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  1. keep up the good work (Y)
  2. Any pics of the tailshaft loop?
  3. BGDAV

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    think id be happy it runs decent on lpg, and can limp it home on petrol, chances of me putting petrol on it is slim to 0
  4. slight update - ran out of gas .. right when trying to save money sigh .. some seam sealer on the inner guard and some weld will be good as new if not less of a dirt trap
  5. BGDAV

    Health, Fitness, Weight(fat) loss etc

    Yea dropping bmi %age is still a good weight loss measure just not the you must be this for perfect body - half the doctors who crap on it are over weight newayz
  6. BGDAV

    Health, Fitness, Weight(fat) loss etc

    Dunno if I overlly agree with bmi - depends on your muscle mass aswell, according to bmi all top body builders are obese - more like a rough guideline for me
  7. BGDAV

    BGDAV 408, T56, 4.11s

    cars are stupid ..
  8. BGDAV

    BGDAV 408, T56, 4.11s

    yea mine could of been nasty aswell .. oops .. maybe i knew id be pulling it apart again so did weight reduction .. not good, will make sure i do it right next time stupid red car
  9. BGDAV

    BGDAV 408, T56, 4.11s

    Dave forgot to tighten bolts last time.. Rookie mistake
  10. BGDAV

    BGDAV 408, T56, 4.11s

  11. BGDAV

    BGDAV 408, T56, 4.11s

    so i was wrong! the rear main is fine .. cause i decided time to pull it all apart again, and dean was supervising and helping where required did some facebook warrior posting and apparently this is a common issue .. use grey maxx to seal it on both sides, then it wont leak again .. fkn thing! LAST LEAK WILL BE FIXED
  12. slight update, decided to cut the other part out , wasnt a fan of all the curves and this will hold the dirt out more CAD - did finish welding it up, but havent got a pic as yet, slowly getting there
  13. BGDAV

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    we have update! f100 runs on petrol and gas, dean had some issues with the timing but im sure hell explain its beyond my skill set just need to tidy up some wiring, turn up the idle a bit - plan is to reg with 351 then barra swap it over the old clevo clevo will go into the xb with holley efi one day progress! woo dean has a vid i think