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  1. Matthew Patmore


    Thats Alot of coin for a supercharger Kit keen to see what you do here have you thought of a centrifugal type ? or you want the roots style blower? whats your goal here? power output?
  2. Matthew Patmore

    Cleveland EFI

    This is My Set Up So Far, i have all of FAST 2.0 Stuff including there multiport harness, Throttle body, Duel Sync Distributor, E6 ignition and injectors
  3. Matthew Patmore

    Cleveland EFI

    I'll be doing a efi conversion on my 351 Cleveland by the end of the year, just purchased Fast Ez efi 2.0 multiport system Will be picking it up this week also bought there ignition and duel sync distributor And there 1375cfm throttle body to match and will be using 3v alloy heads with a funnel web manifold/chi design I'll have the bungs drilled out to match my injectors purchasing them from fast so it's all plug and play I'm thinking the 36pound will be enough
  4. Matthew Patmore

    Tyres and Wheel stuff.

    Those challengers come in a ford pattern and nowhere near 3000 I was going to get a set for my falcon and from memory was going to cost,1200 for the set of 4 check this website http://www.performancewheels.com.au/Home/Wheels.asp?theGroup=C&Cat=Classic