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  1. Hey Dean, you can see the drivers right hand side bolster worn quite heavily in photo #4 of the rego label, for that kind of coin it'd want to be perfect. Cheers
  2. Yer about 6 1/8 alloy pop rivets, heads on new seal and small washer on the inside. Just make sure they're not too long.
  3. Vice grips are great for the easy extraction but my favourite is the fine blade high speed cutter cutting the slot for a flat blade screwdriver like Bear said. Another is drill out as much of the broken fastener and use a tap to remove the remaining thread. Heat gun on HOT is very useful but above all, patience.
  5. 3M 1300L if so it great stuff but not cheap
  6. OMFG and buyer has to pay for postage on top
  7. Yep 27mm deep socket from Trade tools with the rattle gun make this crap job easy
  8. Public holiday in Brissy tomorrow and 25 nearly perfect
  9. How strange they call this ESP as the last V8 when there's many more Australian built V8 fords produced after this. I have the ID plates and owners manual from a December 82 built 302 ZK Farlane but I have no doubt there's later built than that.
  10. Hi all, I got a few speedo sun gears from Parts_Lunacy on Ebay a couple of years ago but a quick look and they don't appear to stock these any more. Looked further and found these: Check them out, may be OK? Cheers
  11. Car lighter would be good but a set of wad punches does a great job backed up with a piece of timber and a nice size hammer, one hit and bingo job done.
  12. Try email and scan proof of ownership like registration papers, a photo of ID plates and drivers licence. It takes only a week or so and bingo your letter shows up. If all else fails ring Ford on 13ford and they'll point you in the right direction, Cheers Bruce
  13. Rare Spares RDB2005 RDB2006 and RDB2007
  14. I know what you mean Jack, I had a DH pass me up the left on a single lane road this morning through all the near empty car spots and cuts in front of me to miss the only parked car then stops at a red light 100 metre down the road. WTF POINT!!!!