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  1. Squiz

    dash bulbs

    i found two different ones for the cluster, a 12v 3w globe and a 12v led. the little centre dash one i have no idea where to get them from j car and supercheap didnt have them
  2. Squiz

    dash bulbs

    ok so 12v 2w for both cluster and dash centre bulbs, my dash cluster ones have 12v on them but the wattage is rubbed off
  3. Squiz

    dash bulbs

    ok thankyou maybe newer bulbs will be a bit brighter then 30 odd year old ones hopefully
  4. Squiz

    dash bulbs

    hoping to find out to replace them tomorrow ahead of all fords day on sunday
  5. Squiz

    dash bulbs

    i also took out the centre dash bulbs above the heater, they are 12v 2w can you put something brighter in there aswell the 2 watt ones a very weak
  6. Squiz

    dash bulbs

    hi all, what the 2 wedge bulbs wattages that ilumiate your cluster in an XE i can see the 12v but the wattage has worn off. and can you put something higher wattage in because the dash with original bulbs was very dull compared to a newer car
  7. is there anywhere you can buy just the odometer out of a xe cluster? i have two complete clusters and both of the the wite caddy that hods the odometer and trip meter where the cog that aways breaks goes the actuual housing on both is broken and i want to get my odometer and trip working again
  8. Squiz

    What colour speedo gear?

    is the a video anywhere on how to change these gears??? i have to change one i have 4 speed single rail and 3.23 diff so i got a green 21 tooth but have no idea where it goes
  9. Squiz

    exhaust sounds

    thats really good information i can understand, thanks for taking the time to type it out much appreciated.
  10. Squiz

    exhaust sounds

    does anyone have 6-3-1 extractors?
  11. Squiz

    exhaust sounds

    sounds nice
  12. Squiz

    exhaust sounds

    ive been trying to find videos on the different extractor sounds iam curious to hear what a 6-2-1 set of extractors sound like witha a 2.5 in system compared to a 6-3-1 extractor set up
  13. Squiz

    Paint code help please

    my xe is a s pack with paint code z760 aswell
  14. Squiz

    clutch fan locks on

    thanks everyone for the help