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  1. XF0747

    crossflow roller rockers

    also when you space the rocker cover for rollers, have to machine the inlet on a slight angle for the added height for the rocker cover
  2. XF0747

    Astra elec p/steer pump

    cheers mate will have a read of it tonight Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. question for those that have done this conversion, what have you done with the lines? did you still retain any of the ford stuff, cheers for the info Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  4. XF0747

    Turbo xf falcon.

    gees 255kw with no cooler and standard ecu i want that tune in mine plz
  5. XF0747

    Turbo xf falcon.

    i remember when the young girl owned it this about 15yrs ago, think it had the plates MSPSI and her dad built it for her or some shit just had a quick read thru this thread, your better off getting another rusted shell with good trim and swap dashes and looms over, dunno what the guy was thinking with all the nasa lights going on
  6. XF0747

    power steering

    yeh shes pretty tight in there looking into the powerbond balancer as suggested
  7. XF0747

    power steering

    slydog you got a part number on the balancers you mentioned? i googled powerbond and it come up with a whole bunch of part numbers belt isnt over tightened and always use a new belt
  8. XF0747

    power steering

    its already got a romac balancer on it yeh hemi rodded engine, as soon as you feed the power in and it starts turning the tyres and it hits the limiter at 6200 it'll spin the belt off i'm gonna get a ruler and see how level it is and just go from there
  9. ey all have been having dramas lately with the xf and the power steering belt it would always spin the belt of after a big rev now i think i have finally fixed the issue got another bracket, strengthened it, put a reco pump on it and a new belt to me this looks pretty inline with the crank here is a pic of the power steering all lined up if its out by a little would like to hear ppls tips on how to get it spot on cheers
  10. XF0747

    C4 - C10 oil cooler fitting size?

    aeroflow do them also https://www.aeroflowperformance.com/af375-06blk
  11. XF0747

    Injectors for EFi cross flow

    aaron with the injectors gotta find out if xflow ones are low impedance or high impedance so you cantry and run standard ecu
  12. XF0747

    Injectors for EFi cross flow

    you going to use the injectors when turbo charged panko? i'd look at v6 supercharged injectors xf injectors are 19lbs for the blue unleaded (199.5cc/min) au injectors are 21lbs (220.5cc/min) ba turbo injectors i think are 32lbs (336cc/min) v6 supercharged are 36lbs (378cc/min) hope this info helps ya out
  13. XF0747

    power steering pulley

    nah, its a prick of a thing to drive when it spins the belt off
  14. XF0747

    power steering pulley

    the one listed is available in 2 sizes apparently car isn't a daily driver so not fazed about reduced power assistance at low speeds
  15. hey all as the topic says can you change the size of the power steering pulley or the pulley on the harmonic balancer? looking at putting a smaller pulley on either end as belts love spinning off @ 5000+rpm looking at one of these at the moment http://www.clarkosperformance.com/product_info.php?cPath=22_30&products_id=33 cheers for feedback guys