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  1. Nice looking setup there ill give a little sneak info i wont have to change the name of the thread cause......drum roll still efi if my Fitech setup sells one day soon it will boost the process along if it doesnt ill put it on somthing else and just save up and continue with what i am planning which will result in a killer street combo still also if any one knows anyone looking for a dual quad set up let me know? if they make the sale happen ill throw them $100 as a thanks remember this setup suits any setup up to 1200hp. can be boosted eg sit on a supercharger roots style or accept blow through from a pro charger or even a turbo or two cheers for the interest fellas, i cant wait to have more to show you guys
  2. Nah ill just get the dual 3.5 inch stainless system made with the two mufflers and use 2.5 inch tailpipes to quieten it down youll see once its running also a slight change in directions with the motor but its in planning stage atm so youll have to wait for the surprise
  3. i have to use a open muffler due to the size of the engine and the performance of it. varex system would blow off if i had it closed and put the foot down. remember 8.6 litres, show me a 700+ hp motor with chambered mufflers...
  4. they are but the test is done at 3500rpm so most bimodel systems will be wide open by then it will be loud regardless because 8.6 litres of engine will be trying to escape lol ill be using magnaflow 16 inch mufflers i have mates with this system already on there big block falcons and its legal sound wise and sounds good out the back
  5. Thanks yeah the wiring kits comes from Ultimate wiring kits in Melbourne wire kit.htm for the exhaust i have 2.5inch tailpipes before and it was really tight. it doesn't help now that i have Calvert racing suspension which is 1.5inch lower than stock or that the diff tubes are larger ect im also required to go over the pitts every year to have the brakes and underbody inspected they also conduct a decibel test and i have failed previously with the 351 (97db) so i want to reduce noise and 2.5 inch tailpipes do this. i will have a bolt on sneaky set of dump pipes if im feeling like being loud
  6. I Was not entirely happy with how the wiring was mounted so i made up a panel from abs plastic and mounted all the relays and fuses to it, then spaced it out from the firewall about 25mm this made it appear flat right up to the through firewall stud with the battery lead attached. the firewall has a step up to the trans tunnel this panel makes it sit over that step. Just a little bit of progress with the car its almost ready for its new motor getting excited now that its back on the ground the tick off list is also getting smaller - Fuel System, im going with Aeromotive and using there flex fuel 450lph pump in tank - modify extractors to clear manual (Quicktime) Belhousing. this is the hold upon the engine as it has to go back to the dyno to tune the efi but need those extractors first. - ship engine to Darwin and install - measure up and order Tailshaft - Send car to exhaust shop for complete exhaust headers back - im thinking dual 3 inch with X pipe and 2 x magnaflow mufflers then 2.5inch tailpipes for clearance and noise Thats about it
  7. Look What arrived today :)........ My new brakes they look so good here is some pictures and a link to the quick Unboxing video also
  8. Nice work ill be watching this build
  9. Thats Alot of coin for a supercharger Kit keen to see what you do here have you thought of a centrifugal type ? or you want the roots style blower? whats your goal here? power output?
  10. Love a good old wagon Turn it into a sleeper haha Barra engines are cheap these days and there is a really good aftermarket for them meaning wiring and engine mounts are no longer a headache even a naturally aspirated one for a start and can chuck a turbo on it later when you get bored, they handle low boost no worries at all just my 2 cents
  11. Today i did a lot of wiring finally getting somewhere also installed my new Twin Lucas Horns
  12. Thanks i dont imagine ill have any trouble with this set up. theres $11k in that gearbox haha yes time frame is a interesting one as i started this big block conversion with 10k engine in mind :S haha that purchased the bottom end....... so got a bit wild but will be worth it, the engine and gearbox are all paid for now and just waiting to be sent from Perth where engine was built up to Darwin where the car is im flying to Perth on the 16th Jan so i can box them up and send them here. then work will get in the way a bit (up until March) then i should be back here with the combo ready to install. every step has been taken so it should be a quick turn around once its here Wiring will be done (curently doing that this week) i spent a few hours last night re-wiring my gauges, i will be doing some more work today to sort out the spaghetti on the inside
  13. Wow this thing looks awesome love the black paint
  14. Nice Work its good to see another XC being looked after, i am a little surprised your playing around with the old 6 cylinder i understand its original ect but so much more can be achieved even with a latter model 6 or a brand new 6 and turbo but dont mind me im a Horsepower lover im currently giving my XC a new lease on life and waking it up a bit with a monster engine combo 523 cubes 8.6 Litres should annoy the shit out of the neighbors haha
  15. Hi Everyone, My Names Matt and I'm part of the way through re-building my 1978 Ford XC sedan, i had a previous build tread but a lot has changed since the beginning and i think the car deserves a new page Car - 1978 Ford Falcon XC Sedan Engine - Ford 460 stroked to 523CI, Forged internals, A429 Cobra Jet Cylinder heads, Dual Quad intake, Fitech Throttle body injection, ICE 7amp ignition, Has made on the engine Dyno - 702HP@6450rpm and 647ftlbs of torque @ 4850rpm Gearbox - Tremec T56 Magnum 6 speed Differential - Fabricated 9 inch (Tex Racing) 31 spline, Detroit Locker, 3.89 gears, Floating Hubs. Brakes - Front: 355mm Vented/SLotted Rotor with Brembo 4 Piston Caliper. Rear: 330mm Vented Rotor with 2 Piston Caliper (Internal hand brake Floating hubs). Interior - ESP Seats Code M:Gunmetal Grey Gauges - Autometer (Pro Comp Ultra Lite) electronic Ill include some pictures of the car and how it sits right now patiently waiting for the engine to be placed into the engine bay expecting this to be done in April 2018. I will also include the link to my YouTube Channel where i have been uploading update videos of the Xc along with other projects