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  1. Don't be jealous bud
  2. I'll give these a go first.. Lol I'm sure they will do the trick, if not Tristan at reaper Engineering will look after me,. These are his new Prototype serries Two demon flow resonators, he said alot Of Testing went into it to figure out the correct Size and length that makes A difference You can hear the mufflers online or on his fb page
  3. Yeah they are, tig welded 304 stainless I'll need the mufflers and the resonators to keep this thing quiet The resonators are 3''pipe 4''diameter to give you an idea of the added space I have now
  4. My fuel tank arrived I'm so happy with it,. This has the fuel system inside along with appropriate baffles to keep fuel where it should be And allow a Larger exhaust
  5. Is that with a small block? Lol I have 2 inch primaries on my big block don't ask me how they fit lol it must be the different angle of the cylinder head Did you know it's easier (I have found) to change spark plugs now with the 460 stroker than when I had a 351 Cleveland
  6. Yeah the photos don't do it justice lol it's a big engine this one, no one notices until I point it out haha, '' just look how little room I have at the shock towers'' I say and then it clicks That's shit that dellow messed up and didn't fix it, malwood seems like a good bloke, I have bought a few things off him, once they sent me the wrong part but sent the correct part asap, He's hard to get a hold of sometime, he's too busy haha I uploaded a video installing malwood under dash clutch master for x series ford's, it's on my Channel The left hand startor was malwoods suggestion, To Assist big block conversion he had just done it on his xb when I called to get the belhousing, it's not always a problem With small blocks I guess lol
  7. Ohk awesome what have you got it in? Also It would Want to be good for $1700 bucks haha
  8. I wasn't aware of a dellow big block ford to T56 This QuickTime was ordered From Malwood It's special being that it has the startor motor On the left hand side (passenger side) to give me more exhaust clearance on drivers side
  9. Yes the QuickTime is a nice piece of steel Setting up slave was as easy as installing with its two bolts then measuring to ensure correct clearance mine is close to 4mm or 150''thousandths which according to specs online is good, if there too close Aparently it doesn't allow the clutch to wear I have the under dash clutch master with a remote mount reservoir, I Havnt filled it up yet but seems easy enough, the throw out has a bleed line attached.
  10. I am having clearance issues with the sump. And the sway bar :S I slotted the engine mounts but may require a little more and as a last resort I may space the sway bar down a little bit with a piece of steel bar.
  11. I have now installed my flywheel and clutch along with the t56 magnum And installed It into the car
  12. There sure is Enjoy
  13. I got a new induction system, no longer going efi at this stage, I need to get this thing on the road So I have got this quick fuel Qfx 1150 dominator carb, it's what my engine was dynoed with so it's tuned ready to go :] I'm very happy with how it looks It looks as tho it's ment to be on there
  14. Nice looking setup there ill give a little sneak info i wont have to change the name of the thread cause......drum roll still efi if my Fitech setup sells one day soon it will boost the process along if it doesnt ill put it on somthing else and just save up and continue with what i am planning which will result in a killer street combo still also if any one knows anyone looking for a dual quad set up let me know? if they make the sale happen ill throw them $100 as a thanks remember this setup suits any setup up to 1200hp. can be boosted eg sit on a supercharger roots style or accept blow through from a pro charger or even a turbo or two cheers for the interest fellas, i cant wait to have more to show you guys
  15. Nah ill just get the dual 3.5 inch stainless system made with the two mufflers and use 2.5 inch tailpipes to quieten it down youll see once its running also a slight change in directions with the motor but its in planning stage atm so youll have to wait for the surprise