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  1. gromet88

    351 ?

    Any luck?
  2. gromet88

    351 ?

    Nope, all these items were pretty quickly either sold or disposed of. I’ve tried for years to get the specific notes on the items and their special runs but no one can tell me what they actually looked like so to speak and what their model numbers etc were so it’s really just a hidden secret They were only a run in the FCs, from 1979 through to late 1980. I have seen some 81 plated ones but I suspect they were actually made a year or so before and sat at the factory awaiting the order. I would think they made them in one hit but maybe with a few blank spots in case someone wanted something odd. The exact number so to speak, is very sketchy but the registered number is 400. So many have been wrecked over the years and there were actually a few that didn’t receive the special option code on the vin plate for some reason so it’s very hard to actually pin point the actual number. Ford did some weird stuff back then. The Cartier wasn’t actually ‘officially’ a model, only a package
  3. gromet88

    351 ?

    Yeah that’s ok, I have plenty of bodies (as criminal as that sounds), it would more be the odds and ends I’d be looking at. What state/area is it in? See how you go bud.
  4. gromet88

    351 ?

    Sadly not all. Some were 302 and even there were a few 6s but they are rarest of all as 358(ish) from memory were 351. The only things with Cartier’s that you could not option was the colours and the interiors. You had a choice of 2 colours, a port wine burgundy or a special gold blend, and the interior you only had 1 choice. But with the purchase, you received all the special badging and special embroidery, and you also, wait for it, as a ‘gift’, received a purse, an umbrella, and a limited edition Cartier Watch. You could also ‘add’ to the options of a briefcase, perfume, socks and a tie. On the topic though, have you got any photos of the whole car? Is the whole car for sale or just the motor?
  5. gromet88

    Custom bodywork and design ideas

    I actually would have that. Looks American
  6. gromet88

    Dyllans 1978 F-350 tow truck

    Hope you didnt get this for scraping cars! Damn metals at $20 a tonne at the moment!
  7. gromet88

    NFII fairlane ghia

    OK, after reading that a few times, You would like to know the inside diameter so you can find some heavy springs to fit? Have you been to your local Repco/Sprint/Autobarn? They would be able to tell the number straight up, and if you find a half decent (rare these days) attendant, they might actually be able to point you in the right direction. What do you need hardier set for? Have you thought about Air Shocks?
  8. gromet88

    ABS and an exploding tyre-tread

    by the look of how that tyre ended up, looks like a re-cap. i refuse to have re-caps because of that reason, they are like playing Russian roulette.
  9. gromet88

    FG into BA?

    Well that was an eye opener! I was thinking, maybe change the sump pan, mod the wiring abit and bang-o. Apparently not!, oh how things have changed from the EA-AU era! I think I might go with the first suggestion and slap a BF motor in, no mods then! Its only a flip car so I'm not going to mod it to what i would want, because i'd be better of putting the dollar bills into the toilet and hitting the flush button. Good info though if I ever buy another BA/F to keep (if only the interior was as easy to change as the motor/box) but would rather wait for 1st gen FGs to come abit further down in price.
  10. gromet88

    FG into BA?

    Hi Guys, I'm sure this can be done but thought I'd ask before I go organising too much ahead of myself. So I picked a dirt dirt cheap BA XR6 Turbo today that lets say, over boosted and failed, catastrophicly. So my idea as a quick turn around (hate the colour and it's a BA), is to slot a FG motor in. But; What will I need to change to do this? ie; mounts, wiring etc Will it bolt straight upto the auto box (was replaced 1500ks before motor let go) Will I have to buy a turbo motor minimum or did they not really change much between the motors turbo and non-turbo? I don't really want to replace it with another BA motor as a selling point of the FG motor.
  11. gromet88

    Paint Protection Film

    Sorry mate, you have a long road ahead. Everytime i have bought a new car, they always try to sell me that crap. That stuff is the worst thing for paint. it gets in all the uneven minor microscopic areas and fills them, hence why they sell it the way they do. Great theory, if it actually worked. Had a few people chuck the towel in and sand the car back and re clear it which they reckon was a much cheaper and quicker way of doing it because theres not much out there to get it off, let alone quicker that i know of im afraid.
  12. gromet88

    Number Plate Info and Fees in your state

    Wow, that's just wow. I think I will stay here in sa for plates thanks
  13. gromet88

    Dyllans 1978 F-350 tow truck

    keep thinking about buying one of these but then i keep thinking, if i do that, it'll only encourage me to buy more cars because then i don't have to go through all the crap with trailers, towing, winching etc etc mmmmmmm pondering.........
  14. gromet88

    Number Plate Info and Fees in your state

    Ok, so heres SA: Custom plates offer the largest range of colour options, plate sizes and choice of combinations to compliment your car. Choose any combination of letters and numbers from 1 to 7 characters (must include at least one letter). Size options: Standard 371mm x 133mm Slim 371mm x 100mm Square 300mm x 150mm Available for motor cycles in the following sizes: 1-6 characters 214mm x 95mm 7 characters 252mm x 98mm Price: 1-6 Characters: $200 per year 7 Characters: $255 per year Euro plates are specially made to fit European designed vehicles. These plates are issued from S EA 00A and there is no choice of character combination. You will receive the next number in the series. Available for motor vehicles only. Size option: Standard (front and rear) 520mm x 112mmPrice: $150 per yearThe plate you order on this site will be manufactured in the approved series. There is no choice of character combination - you will receive the next number in the series. Personalised plates offer you a choice of letters and numbers (separated by the piping shrike) on a coloured plate. Choose any combination of the following: letter followed by 5 numbers (e.g. A12345) letters followed by 4 numbers (e.g. AB1234) letters followed by 3 numbers (e.g. ABC123) letters followed by 2 numbers (e.g. ABCD12) letters followed by 1 number (e.g. ABCDE1) Size options: Standard 371mm x 133mm Slim 371mm x 100mm Available for motor cycles in the following size: 252mm x 98mm Price: A once off payment of $180 Premium plates are a sleek plate that gives your car style. These plates are issued in black on white background (issued sequentially only from AA000A) or white on black background (issued sequentially from XX000A). Available for motor vehicles only. Size options: Premium slim 371mm x 83mm Premium standard 371mm x 106mm Square 300mm x 150mm Price: A once off payment of $150 for black on white background series (from AA000A) A once off payment of $220 for white on black background series (from XX000A) The plate you order on this site will be manufactured in the approved series. There is no choice of character combination - you will receive the next number in the series. Reallocation rights may be purchased for an additional $54 and entitle the owner to re-allocate the plate to another vehicle registered in the same name. R&S Series plates can be ordered in any available combination starting with S or R that has not been on a registered vehicle within the past 5 years. Available for motor vehicles only. Size options: Standard (front and rear) 371mm x 133mmPrice: A once off payment of $76** This fee includes a once of fee of $54 for reallocation rights. Reallocation rights entitle the owner to re-allocate the plate to another vehicle registered in the same name. Corporate number plates From $190. Themed number plates From $190 - includes Clipsal500 and Zoo plates General-issue number plates $22 replacement fee.
  15. gromet88

    which 4.0l engines will fit xh ute ?

    All EF onwards will fit, just the further up you go, more work you have to put into with wiring, dash, and engine mounts. Safe to stay with EF/EL if you just want to slam it in and get back on the road quicker. Most people go AU with EF/EL/XH as they dont need much to modify, compared to a BA engine