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  1. yea its a pain in the ass .. hopefully this fixes it - else ill get a tech out - wasn't a fan of paying someone to look over it for 3 hours and say yep replace it all - at least it now rules out a lot of things
  2. Your a man I aspire to be like.. Next level fan badass
  3. That's a good system I should look into it
  4. not much to report was playing hoist mechanic this weekend and decided weekend off - pulled the old handbrake cable out, gave it a fresh coat of black, photos will come next week its not far off though, just need to get it to run right and few lil things
  5. sooo fkn red car .. we swapped out the starter for the BA one (from the f100) and it was late i was tired .. obviously i did something stupid it wont crank over .. ok no problem ill put it on the hoist ? oh wait hte hoist no longer goes up beyond half way, leave it a day it goes up high, etc etc tested everyting tightned everything - put it in the fuck this over it crap box so i found they make a ALL IN ONE unit now .. means i can get rid of hte dodgy one way return valve (suspect thats the issue) purchased one of these - has a steel tank (im going to low mount it where the current control box is, and get a adapter flex line made - will sort out all the issues with it HOPEFULLY *fingers crossed*)
  6. I can't do the technology 👎👎👎 I might need to hire a IT nerd
  7. think i saw the red wagon out hitting limiter last night at the kebab shop .. was mass hectic
  8. damn thats clean .. good score can use the power steering box out of a XF in the xb, i put one in mine already
  9. i like the to hard basket, it seems to suit my personality f100 is on track though, once i can get it to idle correctly will be kicking goals! and getting rego for zombie hunting
  10. Went outside today to do the swaybar bushes... Fkn thing only had bought the lower bushes Put it in the to hard basket, bought the top bushes and will do next week 👎 Need one of them big sheds for activities insted of working outside
  11. True doesn't need the restriction plate thing they all say it needs - surprised it died so quick hasn't been on long but prob all the sitting around it didn't like
  12. Seen the track boss damn they are nice 😍😍 Not sure why this thermostat gave up.. If this new one doesn't last long I'll Def hit him up
  13. semi productive day, finished up the shifter, it moves in gears - great success exhaust doesnt sound to be for a stocker aswell, gave it a short run (need to sort out the idle / carb) before i get a vid .. wiring left to do + lpg gotta fit up the new handbrake + new rear swaybar bushes, then under the car is basically done ?
  14. thermostat was the issue .. put a new one in , idled at 186 all day in 35 degree heat in the driveway - gotta fit up the new starter + sus out coil overs for the rear i did have a look at the tie rod angles .. perfectly level so prob not that causing bump steer