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  1. Wezza

    What colour speedo gear?

    Cheers mate. Ill look at that. I have heard that also but nowhere seems to mention the C4.
  2. Wezza

    XD Wagon lights

    I really dont want to pull them apart, so i was actually looking at the film also. Just those aftermarket tinted ones look much nicer. Im probably gonna go the film. From what i can tell there are 2 different shades of the smoked film, 95 and 78% opacity. Im gonna change the headlight globes for brighter ones anyway as the ones in there are shit so i might go the darker one. The advantage of the film as well, if you get pulled over for it you can take it off easy too.
  3. Wezza

    What colour speedo gear?

    Yeah thats the trouble im finding. I dont think the diff was out of an XD and im not even sure if the gearbox is original either. Both of which make it more difficault. Is it possible to work it out manually at all?
  4. Wezza

    XD Wagon lights

    I'd like darkened ones, just most people list them as clear for some reason. My next option was to do it myself, but i know the aftermarket ones look nicer. I can find them for sedans and utes but not wagons
  5. Wezza

    XD Wagon lights

    Does anyone know if its possible to get either clear or darkened lights for an XD wagon? I haven't seen any anywhere at all. I know i can get fronts (which will happen once i have the cash) but Ive never seen clear (not for a wagon anyway LOL).
  6. Wezza

    What colour speedo gear?

    Does anyone know what colour i need for a XD V8 running a C4, 2.77 diff and 215/60r14? I cant seem to get an answer anywhere, not even Ford have that combo on their records and no chart i have found has helped. The diff was changed from drum to disk before i bought it which i am assuming is where the difference was. Any help is greatly appreciated as nowhere i can find can give me a definitive answer. Not exactly swimming in money so i want to get it right the first time LOL.
  7. Very nice collection you have there!

    1. gromet88


      it goes every weekend! as it says, thats just the fords!