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  1. fatso

    front end

    i have look at front spring and are superlow and bumper rubber has be cut
  2. fatso

    front end

    had a good look at the springs and look like super low bumper rubber be cut
  3. fatso

    front end

    spring are kings yellow and have 8 coils car relic in december
  4. fatso

    front end

    i have look at top of shock and all most hit bonnet
  5. fatso

    front end

    hi my xf has had the front end lowed so when you hit a bump it bottom out why
  6. fatso

    ford xf control from feet to face air

    can not buy hose wear can i buy hose
  7. fatso

    ford xf control from feet to face air

    hose missing from fire wall
  8. i have had my air con regas but my control from windscreen to face vent the controi will not change so it windscreen all the time how to fix it
  9. fatso

    xf car

    hi my xf falcan s pack to sale it my best price it got no rust i spent 5.000 on it new head clutch all oil leak fixed past pits it i can not download photos
  10. fatso

    xf gear box

    my xf 1986 gear box gear shift is hard to change in to gear why the gear box is top loader had new clutch it go in to gears but the gear stick hard to mover