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  1. yes.... ‘brisk pace’..... I think I know what you mean, haha.... not from experience of course.... yeah I know but just quite the same. i reckon I still have a Xd 6 seater out at the farm and maybe a XF 3 seater ute as well that I bought as a farm hack but I can’t remember if it went with the last clean out or not. Haven’t been up there for a while, let alone actively looked for it to be honest.
  2. Yeah I went through that phase, and I even converted a few floor shift manuals to bench seat because it was handy when all I had on the road was one car at a time. Even came in handy on a few nights in the city, back in those days... ahem... you know, helping a damsel or damsels in distress... and I have thought about getting another one but I like having my left elbow on something a bit too much
  3. gromet88

    351 ?

    yep, that’s where it normally starts
  4. gromet88

    351 ?

    yeah but you guys have roadworthies where we don’t so cops can tend to be on the more a-hole side here if they ‘think’ they are right
  5. gromet88

    351 ?

    that’s awesome. I’d be keen for a chat with him one day if he’s up for it
  6. gromet88

    351 ?

    I’ve had that many run ins with Mr Plod over them, been defected 4 times over them because no mr plod believes that any car came out with tail lights that dark from factory. Even had one accuse me of colouring in the photo on the front of the glovebox manual with a black texta.
  7. gromet88

    351 ?

    and as far as I’m aware, the only legal black tail lights in Australia
  8. gromet88

    351 ?

    I’ve had too many FCs and FDs to put a number on them but I don’t think there has been a time in the last 20-25 years that I haven’t at least had one. I’ll always have one. They are just way too cool not to! Especially with those tail lights. hey that’s cool, good to know he’s restoring it! Is he doing anything to do it or keeping it stock?
  9. gromet88

    351 ?

    I’ve had a couple that had one, and my favourite one that I had also had a factory one because I remember how annoying it was to get parts for. I am always amazed to find more Cartiers and always happy to even just to see them, I don’t need to buy them
  10. gromet88

    351 ?

    correct. The earlier carriers still had the hand pull boot popper but the last of the carriers got an electric one as I guess they were preparing to start the FD. It was a dipping the tow in the pool I guess you could call it. Some FCs still had the electric sunroof but it was a ‘no cost option’ from memory.
  11. gromet88

    351 ?

    Did you buy it or someone else?
  12. gromet88

    Factory AU VCR?

    I’ll check that tomorrow bud
  13. gromet88

    Factory AU VCR?

    I have a few more photos but it keeps telling me they are too big to add, but you can see what I mean. Apart from the VCR, everything else has the Ford badge on it, including the DVD/VCR remote.