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  1. Falcman007

    My old Pajero

    Time for a update i think!
  2. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    How time flys... I have a few mods done. How do i post pics guys? Kim
  3. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    yes i seen he did lol. i have no idea if one was mine
  4. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    cheers guys. And TI performance have a great rep. This is just a minor issue hopefully on my part. Ive spoke to TI and they have been very good regarding the problem. I'll give it another good clean up and see how i go. Thanks for the help. kim
  5. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    TI performance
  6. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    ISC valve?
  7. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    Thanks gerg. I bought the resistors, 1 watt 6.8 k and 1.2 k. Apparently I need to hook up the nutruel switch on the box for other issues, I figured if it gets a tune it wont need them. i actually just got my J3 back, plugged it in and the fuel pump doesnt stop priming and the car will not start. Removed it and it starts.
  8. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    gday guys, So the ED is now manual. My problem is it runs fine, accelerates fine BUT taking the foot off to slow down it jerks pretty bad. It is still running the auto ECU. I have a J3 to be tuned to suit soon. thanks Kim
  9. Falcman007

    ED Fairmont update

    Should of done that Dean. Definitely Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  10. Falcman007

    ED Fairmont update

    Cheers guys. Yeh upsets me as the car has alot of sentimental value and I've had it for 12 years and really looked after it. So to have it treated like shit sucks. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  11. Falcman007

    ED Fairmont update

    Oh and they left grease everywhere. I won't name and shame them, I'll talk to them. I'm sure the guy I spoke to didn't do it. He's a Ford man and has a great reputation hence the reason I chose him. I'd say a shitty mechanic that works there. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  12. Falcman007

    ED Fairmont update

    So guys I scored a low k manaul box from a EL wagon. And a ED pedal box. Took it to a mechanic as my back is near stuffed so I thought I'd get someone else to do it. As you know to install the pedal box the dash has to come out, thought I'd do that myself then decided I'd leave that to them as well as I had some spare coin. Conversion was done ok but my God the dash job was absolutely shocking! It was that lose and rattily I looked over it. I found half the screws missing and metal screws in plastic and plastic screws it metal! They were not tight and obviously just didn't do the job. The bolts that hold the dash in at the bottom were just sitting there, the 2 Cruise and smartlock modules​ were just hanging there, screw clips gone but one inside that I had to remove so it didn't short anything out, light gone, console not screwed back down, module on floor inside and not mounted back to inside of console, my thermo fan wires cut and plug missing, clutch pedal spring not used yet I supplied it and it's gone, homemade cable peice used yet I supplied it. So screws gone as are the right parts I gave them. THIS IS WHY I DO SHIT MYSELF!!!! Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  13. Falcman007

    Hendrixhc's Long Term XE Project!

    awesome job mate Had me many a good time in my previous XE
  14. Falcman007

    Bears  XB Fairmont - The Nugget.

    XB fairmont man i wish i kept mine! nice work mate
  15. Falcman007

    ED Fairmont update

    well geez its a been a while! got a mint momo wheel for the ED and a manual conversion ready to go