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  1. Hey Gang, Just after some info on scewing the rear window moulding to my XY sedan. There are 6 screws that hold the corner and side mould onto the window frame. Does anyone know how these are done? Do the scews go straight into the C-pillar. Is there mounting clips to fit for the screws? Can't find anything in the sevice manual for this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Gmskippy

    302 Cleveland to 351 convertion

    Thanks gerg a great piece of info there I do appreciate the replies from everyone . I'll check the bore dimention as described.
  3. Gmskippy

    302 Cleveland to 351 convertion

    Can anyone tell me if these are close chamber heads? Also I can not see any markings on any pistons apart from a O and a 5 or a 6. Does this mean it is a virgin bore closed chamber head 302 Cleveland?
  4. Gmskippy

    302 Cleveland to 351 convertion

    Thanks guys for the help here a bit of googling coming up. I was looking all new gear in the heads all is OEM stock so don't trust it. Not sure of CAM shaft yet but we are wanting a cruiser with a bit of toe down low when we want some fun. Is it worth port pollishing these heads?? I think I will check out "Hypertec also make shorter piston suit 351 crank & 302C rod, flat top $438.61"
  5. Gmskippy

    302 Cleveland to 351 convertion

    Thanks Boingk, I dont know if these heads are close chambered or not how do I know what I am looking at? What lifters did you go with? Was averything else standard kit? Thanks.
  6. Gmskippy

    302 Cleveland to 351 convertion

    Hey All, I have a 302 Clevland from an XB we are wanting to do an upgrade to 351 for a XY GS build. Anybody out there recommend which way to go for a rotating assembly upgrade "parts and bits"? Is it worth keeping the orginal heads for the build, I have read the 302 heads are good for a 351 convertion? Is there an engine builder in the Brisbane North area remomended to do this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi guys I just read the post for the XA floor mod. I am do the same on an XY does anybody know if these measurment will be the same? Thanks in advance.