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  1. Yeah with the shifters on ford single rails I have found 4 types 1 Cortina shifter 2 the long fork 3 the shorter fork 4 the long fork with the narrow horse shoe. And what I have found is number 4 is very early, number 2 is around xb to xd and number 3 is xe to xf . Found out all this the hard way.
  2. Did you get a answer on this sparky ?.I have the same problem
  3. Hi I have my single rail out of my falcon and would like to replace the selector shaft seal ,what's involved in doing this ? 1 , remove the six 7/16 bolts from the extension housing which I have done ,how do I pry the extension housing off ? And anything else I need to know ? PS also I will replace the extension housing gasket also ,does this gasket need sealer on both sides ? Thanks in advance
  4. Grr351

    Six to eight single rail

    I already have this xf one as it's a very low km box that was driven very carefully,I'm just putting new selector seal and gaskets through it .I'm just worried about the short 1st gear. Would this mean 1st gear would be a longer shift or a shorter 1st gear shift being 3.47 ?
  5. I've got hold of a really good single rail from a XF ( 038) I want to put it in my xb with a mild 351 in it .Now I believe first gear in these boxes are 3.47 ,I'm running with a 2.92 diff .Has anybody had this set up before? Or is first gear a bit short?
  6. Grr351

    Xg_Xh ute tank in xb ute

    Thanks for the great info outback jack .il rip out the sender tomorrow and go from there . You answer all my questions.
  7. Grr351

    Xg_Xh ute tank in xb ute

    Thanks outback jack ,with the pump can't I just put a fuel line on the end of the pick up like you said and just use the standard mechanical fuel pump on the bottom of my block ? Also when the resistance is sorted out will I need to calibrate my gauge ?
  8. Grr351

    Xg_Xh ute tank in xb ute

    Hi I have a xg_xh tank in my xb ute ,the sender looks to be a EFI sender with the electric fuel pump removed ,how can I get this sender to be compatible with my original xb gauge? .thanks