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  1. rswepn

    T5 onto 2L Pinto?

    Speak to dellow. I have a 2L pinto with a T5 behind it going into an escort. Dellow can provide you with everything needed and can do either hydraulic or cable clutch.
  2. rswepn

    Dynamat extreme

    I did my floor and entire boot in the above dynamat. made a little difference to noise, but stopped some heat coming into the car which was good.
  3. rswepn

    Next Peice of the Puzzle Cont.

    Nice build mate. Whats the specs on the TBRE stage 5's ?
  4. rswepn

    Holley dominator fuel pumps

    Brother is using 2 in his XE. They are very quiet compared to most other pumps on the market(you can barely hear the pump). Havent had any issues but they havent done much work either.
  5. rswepn

    my bonnets melting :( turbo bags

    I have had 2 turbo bags catch on fire. I'm still using 1, its not too bad. You're are better off just sticking that heat reflective shit to the bonnet.
  6. rswepn

    Barra DOHC vs 4.0L OHC

    Thats turbo not N/A lol
  7. rswepn

    Barra DOHC vs 4.0L OHC

    It was actually 235rwkw and 13.0 @ 110mph.
  8. rswepn

    Wastegate positioning

    Here is a split pulse manifold with a gate off a housing i did recently. Pics arent the best but thats all i got at the moment.
  9. rswepn

    Wastegate positioning

    Lol @ telling stories. <br /><br />Like I said, wastegate off the turbine housing is the best form of boost control and it's not that hard to do, for someone half competent anyways.
  10. Are you planning to circuit race the car or something ?
  11. rswepn

    Simmons website?

    No, simmons are still the same...In my post i said the ripoff simmons that JETFTR mentioned have less nuts on them.
  12. rswepn

    Simmons website?

    I have seen the rip off simmons on a friends car...they look the same but have less nuts around the outer rim.
  13. rswepn

    xf t5

    It should be fine for what you want. Even giving it abit of grief you shouldnt have any issues.
  14. rswepn

    C4-c10 trannys

    Pretty sure i got the smaller input shaft...can still upgrade if need be.
  15. rswepn

    C4-c10 trannys

    I can vouch for al's c4's. Im running 1 in my falcon and make over 1000rwhp and never had a problem with the box.