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  1. Gonna be working, I'll have to keep an eye out for the next one. have a good one guys I hope the weather is kind to u
  2. I'm gonna try to make it mate, got a new born so I'll have to play it by ear. I feel like we're all due for a catch up
  3. Yeah I was the same, I thought "Fuck yeah, been looking for some of... yeah fuck off mate" haha
  4. How good were Alice in Chains... Never get sick of these two.
  5. How much over were you roughly? if only a Little just write them something along these lines... "Dear to whom it may concern, I have received notification of a minor traffic offence in which I was ___k's over the speed limit. Due to my previous good driving record I am writing to you to enquirer about whether the fine can be pardoned on this occasion. Your time is much appreciated, Yours sincerely, Gregory the Speed Demon." Fuck I'm smart on Wednesdays.
  6. One of many favorites.
  7. Chris Cornell gone... Never get to see Soundgarden or Audioslave. seems unfair when there are so many singers that I'd much rather leave us.
  8. It used to be nice when you would post and think "fuck, maybe I shouldnt have said that..." Then you'd check the next thread and see what he'd written and think to yourself "Na, I'm not that bad"
  9. I like it, I used to have a BA XT and loved it, you can buy a plug in AUX cable that just plugs in under the fuse box to get you started with the stereo. I think they cost something like $30 from autobarn although it was a few years ago that I got mine. Any particular wheels in mind for it? I always liked the FG turbo 18" honeycombs on these.
  10. Thats dedication right there. Luckily I never went to uni but it does sound like it sets you up to deal with real life fuck wits going by your story
  11. I'd been told that cats dont like blood n' bone fertilizer so I put that down on my front lawn to stop the cats shitting on it, naturally they moved to the driveway after that so then I started pouring ammoniated water down to keep them away which seemed to work. Nothing like stepping in cat shit at 6am as you walk to your ute to go to work.
  12. I followed Panko's lead and went DBA T2 slotted rotors and Bendix ultimates on the XF, been very happy with them.
  13. Love the ratchet strap, I often find that when I don't have an apprentice with me at work that a ratchet strap is a more than adequate replacement. I should probably get around to servicing my diff too but i just keep finding reasons not to.
  14. Eski was looking good today mate, passed you on the way home from work around Heidelberg. If not, you may have an impostor to deal with.
  15. Those headlights look amazing, very jealous. So does the H4 Polson!