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  1. on the plus side, the air defectors i made seem to work, car seemed 10 degrees cooler, weather may of played a part but still seems positive hopefully can test it with aircon on 30 degree day and not over heat .. would be living the dream then
  2. yea alt pulley is tiny one already
  3. i had mine custom made, but you can use AN lines for the lines which i wish i did - look up commodore and astra pump they list the fitting you need
  4. ill have to do a measure i may have the stock one aswell some where .. you know hoarder life .. took the car for a run today, ran like a champ, noticed once the rpm gets up the alternator kicks in to around 13-13.9 at full pump - good enough i think - think the red car finally caught on the f100 is almost done best be reliable else ill pull it to bits again
  5. Yea the back wasn't happy 👎 I'm not built for car yoga no more
  6. Yea the back wasn't happy 👎 I'm not built for car yoga no more
  7. Woo lights work 👌👌👌
  8. That's a valid point it's normally 1200-2k all day every day
  9. yea my crank is alot smaller then the standard size .. so would speed up the aircon alot more ? bad or worse not sure .. prob worse at high rpm decided to risk it for the biscuit and buy a ebay special sanden 508 - apparently they are fine from my googling
  10. so ive been asking around on ebay and this is what someone else has done , very similar ot what im thinking
  11. ill pm u
  12. take some more pics of making the mainfold im gonna have to make one for the xb ba
  13. spoke to the aircon gurus and apprentally the VZ condenser and VZ drier is the best to get had a look around they said the ebay sanden doesnt line up to standard .. custom brackets? other people are saying they use them with no problem - since the xe and f100 are both getting aircon ill try the 100 dollar unit out
  14. thanks for the info guys - ill have a look into the fittings required to do it in AN - worse case i take it to a aircon place and they finish off the crimp after i get the hose setup the length i want - problem is i want it to look neat .. thats like witchcraft in aircon world
  15. doesnt work when sitting at traffic lights though or your snickers bar gets melted coming from the shops 5k away :'(