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  1. Got the car back from the trimmer last week and they did an amazing job, Far better then i was ever expecting it to turn out. now i'll need to paint all the trims to finish it off also a new headliner but that's a glass out job and glass out means new window rubbers, fix the rust in the roof and to do that means repainting the roof and you see why i wont be doing the headliner for a very very long time haha. we decided to ditch the factory rubber floor in the front and go carpet throughout and with modern insulation in there its unusually quiet for a classic car. think i'll need a louder exhaust to make up for it. here's the photos because we all know threads are boring without them before (take note the stunning contrast between the olive cloth and green seat belts with a third shade of green on the vinyl) when the trimmer took the covers off the seats the original trim was still there. this gave the correct patterns to use and surprisingly we weren't that far off with the colours of the new material being used. so with the new seats we couldn't go putting the dirty old side covers back on, so for probably the first time in 4 years i've got to paint something for myself. And finally here's the finished results. unfortunately we couldn't find new seat belts that match the new seats so had to settle for black ones. finished off with some brand new correct scuff plates And had all the (running) cars lined up so i had to grab a pic haha. That's all for now. probably wont be any interesting news till the new year. cheers.
  2. Its got a 4.10 diff in it, fortunately the overdrives are a standard borg warner unit and parts are available to rebuild them. without the OD can still get around up to 80km/h without it revving too hard. if for any reason the OD issue can't be sorted looking at gear ratios will be the next option, or sell it and make it another persons problem haha.
  3. Thanks. have to give the credit for the end result to our detailer, undoubtedly one of the best in the country. his ability to turn a great paint job into a spectacular job is second to none.
  4. yes factory colour, really makes it stand out compared to the usual red, black, yellow or silver. I believe it can be taught, I've only been painting 9 years 6 of those were in general smash before getting into restoration work. All that's needed is passion, good attitude and the ability to listen which most young people leaving school don't have anymore unfortunately. As for shitting bricks it wasn't too bad, from memory it was about 7 hours in the booth start to finish. think the boss was more stressed out then me haha.
  5. been meaning to do an update for a while now. the vicky has been back on the road for about a month now, only a couple problems due to it sitting so long but they're sorted now. another problem is the overdrive, i was hoping it was electrical appears to be mechanical so next year the gearbox will need to come out to be rebuilt. for now i can drive it around locally without any issues but wont be taking it to bright this weekend like i hoped to then its off to the trimmers next week to get the interior finished off. first show in 18 months, also the last one with my mates TF he sold it the next day. arriving then parked up with a few mates at johns rod and kustom picnic last weekend this one because its as close to showing how bright this colour is in the sun in a photo, its one of those colours that is far more in your face in person haha. and this is a increasingly common sight, all because of a $20 thermostat this time. wasn't going to share at first but i'm very proud of this. Maserati ghibli spyder we did at work that I painted won Best Restoration (3rd year in a row for us) and also took Best in its class at Motorclassica, painted in Debeer products its an original maserati colour called Verde Gemma metallic. with a tan leather interior, 4.7L quad cam v8 under the bonnet it sure is an impressive car. and one happy painter with the trophy and matching shirt thats all for now hopefully next update will be about a finished interior. cheers
  6. Finally getting somewhere with the vicky, The wiring loom is finished, braided and in the car, everything works as it should. all that is left to do is wire up the headunit, check over the brakes and put the seats back in temporarily so i can start driving it again before the trimmer is able to take it and finish the seats. we've fitted an electric fan along with the recored radiator should help keep it cool in traffic there's a panel under the dash with a switch to turn them on and off plus the button for the electric fuel pump engine bay loom all finished interior lights now work hidden radio 99% done, just need to make a stop for it and touch up a bit of paint about 18 months overdue for a wash.. thats all for now. cheers
  7. credit to the last owner, he put a great amount of effort into keeping this thing spotless and it really shows. as for the overflow that'll be one of the few little things on the car to fix to bring it up to the next level
  8. No updates on the cars unfortunately. Work commitments for both dad and myself have put a pause on the vicky rewire, both the falcons being held up for other reasons and there's nothing broken with the fairmont, so in my boredom I've gone and got a new daily. 08 G6ET in ego with black leather interior. plan is for this to be the new daily to replace the fairmont. Its a very clean car, the exterior has the usual dents and scrapes of a 10 year old car but the interior is near perfect and mechanically it hasn't been messed with. hopefully the next update there will be actual progress on at least one of the cars cheers.
  9. that thought did come up, but would have involved cutting/drilling the body. overall it doesn't look too bad they're the least tacky looking speakers i could find haha. as for the fronts they'll get mounted as high up on the kick panels as possible so their somewhat out of sight. but yes in the end its all about cruising along with the windows down and good tunes pumping.
  10. Thanks, the flatty is a little warmer then stock, 40 up, mild cam, springs to suit and adjustable lifters.
  11. been slack with updates on the vicky lately, with how busy it is at work finding the time to work on my own car has been a bit of a challenge. most of the wiring is done, dad just needs to finish off under the dash then it can come back out to be braided. the door trims are back from the trimmers and once the car is running and driving again it'll go get the seats and carpet done. engine loom nearly done to the factory colours as best as we could plus a few additions to run an electric fan and alternator. new door trims, seats will be done to original style with the dark green vinyl and cloth seen here. with the rewire and having the car pulled apart dad talked me into getting the seats done, and you can't do the seats and leave the doors, then you might as well do carpets and so on.the only thing we're not doing is the headliner because that's a windows out job, then might as well put new seals in. and should fix the rust in the roof while the windows are out.. then that'll end up painting the roof then i might as well touch up a few bits on the body and knowing how things have escalated on this car.. with making the car 12V that means i can put a sound system in, Not that there's anything wrong with a cammed flatty and a twin system.. we were easily able to fit a pair of 6x9 speakers in the parcel shelf and had some speaker standoffs trimmed in the green vinyl so can put some 6" speakers on the kick panels but that left us with the problem of where to put the head unit, not the kind of dash you want to chop a hole in or bolt a unit under. so having seen this on another 53 i though it is a brilliant idea to hide it behind the factory speaker grill. its half finished at the moment but you get the idea, the grill will be on a hinge and blacked out so when shut wont be able to see anything. that's all for now. cheers
  12. we've been fairly busy couple weeks on the vicky, the plan to have it done to make kustomnats is long gone due to an ever growing list of parts that'll need to come from the states so we're going to do a few more small jobs on it like carpet, sound system and a handful of random things while there's easy access. most of the dash and original wiring has been stripped out still wondering how this thing didn't go up in smoke. once all that mess was in the bin it was time to start cleaning up parts to go back on, changing globe holders and fitting up the new parts. Before: After a quick sandblast and coat of silver: also test fitted the alternator, bolted straight on no issues at all just waiting on a 3/8 pulley to come in the mail then it can go on for good. that's all for now, going to take a small break from cars over new years before having to go back to my day job but should have some more updates in a week or two. cheers.
  13. Work has finally started on the rewire and 12v conversion of the Vicky. I've had 95% the parts to do it for a while but with being flat out at work (cars for AFD and motorex next year will turn a lot of heads) and no room over at the factory we haven't been able to start until now, trying to get it done before Kustomnats in january. first off was getting it out of the shed where its been sitting since april. then the fun job of stripping the interior out nice solid floors fortunately, was half expecting some horrible american 'repair' all the bits to do the job, that alternator is one cool piece, bolts straight on and looks like a factory generator. thats all for now. hopefully more of an update next weekend
  14. mate being in that car with you in any condition is sketchy enough.
  15. 'cough' Paint it breeze 'cough'