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  1. I got Second in class and 13th outright at the Townsville Sprints Reid Park.

  2. getting read for Reid Park Bitumen Sprints in Townsville

  3. Hi everyone! I Just bought latest XYZ coilovers for the XD. Just got the info on the springs and they are a progressive spring from 550LB to 700LB. The bloke said they would actually go to 900LB but you would hit the bump stops first. This is where thing get interesting with my set up I'm also going to run these upper control arms that mimic the Shelby drop which will give me even greater travel which means I may even get down to the 900 LB. I also asked why mine don't have the black sleeve on the spring and he told me they redesigned the spring so it doesn't bind at all anymore. My coilovers arrived yesterday. It was like Christmas
  4. Drifting on Snowflakes!

  5. X-Taxi

    393 clevo exhaust ideas.

    Can you hear like a suction type noise just above the sweet roar! I guess that would be the noise from the restriction of the 3" single!
  6. X-Taxi

    393 clevo exhaust ideas.

    HA! like the ones in my profile pic ha! You can do that Outback but you get the speed boat effect and sounds weird on a car! I think you get better scavenging effects from the Chi heads and the 4into1s if you run a cross over or using a Y, But your right it would be LOUD and better then the Lukey and still bogey! lol!!!
  7. X-Taxi

    393 clevo exhaust ideas.

    This is my set up for the streets! 3" Mandrel bent pipes from the headers right though to tail the pipe, twin into single Y piece, 1 big Lukey muffler before the diff. $700 bucks the lot installed!! The Redback muffler! Sounds great at idle and good when ya keep the revs low but when I get up her it gives resonating buzz which is a little annoying, but no drone! The sound changes when I go from my Shaker to air cleaners (which is crazy but true), unfortunately it has better sound without the Shaker on. The first muffler was a red back straight though and it was horrible!(pic above) The Lukey improved it a fair bit but still has that slight resonating buzz, and it restricted a bit of power! I still I ran 388 rwhp on the dyno with this exhaust! So that's my street set up but now I'm going to build a side pipe for racing so that will be interesting! I'm going to kick a 3" pipe after the Y piece (so I don't need to invest in a crossover) out to the side of the car under the passenger back door with a straight through muffler of some type, and set it up both systems so I can bolt and unbolt them for what i'm using the car for. With the redback muffler and not tuned up! And with the with the Lukey muffler and tuned up but not dyno tuned!
  8. X-Taxi

    Exhaust Backpressure

    Sounds good dude! I will look into doing that! Well Im not sure about the regs but everyone but me has a side pipe lol!
  9. X-Taxi

    Exhaust Backpressure

    Hey fellas Im thinking about running a side pipe on the XD for racing next year! I have 3" system mandrel bent right thought with a Lukey Muffler. (4 into one Pacemaker headers 4V). Its twin into single using a Y section. Im running 11;1 comp and im thinking about kicking the exhaust out the side after the Y section with a hot dog or straight through muffler. What do you blokes reckon before I go cutting up my good exhaust? Im going to make it so I can bolt and unbolt the full exhaust for when I go racing or back on the streets. Cheers fellas!
  10. Noosa Hill Climb hear i come! Entry list is up!

  11. Fixing all the pics in my threads thanks to fb. lol

  12. fantastic thread great detail and very clean and tidy block ! those pistons and rods look tuff as. i like the look of that 24 valve twin cam head! i want one for our XE.
  13. X-Taxi

    has anyone bought ROCKET industries crate engine

    Yep Ray is the best in the area. He knows how to flow heads to full potential and he know his shit when it comes to clevos.
  14. X-Taxi

    Lowering The Sheriff

    Since we have lowered The Sheriff it now needs a wheel alignment. Thanks to the fellas at Tyre Power we got the wheel alignment done but could get it right because the sway bar was hitting hard down onto the sump guard. so I took it home and put some spacers in the front mounting bolts to bring the guard down off the sway bar. Then took it back the next day to get the wheel alignment done again. She drives sweet now!
  15. I'm running king springs all round in my Xe and in the front of the XD.