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HELP needed, to identify Single Rail gear shift lever

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My XB panelvan project, is a factory manual V8 vehicle.

Before I owned it, someone converted it to Auto, thus I'm attempting to return it to stock.


It would've been factory fitted with a Single Rail gearbox,

but I'm struggling to identify what an XB single rail gear shifter, actually looks like.


I've purchased a date-code correct gearbox, but the shifter it came with, is clearly not right.


From what little info I can find, XB single rail shifters were chrome plated,

same as Escort and Cortina (and XD falcon too) single rails.


I've managed to find one person with a chrome plated shift lever, but they're asking north of $100 for it,

so I need to be sure it's right.


Here are the pics they sent me of it... can anyone tell me if it's XB, XD, Escort/Cortina etc?















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