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  1. cant get a cheap electric pump to run so you can set the float level ?
  2. Will update again with some pics as iv changed the whole car, only some know how much its changed etc. auto? nos? 4.11s?GT40 heads? how did it go from 18s to high 15 down the quarter? got a time slip? whats the 60foot time? please explain
  3. thanks mate - totally agree - black everything makes it better
  4. pay day on friday so i can afford some more fuel will try it then
  5. still starts - but still out of fuel
  6. well slight update - i decided i couldn't be fked rewiring the whole engine bay from scratch - cause that would take just to much stupid time pulled off all the tape and deleted a few things, dodgy relays, voltage regulator (no longer needed running VS alt) resistance wire removed cleaned it all up - moved the relays to amount i made with a fuse block for the battery stuff - next job to rewire the relights in - then figure out the reverse lights (shouldn't be that hard) then sort out the interior - go for reg and have a spare car (Y) only 6 months past my previous road worthy date - but work in progress stage1: stage2: stage3:
  7. guarantee that has rust for days - i know mine did and looked better then that
  8. red car had hidden wiring .. did it 6 years before and tried to remember where everything went .. def do not want to do that again
  9. started to play around with some wiring- was gonna do full hidden wiring - but i dont think i can b fked - gonna make a fancy relay mount hidden next to battery i think - its not a show truck - will get some pics this weekend
  10. ummm dont think they use a front swaybar? its only 2wd ? not sure on the old effys they are a fancy piece of machinery i dont quite understand with this I beams and king pins
  11. yea brian said tuning was a cunt on the side drafts but power gains are handy
  12. that carb seriously seems to hard lol
  13. it was def a pain this stupid car - cant wait to have it on the road - used some shitty denso spark plugs def not the go - dont be a tight ass dave .. is what i have to tell my self
  14. well this car has turned into a red car project ... anyone who has had a red car will know they bite you ever chance they get so i had a few people come over and help me figure it out do appreciate it - after 4 months of trying to figure it out my self and with others help the end result was - DONT USE SHIT SPARK PLUGS, NGK are the go , not the cheaper option .. then swapped the coil to power direct of the battery for now - before i rewire the engine bay THE POS FKN STUPID POS F100 RUNS! i hate it. but i love it - you know confliction? now its full steam ahead f100 fix mode - Mount seat Rewire engine bay get rad fixed (has a leak you know typical) rewire rear lights finish off little bits transmission is still leaking out of the selector shaft .. need to pull it apart and add another o ring - fit up the gas system finally run the thing on the road!
  15. keep it stock? i think i hear what your saying thanks for that mate - ill give that a shot - ill set for the afr first since easier to set without a dyno and then go from there - hopefully bring the fuel bill down a little