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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, first time post after starting some work on the 1984 ZK I've owned for 9 years. It's a 4.1 EFI on straight gas. I've had the dash out to replace the heater core, and now have it back in except centre console. I thought I'd test it before going any further, and when I reconnected the battery the alternator, park brake, fuel empty and oil pressure lights/gauges powered up. This is with the ignition 'off'. When I switch the ignition to accessories, the radio etc turn on. I can then start the car and it runs okay, but I can't switch the car off because the ignition is constantly powered 'on'. I had to use the kill switch to cut the gas. I've tested the ignition switch itself and it's fine, and I've unplugged the 6-pin connector to the ignition switch below the steering wheel - the circuit stays live and all the relays (incl gas solenoid) and the bosch relay next to the battery (connected to fusible links) click as soon as the battery is reconnected. The coil is powered too. As far as it seems, wire 16 in the schematics is getting power from somewhere other than the ignition switch. I just can't work out how this is possible from the schematics. Any ideas much appreciated! Cheers
  2. I just reinstalled my dash in my 89 xf and now when i have the high beams on, after a period of time all lights on the car will flicker/ pulse on and off rapidly i have no idea whats going on and need all the help i can get -thanks
  3. hey everyone, for the last couple days i've been chancing a haynes manual everywhere but can't find one :/ i have a xe s pack ute and a xf sedan was planning on fixing my ute up but found extreme amounts of rust through her so i moved on to plan B fix the XF up it looks pre sweet with a sunroof, electric blue paint lowered on kingys no motor box or dash or front seats so i decided to take the dash and wiring loom out of the xe and put it in the xf so far so good headlights are wired up not sure if they work yet either and most of the wiring done BUT thenit comes to the indicator/wiper switch high beam/low/beam i have 4 wires left over a grey a black and to clear silver ones?? also i've realised i have to get a switch to turn in my lights since the xe had a pull switch to turn the lights on and pull again and you have high beam i need to make that work on my steering wheel i'll grab a switch of a eb to ef car tomorrow but yeah i need as much help as i can get im not the best with wiring and multimeters and that shiz so yeahh keen to get this shit done my XF my XE so rusted and you can't even see it