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  1. BGDAV

    C4 to Tremec TKO600 XE conversion

    im runing a t56 magnum, big case one and i had to custom make one as it sits alot further back then even the T5 mount - might just have to mock it up
  2. BGDAV

    Radial Tuned Suspension

    i also had issues since i had a dart block, alloy heads, alloy intake etc, the weight was off was added issue - coil overs fixed it in an afternoon
  3. BGDAV

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    when i contacted them about mine, they said i installed the spigot wrong (i didnt), then they basically get fucked, it wasnt their business to fix their fuck up that cost me 3k, new gearbox rebuild after 600km, and redrill of a bellhousing due to poor machining - so i just tell everyone - cost them more then 3k in lost sales
  4. BGDAV

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    would not buy from dellow again, look at quicktime metal ones alot better
  5. look up the dimensions of a t56 magnum in the front position its perfect for xe console dead in middle - thats what I'm using
  6. Is it a t56 magnum? Pretty sure u can flip the thing around back to front , I run the forward position on mine
  7. I had a throw out bearing on my t5 I think you have to machine the snout down to allow the bearing to sit over - I’m sure USA guys have done it
  8. Yep that’s the one you need , the Ford stuff doesn’t work for the bore size needed for the slave cylinder - need custom mount but it’s all doable
  9. i had a brief read over - I've got a 408 with a t56 mangun and hydraulic clutch, go hydrualic if you can, but its costly exercise, I don't use any of the standard gear but the hydraulic pedal box - better flywheel, FC holden master cylc (standard ford isn't enough even bored out) custom mounts, custom pedal stop (must do this or you'll blow out the seals on the slave cylc - I did it sucks) tilton throw out bearing (slave) i used malwood, and dellow slaves both leaked, pay the money once and do it right, tilton was self adjusting no spacer bull s*** all built into the design was a threaded shaft - solved all my problems- sounds like you have power similar to mine - its costly but now its all perfect
  10. BGDAV

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    looking good - paint it black and hit the track (Y)
  11. using standard ford fluid in mine for awhile, what would you rather kill a steering box or kill a ps pump ? i vote killing the ps pump if it ever dies due to incorrect fluid - but no issue
  12. BGDAV

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    that really sucks - hopefully they can fix it
  13. BGDAV

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    thats a 4x4 steering box - at the front of the cross member - that's not a datsun where was the chassis rail number? i need to find mine soon
  14. gf had a similar issue on her ba , went into limp mode - battery was fked - try that first cheap option