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  1. hendrixhc

    Colour Code, Olympic Gold

    any good auto paint shop will be able to mix you up some paint with a good match. Acrylic is the safest option more home. You can get it made in aerosol if you dont have the equipment to spray.
  2. hendrixhc

    Colour Code, Olympic Gold

    How much do you need to touch up?
  3. hendrixhc

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Ahh Aaron thats cars for you Mate. I bought a lovelly 345 diff for the falcon only to realise the fantastically polished PROstars i love so dearly dont clear the calipers. Nek Minit had to drop $1800 on new 15" wheels to clear the calipers. Then i decided they dont suit the car as much as i hoped and colour coding the bumpers was important, however, i didnt want to paint the originals so i sourced more. And so on and so on. Dont lose heart bud its how our cars evolve!
  4. HAve you got any photos of the car itself?
  5. hendrixhc

    creek in front suspension on ba

    I think when i did mine you got the ball joints and control arms with bushes. So did the lot. Sway bar links just caused rattles from memory.
  6. hendrixhc

    XE seat rail spacer

    Yes scheel seats have the spacer
  7. hendrixhc

    creek in front suspension on ba

    I seem to remember replacing the entire lower control arm on the Territory for this.
  8. hendrixhc

    Door belt rubber replacement

    Sorry I'm out. On the job to so list still.
  9. hendrixhc

    Wheels for xg falcon ute

    I had 14 x 8 with 265 60 14 on the back of my XG. They fit fine. I now have 15 x 8 with 275 60? 15 with 4.5" BS. They fit fine but rub when there is a load in the tray. Best fix for this is not to put anything in the tray!
  10. hendrixhc

    Xf bolt on spoiler

    Still show as available here https://www.ssv.com.au/front-spoiler/~-2183
  11. hendrixhc

    Xf bolt on spoiler

    Here are some picts Steve of my spoiler. The spoiler ìs called a Monza I believe. I have screwed mine too the bumper now due to they can be quite weak and I wanted better lines. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  12. hendrixhc

    1971 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon

    NIce Wags.
  13. hendrixhc

    FMX dipstick?

    I just want a pan for mine that isn't dented and pitted. No after market ones available.
  14. hendrixhc

    FMX dipstick?

    From what i understand the are hard to get. You can get aftermarket from Lokkar if that interests you.
  15. hendrixhc

    ball bearing in brake caliper?

    Not the ball out of the end of a bleed nipple snapped off inadvertently? I found a Philips head screwdriver in the drivers door of Lucy yesterday!
  16. hendrixhc

    Intake gaskets

    Corks fine as said, long as you use some sealant. I also fitted the valley pan. No leaks at all.
  17. hendrixhc

    eBay radiators

    Ive used an alloy ebay radiator in the XC for bout 4 + years with no issues, runs cold all day.
  18. hendrixhc

    Lining up two front doors on a ute

    Funnily enough i have had to slot the passenger side guard bolt holes to get some panel gaps as well.
  19. hendrixhc

    Lining up two front doors on a ute

    Sometimes you even need to cut 3mm off the bottom of the door to get the gaps right.
  20. hendrixhc

    exhaust sounds

    Like a Clevo!
  21. hendrixhc

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    The 1600 escort is a fun little car to thrash but i would go the pinto with twin sidedraft webers. Old school cool all the way.
  22. hendrixhc

    XG FUEL Sender for sure.

    Im looking at pissing off the fuel tank in the ute and fitting a fuel sell but id like to know for sure if the gauge uses a resistive sender. From what i can interpret from the service manual it does. I can get a 5 bolt sender from aeroflow in three different resistance ratings but as per usual on the internet everyone has an opinion but id prefer a definitive answer. Any help appreciated.
  23. hendrixhc

    XG FUEL Sender for sure.

    I guess i should really check the NC fairlane manual to cause i may use the digi dash with the weezer conversion
  24. hendrixhc

    XG FUEL Sender for sure.

    Yeah thanks JAck, got one here. One section shows resistance but another suggests voltage outputs. It states that the resistance should be between 11 and 152 ohms, of course which doesnt exist as an aftermarket sender.