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  1. Fuck this made me laugh, and so true too
  2. All good mate, happy to see them go to a good home.
  3. And some nice and clean washer/overflow bottles to finish it off mate!
  4. Great day, thanks for organising it Panko.
  5. At Bunnings now, see u guys here
  6. Thats a shame, at least if there arent any CD's you wont have to explain what they are to anyone under 10 years old. I found a floppy disc at work the other week, hadnt seen one in years, the 17 year old apprentice took one look at it and asked "what the fuck is that?"
  7. HAHA and you dont even have to share it with your sis!
  8. Anyone have a spare 10K to buy a near empty can?
  9. Fuck people like that shit me. Not to mention that they drive that slow and then don’t move aside to let anyone pass. Maybe she should ditch the trailer and just ride the horse? Or just not have a horse, that’s probably how I’d go about it.
  10. Radiator back in and engine running! Test drive on the weekend but things r looking good so far.
  11. I got married the day before 2016 AFD mate and still made it on the day, it’s all about priorities, just imagine how crushed Panko (or Pablo as my autocorrect calls him) is right now! If we don’t see u, enjoy the test n tune mate, catch u on the next meet.
  12. Ironically I came here to put up Velvet Revolver and ended up listening to slow250xc’s Black Velvet post.
  13. Awesome bass line too
  14. I’ll be there, in the XF if I have it’s radiator in time, and if the pram fits in the boot with the gas tank and battery, and if it’s not gonna be too hot for the baby with no A/C.... JESUS WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME!?!? haha na I’ll be there, XF needs a good run after a few months of sleeping in the shed.
  15. Glad to see this thread light up again mate, I bought my XF for the same reason and I’d be lost without my cars, the G6 E sounds like a weapon. Colour?