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  1. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    How time flys... I have a few mods done. How do i post pics guys? Kim
  2. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    yes i seen he did lol. i have no idea if one was mine
  3. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    cheers guys. And TI performance have a great rep. This is just a minor issue hopefully on my part. Ive spoke to TI and they have been very good regarding the problem. I'll give it another good clean up and see how i go. Thanks for the help. kim
  4. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    TI performance
  5. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    ISC valve?
  6. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    Thanks gerg. I bought the resistors, 1 watt 6.8 k and 1.2 k. Apparently I need to hook up the nutruel switch on the box for other issues, I figured if it gets a tune it wont need them. i actually just got my J3 back, plugged it in and the fuel pump doesnt stop priming and the car will not start. Removed it and it starts.
  7. Falcman007

    4.0 ED jerking after manual conversion

    gday guys, So the ED is now manual. My problem is it runs fine, accelerates fine BUT taking the foot off to slow down it jerks pretty bad. It is still running the auto ECU. I have a J3 to be tuned to suit soon. thanks Kim
  8. Falcman007

    5.0 into ED

    can someone please tell me what's required to put a little Windsor into my ED? it's a 4.0. I'm aware of the k frames being different but does it REALLY need swapping with a V8 frame? cheers guys. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  9. Falcman007

    smoking after oil change!

    Thanks guys. I've always used heavy stuff without drama. It has stopped smoking now. I'll go thin then.
  10. Falcman007

    EL falcoon not starting

    Fuel pump
  11. Falcman007

    smoking after oil change!

    it smoked again today but even less again
  12. Falcman007

    smoking after oil change!

    Yeh it is. It's a weird one. i'm thinking PCV valve now as the hose is full of oil and possibly puddling in the lag manifold. It has plenty of grunt, no noises and zero smoke even when giving it hell.
  13. Falcman007

    smoking after oil change!

    So I started it after work let it idle for a few minutes then had to get the fuck out of there. Started again but no where near as bad. And this time it was blue. Oil. How? The head gas been reconditioned! New stem seals as well obviously so what the hell? I can't think of anything other that oil running on top of the pistons while the car sits for a few hours. What am I supposed to do! Everytime I get some so called qualified mechanic or rebuilder to touch my cars they either do no better that me or simply stuff it up. Spent a fortune on on the head, rebuild, cam chip etc and I get this shit. I can see why people say leave it stock! It's all money once you open it up
  14. Falcman007

    smoking after oil change!

    Cheers for the replies guys. The log comment got me thinking...I degreased and washed the engine with the throttle body fully exposed to degreaser and water. And the smoke was white. Not blue... hoping it was water and degreaser sitting in the log
  15. Falcman007

    smoking after oil change!

    Hi chaps, Well the ED ( 4.0 ) has had a head swap. Reconditioned to at that. With the old oil it didnt smoke AT ALL. Saturday I did an oil change penrite PR 30 extra 10 ( 30-60 ) Took it for a drive no worrys. ( not that far ) Took it to work this morning and it seemed fine but was dark so maybe it smoked. Anyway, after work I started it to show a mate the stereo and after 3-4 mins it blew that much smoke it wasn't funny! Like fucking shitloads! Even missed! Kept blowing! booted it up the road and it cleared. still plenty of power and no smoke. Got it home, let it sit for a few hours started it for 10 mins and NOTHING. the oil was on ADD as I put a litre in the pajero. So the ED got 4 litres. Funny to because the pajero didn't like it either! tick tick tick loud! What the hell? I'm thinking another oil change... It's like the valve stem seals are gone but they are new.