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    Hooker aero chambers? Who's using them?

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203568781161071 hookers on the xe
  2. FAT-451

    Barra DOHC vs 4.0L OHC

    13s wont be achievable n/a . not a chance . when mine was stock n/a bottom end with a turbo it had 275rwkw and only ran mid 13s
  3. FAT-451

    brake kits or mods

    eBay . Bolt on kits
  4. FAT-451

    Wastegate positioning

  5. FAT-451

    Wastegate positioning

    milzy here...cbf changing accounts thats pretty much it, although most people just weld onto their existing housing instead of buying a new housing. As for welding a cast housing, I have done a couple and haven't had any issues. Basically just preheat the housing and weld it while its hot. They say you should let it cool in sand bla bla, but ive just let it cool naturally and haven't had any issues.
  6. FAT-451

    Wastegate positioning

    You can always block off that wastegate and just run a pipe/wastegate off the turbine housing. Will control boost better then off the manifold.
  7. did every thing bolt straight up ? even the caster arms ?
  8. Shipping is estimated at $408 US. This would bring the total bank transfer amount to $3314. This is direct from tcp suspension for the coil over kit with everything . Double adjustable shocks , new spindles , the works
  9. Tgis is the reply i got from billy on xfalcon when i asked him about it Hi Branko, There are 3 groups with Mustangs 65-66, 67 (one off that year only) and 68-73. The 65-66 Lower Control Arm (LCA) is 2" shorter than the 67-73. The 65-67 LCA had 4 bolt holes for the castor rod. The castor rods on the 65-67 mounted diagonally on the control arm where as the 68-73 had 2 bolt holes and use hockey stick shape castor rod like our Falcons. The 68-73 had a longer castor rod, which is why it didn't fit on mine. For the upper control arms from what I understand the 67-73 has the same bolt spacing as our Falcons but the 65-66 had a different bolt spacing on the towers. I think the 65-66 fits XM and XP. Control Arms Upper and Lower Mustang 65-66 = XM,XP Mustang 68-73 = XR to XE I also think that the camber bolt tube is a different I.D. as well. I ordered new camber bolts with mine so they fit perfect but someone else with an XE said the factory bolts were too small. In summary, Mustang 68-73 upper and lower control arms fit our cars. The castor rods that fit ours are apparently Torino 68-71, best to check with tcp for the length. My parts came from Global West. Hope this helps. Billy
  10. It's a v8 master cylinder and booster in the car . In regards to the hole in the floor , your correct it was for a fuel cell
  11. FAT-451

    Low coolant warning

    burn it
  12. FAT-451

    Low coolant warning

    Pump up the spare tyre