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  1. I’m experiencing the same mate. Only ever use my phone and only get notifications of likes, no quotes or comments etc. I am not complaining but it’s just something that had me wondering what had gone wrong. I am useless in regards to fixing anything I.T related so wouldn’t know where to start in trying.
  2. It’s ok lads, I got a text from Jack last night saying that he’s doing ok. He just needs a bit of time out for a while. If I had to live in a small town of meth heads I reckon it would wear me down too.
  3. Ha ha well done mate, talking of things sloppy. My ex was like that maybe she should have been a doctor, seeing someone different every 15 minutes 🤬
  4. Great stuff mate. Please keep us updated here as I don’t have Fb [emoji6]
  5. Cool ute mate, in good nick too considering a lot of 90’s model utes are getting rusty these days. Is that sticker regarding a recall for something. I think they are called a field campaign sticker now.
  6. Crushed up Laxettes in their coffees ought to sort them out [emoji23]
  7. I can just hear it singing in the little Bedford [emoji1303] As the old saying goes, diesel soot gets the moot [emoji1303][emoji598][emoji100]
  8. Thanks for sharing such awesome work and knowledge mate. I love the V8 Detroit motor. It may be an 8-71 or 8-92. 8 cylinders and either 71 or 92 cubic inches capacity per cylinder. The silver 92 series of engine were 2 stroke engines and sounded tough as nails when they had loud pipes. They have a very unique sound [emoji7]
  9. Nooooooooooo way, was your concert one she had to cancel? [emoji51]
  10. Welcome aboard mate, cool fairlane and I love the truck. Those old trucks are awesome and still classy in my opinion. 350 big cam were the ants pants back in the day [emoji1305]🤙🏻
  11. Steer you in the right direction, ha ha good pun [emoji23]
  12. That stag paste is some of the stickiest crap I’ve ever had to get off my fingers. It should seal well [emoji23]
  13. Also...... is there a lot of your pics missing from your thread? I can’t see pics of fuel pumps mounted on tapatalk anymore [emoji51] Maybe it couldn’t handle the awesomeness [emoji848]
  14. Hey Jack, I was wondering if you could put nutserts in the panel below the fuel pump mount. That way you could put a reasonable size bolt in to mount it all up solid. A nutsert kit can be pretty cheap on eBay and you get a few different sizes with the tool when you order it.
  15. Enjoy mate, and keep us posted with heaps of updates please [emoji1303]