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  1. Sounds like he's got plenty of issues [emoji23]
  2. I saw it on abc news this morning [emoji57]
  3. Here's a stupid one for you all, bigW isn't going to sell trees as Christmas trees this year in case they offend people who don't believe in Christmas. They will sell trees but they won't be labelled "christmas" trees. [emoji849]
  4. Looking at those beads mate, I'd say that you're pretty much on the money with the settings [emoji1303]
  5. Anyone going to see the Cranksters hot rods in Nagambie this weekend? There's a lot of old school cool rods there already [emoji1305]
  6. Jack knows all about these, I believe the hydratrak is the same as a commodore centre and is a fluid filled setup that transfers power to the wheel with the most grip. Here's some info I posted from a commy forum. Hydratrak limited-slip differential uses a cartridge-type fluid coupling, which progressively and smoothly increases torque transfer to the wheel with traction. This is in direct response to the reactive speed difference between the wheel with traction and the opposing, faster rotating wheel -- the wheel that is slipping. Thus, the more one wheel slips, the more useful traction that is transferred to the opposing wheel. The standard holden/BW lsd is a plate-type (act just like little sprung clutch plates) that locks up fairly rapidly and sharply if one wheel spins faster than the other. They can be taken out and torqued up tighter if you want less slip before it starts turning the other wheel as well. The downside is that they lock up just as sharply at low speed, which the viscous type don't, so the rear drifts out more easily if you provoke it in a corner at low speed - but fun as long as you're ready for it!
  7. Better get yourself a fox tail to put on the radio aerial [emoji6] Great looking rig mate, please get some videos of you smoking commies from the lights [emoji23]
  8. Great work mate, you're switched on[emoji1303] a lot of adults wouldn't have a clue. I just did a tyre size calculation online and a 205 65 tyre would need to do 491 revolutions to travel 1km and the 205 70 tyre needs to do 477 so it's only about 4% larger so 4km/h out at 100km/h. The speedo calibration is easy to do yourself, only gotta change the plastic sender gear on the speedo sender in the gearbox.
  9. Looks good mate but just be aware that if you went for 215,75,15 tyres then their circumference gets bigger and your speedo will be out a bit. You'll actually be traveling faster than what the speedo says.
  10. So you changed the pavers so piss heads don't trip. Don't want them falling over if they are "two tanked" [emoji23]
  11. my dad and I bought one of these for light stuff and it's a great unit. I've welded up truck tailgate hinges in 10mm mild steel with it and they have held up fine for the last 3 years . We use it with gas and it has a lot of grunt for a small unit. The handpiece has a euro connector on it so it can be replaced easily if it gets damaged. A lot of cheaper small welders have a fixed handpiece and you almost have to destroy the welder to replace it.
  12. Isn't it odd, I couldn't see the circles till the cheat sheet but then I couldn't not see them if I tried. Maybe I'm just odd [emoji23] I had a book of 3D images a while back and the best way to see the hidden images was to go cross eyed first then they would often appear.
  13. Ahhhh, yes I remember now. I reckon he advertised it as a Perkins motor. They are pretty good engines in tractors, plenty of torque [emoji1303]
  14. If your dad goes ahead with the conversion it will be like the xf diesel ute that used to be around Bendigo area I think it was. Someone put a 4 cylinder diesel motor in it. Isuzu motor I think it was, I'm sure someone on here will remember seeing it for sale a few years back.
  15. There was a stage there a few years back when blokes did the svo two tone scheme as soon as they had a scrape below the body mould. A mate of mine put his plain jane white xg through a fence pi$$ed and got the two tone paint done on it. Came up looking awesome with svo rims on it [emoji1303]