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  1. My Ltd has a triple din sized hole at the moment. I might have to buy me a little android tablet. Android makes more sense for this as my tablet can have a hard drive plugged in via USB as well as a slot for a 32gig micro SD card.
  2. PH351

    RCA vs SPEAKER wires

    Handy on stock headunits that don't have rca outputs. I would have done this in my corolla if the factory in dash stacker hadn't shat itself.
  3. PH351

    RCA vs SPEAKER wires

    Are you saying that you already have RCA's to front and rear but now with the new head unit you have nowhere to plug in the rears? My current stereo has 3 sets - fr, RR and sub which are all in use. I'm shortly going to upgrade but I'm finding most have front and another for rear/sub. I just bought some little rca splitters, kind of like a double adapter to try out. $1 each. Not sure how it will go but maybe an option for you if all your wiring is already done. Depends on if you actually want a fader. I just have the rears toned down a little on the amp. I'm also keen on feedback about the deck. Pics and comments once its done.
  4. PH351

    Next Peice of the Puzzle Cont.

    That's a cool video. Playing it on my tablet and the sound is awesome. Takes off pretty hard.
  5. PH351

    OHM 1 vs 2 OHM vs 4 OHM

    I have one sub. 4 ohms. My amp gives it 300watts RMS. If I connect another so that they are connected in parallel then I get a load of 2 ohms and my amp will supply 500watts RMS. If I connect a total of 4 I have a 1 ohm load and a smoking amp as it is only rated at 2 or 4 ohms. There are dual voice coil sub's which change it all. I'm not familiar with them though. Mine is a single 4ohm coil. I guess the difference in ohms decided how many watts your amp is delivering. In my case 300 watts@4 ohm or 500 watts@2ohm. I will eventually run 2 sub's for that reason. Not sure if that's any help but a tired little 3 yo is calling me so that's all I've got.
  6. PH351

    16" au stockies on xf?

    I'm pretty sure I saw a green eb or similar with modified 17" territory stockies. Not sure which forum though.
  7. PH351

    Beacon V2.0

    Can't wait to see it out on the strip. Nice find.
  8. PH351

    Crossflow facebook page

    Some nice little crossflows popping up on there.
  9. PH351

    Poor radio reception

    I bought similar off ebay. Mine is a little black one you mount to the windscreen. It also has a 12v wire. Haven't tried it yet but not paying 100+ dollars that normal guard mount universal aerials seem to be at retail shops.
  10. PH351

    Had Some free time

    Gaming cockpit complete with cupholder. Love it.
  11. Yeah I saw that. Thought I liked the wrong one. I have seen shifty shit like this before. Awhile ago I watched a barina facia kit. Lets say $50 free postage. Did that as I was still debating about whether to buy her a cd player or not. Went in there a few weeks later and suddenly its $50 and $200 postage.
  12. I forgot about costco. Might have a look next time I'm there.
  13. Just added that to my watch list, aka birthday list. Make sure you post up your thoughts if you buy it.
  14. PH351

    Fuel gauge

    Original post is different to my ethanol experience. When mine was full it displayed full but did heaps of klms before the first bar dropped and then they went real quick. A few tanks of normal fuel, 98 in my case as that is all I use, and all came good. One point to think about with fuel. I usually run only bp in the LTD but last time out I went shell. This was on a big cruise up to arthurs seat. My fuel gauge acted like I was using the E10. I was really suss on it. Using Tapatalk on my SIII because I can!
  15. PH351

    Fuel gauge

    E10 and E85 are ethanol. United have a 100 octane ethanol fuel too. Using Tapatalk on my SIII because I can!