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  1. New alternator fitted.... Was a cunt, radiator to big, astra power steering in shit spot, catch cans in wrong spot I refused to remove the radiator coolant isnt free Managed to squeeze it past rad hose, used a hex head socket with a Allen key to turn it.. Couldn't fit a ratchet on the end due to shit stupid radiator grr #done #fkn red car
  2. sums up the love afair with me and petrol in the eyes
  3. oh left hand - i only have the drivers side off the part i cut off
  4. I may have what you need I cut that section off complete remind me to look tonight 👌
  5. Petrol proof glasses 🤔🤔 I'll add it to the invention list
  6. Slow progress is still progress I spose
  7. previously it went carby fuel tank >> holley blue lift pump >> surge tank >> big pump >> regulartor >> returned to the surge which then returned to the fuel tank but i didnt like the idea of having the holley blue under the car - and the carby fuel sender crapped it self - so thought about time to get the efi tank done flow rate of holley blue is 110 flow rate of intank xf pump - 100 044 is 300 (if the intake one dies ill be upgrading to this)
  8. some slow progress on this one as im doing it all my self and learning along the way if i dont know something - never done a rear quarter before .. might as well figure it out
  9. wow havent updated this in awhile XB has been moved to the shed for rust repairing i am yet to do - its had the rear quater panel removed my doner guard having spot weld removed - it took me id say 3 hours to get it all done .. hammer, chisel, spot weld, repeat and of course grinder its pretty much ready for a trial fit up, just need to remove one more second of spot welds on the lower section - the rear sectoin near the talilights has a bit of rust around the groove, im deciding if i should cut the rear section off the orginal guard which was perfect there to fit it - not sure yet this is the end result hopefully, silver with orange gs stripe and a barra motor (Y)
  10. my normal do nothing day "sunday" resulted in getting things done .. saturday was spent on the xb stuff due to shit weather but finally got to the xe, fitted LED to the whole cluster and fkn hell i can actually see it at night .. maybe i had some dead lights before? no idea but its amazing, should of done it before fitted up my efi fuel tank thanks to big cav, that was a bit of a pain in the ass .. got petrol in my eyes not once. . but twice .. fkn thing, once i get 2m of 3/8 hose should be good to test it - should be all fine - hopefully the guage reads correct , the other one died in the ass after vinegar bath .. best not to do that in the future i think
  11. spot welds are fun .. i should of tried the air tool idea doh
  12. its a proven fact matt black adds 20000 rwkw im only going for the internet logic ..
  13. pulley will be painted black 150% same as the fan