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  1. BGDAV

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    xb and xc have the same dont they ? all shit
  2. BGDAV

    BGDAV 408, T56, 4.11s

    ill get out some more cad this weekend then make it "dave proof"
  3. BGDAV

    BGDAV 408, T56, 4.11s

    im still pondering that, conduit should be more then enough for bottom, technically its going to bounce up into the fuel system at the top , one would think? could easily make a panel for the bottom, on the fence as yet
  4. BGDAV

    BGDAV 408, T56, 4.11s

    did some more cad - once i fix the mounting points and paint it black should be perfect
  5. BGDAV

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    slight update, transmission line is finished and plumbed into the new tranny cooler - after spending 30 bucks on reducer fittings 3/8 to 5/16 .. typical the dash cluster works!!! dean has played shitty old ford junk more then me, had to sandpaper to terminals on the cluster and plug, push the plugs out to get a better grip and the fuel gauge moved *magic* where stil sorting out the gas install, imagine will be next episode - sorting out the rear lights off the shifter, somthing isnt right as yet .. althou looks wired correctly from what i can tell, future dave problems sort out a few little bits and pieces and rego time (if the red car would stop taking my time it would be done already )
  6. BGDAV

    BGDAV 408, T56, 4.11s

    figured id do a slight update .. dean came over the other week and gave me a hand putting the tranny back in, feels alot better clutch wise, so hopefully thats all good .. im fixing up some issues i just rushed last time to get it going - re-routing the rear fuel lines (waiting on parts) fixing up some engine bay stuff, remade the exhuast mounts to never break again, usual story, just needs time and money this has been worrying me for awhile, i havent had a chance to fix (its not finished yet) so the plan is to box it in, tight as possible to the hose line, and build a cover, need to do some finish testing from the wheel, but confident it will be fine big fuel line problems CAD templates old ford shitty bonnet for steel fancy pan brake first part of box done - got to build the lower section, know how im going to do it, just to hot and cbfs where real today
  7. BGDAV

    Fuel Issues

  8. BGDAV

    XB Dartosmobile

    yea thats beyond my skillset of smash smash bend, grind grind swear
  9. one day i will be a wizard like you harry
  10. thats some mighty fine weldy weld you have done there
  11. BGDAV

    Here we go again .

    We all like different things I guess - we can all agree x series over a ea though ...
  12. BGDAV

    Here we go again .

    anything is better then xf we can all agree on that the headlights are a tad pricey
  13. BGDAV

    Here we go again .

    +1 for ghia front cough need a front lip for added badass aswell
  14. BGDAV

    Here we go again .

    should look badass