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    Crossflow upgrade for jet boat

    LEGEND!! And that is what a good forum is all about, genuine blokes trying to help each other out. We are so lucky on this forum coz some other forums are all just negative crap and blokes having a pi$$ing competition to see who is better than the other
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    Hey guys, I just came across this thread and joined up. I have just built a supercharged crossflow for my vauxhall Gasser Drag car. I’ve got a YouTube channel TasTuned which has a few details and also a Facebook page. A few weeks ago I actually had a drag race with Rob Thorpe in SLY250 at Wilby. He won!! But the boost has now been upped and i plan to get it on the dyno soon to get her running perfect.
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    That's gold, quote of the year
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    Alloy Head XFlow Header Flange

    Here's a CAD Alloy XFlow header flange for anyone who wants to make their own manifold. I've got it at 12mm thick for turbo manifolds. I've also got a dxf file to send directly to laser cutters to save coin having it formatted. PM me and I can email it. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
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    Modifying rubber engine mounts

    Here you go, easy way to deal with it, Tried and tested: You're welcome =P
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