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  1. Ando81

    Noobie AC Question

    Ha ha, you’re not crazy mate. She doesn’t have it. I’m always glad to help out when I can [emoji1303]
  2. Ando81

    Noobie AC Question

  3. Ando81

    Noobie AC Question

    This is an xf heater control without A/C. The circled area is where A/C control would be if the car had Air conditioning. What is your car?
  4. Ando81

    Noobie AC Question

    Yeah, they all have hot/cold knob but ones with air conditioning have A/C towards the top of the hot/cold control knob.
  5. Ando81

    Noobie AC Question

    Close, they’re the ATC lines. Automatic transmission cooler lines. They run through the radiator to help cool the transmission. The A/C lines will be on the opposite side of the engine. Driver’s side [emoji1303] and a belt off the big pulley on the bottom of the engine runs to the A/C compressor [emoji1305] Its located under the Alternator. Looking at your harmonic balancer pulley it doesn’t appear to have an A/C belt on it. Maybe your car didn’t have A/C [emoji2369]
  6. Ando81

    XD Headlight Glass

    I got my xf reflectors done at the place in Melbourne about 5 years ago. Someone on this forum told me the company that does them. I remember a fella telling me that WB holden headlight reflectors are very similar to xd or xe. Not that they’d be easy to come by these days either.
  7. Ando81

    Ford 300ci Inline 6

    That’s really cool Gary. Thanks for sharing the pic and the story that goes with it [emoji1305]
  8. Ando81

    Xd aircon

    I purchased an xd fairmont years ago that had the York compressor and R12 gas in it. I’ve never had a/c as cold as that car since. It was that good in fact that I thought it was blowing smoke out of it on one particularly humid day. I took it to the local garage after a hasty panic to remove the battery lead. The mechanic laughed and said it was moisture droplets forming as the cold air met the hot humid air in the car. We were both very impressed with how well the R12 was working [emoji1305]
  9. Fucking poor form when they rip off anyone mate, let alone a pensioner. When you don’t have a clue, go to Lew’s [emoji1304]
  10. Ando81

    EL ecu- Throttle Position Sensor Calibration for a manual.

    I’m glad you found the problem but I’m worried about the possible damage [emoji51] I wonder if it’ll perform ok with the new ecu now that it’s reading correctly and doing everything ok.
  11. Ando81

    clutch cable reinforcement

    That’s very similar to mine dean. My sedan has some chrome under the bonnet so I got it made out of stainless as I couldn’t weld stainless at the time. I made my ute one out of mild steel and painted it white [emoji1303]
  12. Ando81

    Distributor replacement question

    That cap n rotor is the same as the efi cap n rotor on my crossflow. The ignition module on the side looks like an xf unit but I could be wrong.
  13. Ando81


    I think Paul is the funnier older brother [emoji1787]
  14. Keep the updates coming mate, we’re keen to see what’s causing the issue [emoji1303]
  15. Ando81

    clutch fan locks on

    It’s a common thing for them to lock up. They fail to free spin and really roar which only robs power and wastes fuel. The fan hub should undo with a 32mm spanner and it’s left hand thread. The hub removes from the fan with 4 bolts and you just put a new hub inside of the fan. I’m not sure how hard the fan hub is to buy these days but I think CHESTNUTXE might have one that he was willing to give away.