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  1. unfamilia

    drum brake hassle

    Yes it must have housing fine axles both warped? Oh well. Swaps done now. Works perfect.
  2. unfamilia

    drum brake hassle

    Well no I didn't have a win, wasn't the only warped things on the diff. Both axles are bent. Luckily when searching for axles I've found a whole rear end for $50 less then the axles. Just had to Remod it to fit. Its all stripped down now. Axles true and the housing. Need to strip center out of the one in car install in new housing then swap over shoes and slaves etc and reinstall. By next Sunday And just did my back changig kids nappy. Wtf. So there's a big hill and a big pile of nappy filler to push up it.
  3. unfamilia

    drum brake hassle

    The old spec drums I did get were off an identical diff as a mate went disks on his
  4. unfamilia

    drum brake hassle

    Ok rebuilt rear brakes tonight. I bought this diff 2nd hand from a mate who's mate had it sitting in his scrap bin. Bottle if bourbon. Anyway as it had no shoes drums springs etc just the rest I built it with mostly new Parts. I never noticed the backing plates are warped! Ffs. So I'm a dick. I stripped then and tapped them straighter. Will need some ozitio love still for clearance to drums but should all work out. The drums are still deeper than originals but not as bad as I had originally thought.
  5. unfamilia

    drum brake hassle

    Dodge as fuck. I like my hands. Found a mate with a lathe but its only 9inch. His cousin has a mill at work. Trying to see what I can sort out
  6. unfamilia

    drum brake hassle

    So would wheel spacers do the trick? Think thinest is 3mm though
  7. unfamilia

    drum brake hassle

    True but I don't fancy the bluebird disk set up or r31. Will see.
  8. I got new drums for my car. For some reason mine foul hard up against the drum backing played, meaning I cant adjust the drums properly for a good pedal. Brake shop confirms this was my issue not master cyl. Anyway new drums appear to be 1-2mm taller than old spec ones. Any one had similar issue before? And which would be best option.
  9. unfamilia

    Dyllans 1978 F-350 tow truck

    Stuff parking that thing anywhere near shops. You got a big ride on now your not telling us about
  10. My Datsun brake master cyl has crapped itself (could be the booster but more like mc) It's a PBR 13/16 dual circuit master cyl. Was looking at upping it to a 7/8 or similar but its got silly built in bias split in it where hard line comes out of side and bottom if front resiviour. Do x series or similar have one that should bolt in and not cost earth? Later e series look angled so no good to me.
  11. unfamilia

    brake booster with high lift cam

    So for an oil feed would I just t into the oil pressure sender? Obvious choice For the return is it just a line with a Bung into the sump? Above or below oil line as it includes air from the pump. I'm thinking booster less may be easier
  12. unfamilia

    brake booster with high lift cam

    Those alternator pumps need an oil feed and return. Yuck
  13. unfamilia

    brake booster with high lift cam

    I actually prefer no booster cause that's what I'm used to on all my older cars. This is my first with booster
  14. unfamilia

    brake booster with high lift cam

    Where do I find them cheap thom? Haven't seen one before.