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  1. Big Blue

    Seam sealer

    As the floor pan is ok other than some repairs on the inner sill, what was the original black seam sealer they used? I wanted to source something that would blend in without stripping the entire floor pan. It looks like a black tar that a bush has been pushed into and slopped on.
  2. Big Blue

    XD Headlight Glass

    Does anyone make the pivot pins to suit XD headlight, or are the XE ones the same?
  3. Big Blue

    XD Headlight Glass

    I figured it out. The key is to work the seal away from the body slowly and evenly the break the seal. I managed to separate them without damaging the glass or the seal, yayyy
  4. Big Blue

    XD Headlight Glass

    Hi, I'm getting the reflectors recoated, I've got the headlight out, removed the clips that hold the glass to the headlight body, any tips for removing the glass from the rubber seal? I would think some light heat, but not too much to crack the glass? Any tips appreciated. R Greg
  5. Big Blue

    Xc drip rail repairs

    Your ears must have been burning DV Falcon, I was thinking of exactly this process today as I’m ready to fit the XD roof skin, that is drilling drip rail and mig it from underneath. Whilst glueing has been suggested, as has spot welding (I have a good spot welder) and maybe I just don’t have enough faith in technology, but given its old metal, I see this method in the video the long term solution. Nicely done!,
  6. Big Blue

    XD Fairmont Ghia Rebuild

    Totally agree.
  7. Big Blue

    XD Fairmont Ghia Rebuild

    This is the section i'm looking to separate looks like its pressed together.
  8. Big Blue

    Diff ID

    I’m sorry if it’s been asked, I looked but couldn’t find it. Is there a way of indentifying a XD 28 spline by the I’d tag? 78DA 4005 DA if that helps sorry, ask me about Patrol stuff and I know it inside out :) cheers fellas
  9. Big Blue

    XD Fairmont Ghia Rebuild

    Sorry, I'm talking about the skin only. . Just looking for advice weather to repair whats there, or use a complete skin, and any tips of removing a skin from one vehicle and reusing it. The skin of the XF has zero rust, I like the idea of using the full skin as it means rust wont potentially come back somewhere else. Spot welds are ok to remove around the skins and C pillar, it almost looks like the roof skin is clamped to the dip rail sections, just looking to see if anyone has removed one skin to another, and any tips, just checking first before I reinvent the wheel... Thanks for the replies BTW.
  10. Big Blue

    XD Fairmont Ghia Rebuild

    Hi, I have an 82 XD Fairmont Ghia that I'm rebuilding. I also have an XF Donor vehicle for any panel parts I require. Ive done quite a few 4wd's over the years and a few cars, but not an XD Falcon. The turret has rust, but I can get whatever sections I need from the donor. My view is its easier to replace the skin and repair the structure at the same time. Who has dont this swap, and any pic would really appreciated. Im interested on how the turrets were installed and where to unpick the XF turret from. Again any help appreciated!