a C4 should bolt up in place of the factory C3, the starter will be on the opposite side to the factory one but shouldn't be a challange. A cortina sump will solve the K frame issue (could just pull the entire crossy from my TE). Will need to fabricate some throttle linkages but i havent decided about carbs yet so that will go hand in hand. I reckon that i will come across plenty of other issues along the way but gotta clear the first hurdle, getting the car in the first place.
  5. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    I have a question, are the engine bays the same for the v6 and inline 6?
  6. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    Lol at least he didnt stack it like half the commo driving dickheads do out this way. Always fun to see a fresh set of skidmarks that end with chunks of bumper and glass....fuckin spastics
  7. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    Yeah trying to make the mustang lighter not heavier, those big sixes are an interesting engine but limited in what you could actually use them for, not really my cup of tea.
  8. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    I've always wondered about the big 240-300 cubed sixes the yanks play with, seem like big boat anchors in stock form but the americans seem to get big power from them.
  9. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    For me it'd have to be a crossflow for the simple fact it'd practically be a bolt in fit with minimal modifactions to the car. Its the ease of it that makes it so appealing and why haven't people here in Australia done this yet.
  10. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    I was thinking a blow thru carb turbo setup or something based on a mike vine turbo kit. Or living the dream and selling some of my kids and going triple DCOE webers or go a bit crazy and do what some of the six pack guys in the US do with their muzzies and go ford tri power style. Would need to get a log style manifold made up and i'd use 3 34mm ICH webers but i dont think that setup would make 350hp as the carbs only make a smidge over 400cfm, and then it would be real fun to keep in tune, but it would be chubby inducing to look at. Like i said, i got ideas everywhere constantly filling my thoughts and just got to sift through them to something that resembles are realistic build so im happy to hear everyones ideas.
  11. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    Been watching some of the old ATCC footage from the mid 80's and i must say Dick's mustang certainly handled well, shame it was down on power compared to the previous falcons he raced. But it did get me thinking that it wouldn't be a huge ask to get 340-350hp from a crossflow which would match the power outputs of the Palmer ford mustangs. Would be pretty cool i think, and looking at what i am planning on spending ,absolutely no more than $45k but would like to sit around $25k-$35k but i am realistic and know budgets always get blown away, it should be doable once i find the right stang. Maybe a trip to the US might be on the cards. Just gotta decide do i want a 3 door coupe or a 2 door notch back. So many things to figure out, my head hurts.....
  12. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    I've been talking to a few friends about this who think that a crossflow is a stupid idea, their logic is if i'm going to the trouble of importing a car I might as well go the whole hog and fit a barra/orion or a ls1, and I get that but when I look at the idea, the simple fact that a crossy is almost a bolt in fit compared to the changes required to fit the later engines makes the crossflow conversion appealing...the simple ease of the whole thing and then just bolt in some US aftermarket goodies for the suspension etc and wham...a different kind of street car for our local roads...
  13. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    I've already got a good rebuildable crossflow in my flog about 86 XF falcon and I had thought of fixing up the XF , as it only has 102 thousand kays on the clock and is pretty straight and tidy expect for some bad rust and a dodgy bog job in the rear passenger quarter panel, but after the difficulty I had in getting someone to do the suspension in it in august last year and the complete lack of interest in anyone wanting to do any panel/paint work, I'm thinking of parting it out when it runs out of rego in August. I do look at it sometimes and think hmmm a decent paint job and 50 more killerwasps and that car would be pretty cool, but then I see the boring front end and think why bother spending $25k or $30k on an XF that no one wants to work on when I can at least spark some interest doing a rarer car.
  14. Stumps

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    It would be something very different from the usual cookie cutter v8 muzzies and the fox bodied cars are pretty rare in Australia, and given that I'm bored with falcon''s and Cortina's, moreso to do with the lack of people willing to do work on these cars around here, at least a mustang would spark peoples interest, and I always liked the look of Dick Johnson's Plamer ford mustang he raced in the ATCC back in the 80's. Although a Turbo Barra or Orion engine in one would be an absolute weapon....but I love the basic crossy and a lot less work would be needed to fit one.
  15. I've been reading a lot of yank mustang forums lately and it's got me interested in the little fox mustangs from 1980-1982, the interesting part I have found is that these cars were available with a 3.3 litre inline six that is very close to our old pre crossflow sixes found in Falcons and Cortina's upto 1976. Surely one of these cars would be an awesome and different candidate for a crossflow conversion, given that the yanks do similar conversions on older mustangs. My understanding is the cars in question had a 3.3 litre with 66kw's and a C3 3 speed auto in them so a tranny change would be required as the aussie sixes had a different bolt pattern and starter location, but the rest should be fairly easy to achieve and given the low prices of the mustangs ($3K-$5k US) could be done on a reasonable budget. My thoughts are given that the V8's made a piss poor 120-140hp, that even a stock alloy head crossflow would match this so a worked crossy would be pretty wicked and considerably lighter than the US running gear. Any thoughts?