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  1. Hey fellas, got an XE. Just got a second hand set of pacemakers 2 inch with a 3/12 collector. Was sworn by the bloke they are xr-xf. Anyway, i was told i need to modify the dipstick for a c4 and also i need a "smaller starter motor". Ive had a quick look about and ive seen something called a 'remote solenoid starter motor'. I am after your much better knowledge than mine of whats the best way to get these to fit? Does anyone have any knowledge or pics of what they did? I have seen a bloke who simply bent his dipstick to fit, and seen an ad for a mini starter. but thats it. Cheers all. Ron
  2. Ron

    2v extractors or 4v?

    Ahh righto, i had a feeling that was the case. So i will have to try track down the exact extractors and see if they are 4v. Xe came with a 302, so i will assume they are 2v. Cheers for the info hendrix!
  3. Ron

    2v extractors or 4v?

    Hi guys, i am new to getting back into the clevo scene. I have a nice 351 coming soon, but it wont come with exhaust manifolds etc. When i brought my xe off a mate he threw some extractors in with it in the boot, I fished them out today and they are MOTIVATOR ones. (lukey?) . Part number is A MPH 595. Would anyone know what they are? ( quality , 2V /4V) Also call me stupid but the motor that is coming has 4v heads on it, so whats the difference when listed 4v extractors? I assume the exhaust size or something? So is it possible to use the extractors i have here, if i find out they are 2v or will i know immediately when the motor arrives they wont work/fit? I am trying to save $$ by using them as they look pretty new. Cheers