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  1. Ando81

    Crossflow Lifter Noise

    Thanks Gerg, this is exactly what it’s doing. It just annoys me that it sounds like a clapped out old crossflow on start up. Everything is fine at operating temp so like you said probably just a bit of crap allowing it to drain out overnight. I can leave it for my 8 hour shift at work and it starts fine but once I’ve turned it off and it sits for 12 hours or more then it becomes noisy. Maybe the crap will become free one day and it will be all good again [emoji2369]
  2. Ando81

    Crossflow Lifter Noise

    Yes, digital xf xluster [emoji1303] I did consider thinner oil when I did the engine rebuild but my other xf seems to love HPR 30 so I thought I’d keep them both on the same oil [emoji51]
  3. Ando81

    Crossflow Lifter Noise

    That’s an awesome explanation mate, thanks very much for sharing[emoji1303] My digital gauge concerns me when it sits on only 2 bars at idle but I don’t think I fully trust the gauge. Sometimes I can be cruising along the flat freeway and the gauge goes from about halfway then almost reaches its highest point but drops back down to halfway for no apparent reason. All the same load and speed without running up or down any hills. Anyway, thanks for the help [emoji1305]
  4. Ando81

    Crossflow Lifter Noise

    I ran the engine in with very light run in oil then went straight to Penrite Hpr30 20w60 oil. The fella that assembled my engine said he was going to modify the oil pump to give it more flow but I don’t think he did, it seems to have low oil pressure at idle in warm weather going by my digital instrument cluster. I would try thinner oil but was worried about it not having good oil pressure once warmed up or is my theory all wrong, feel free to advise me on the topic of oil weight and it’s influence on oil pressure. Thanks for the feedback [emoji1689]
  5. Ando81

    Crossflow Lifter Noise

    Hey all, I’ve got a quick question about a noisy lifter in my crossflow. It’s only done about 20000km on a rebuild and it’s developed a lifter noise on cold start up that only lasts about 10-15 seconds. The engine seems to miss slightly until the lifter fills with oil. One day when I changed the oil I managed to leave the old oil filter seal on the block when I put the new filter on [emoji31] I didn’t see it when I screwed the new filter on but as soon as I started the engine I could hear it squirting oil out for 5-10 seconds before shit down. I’m wondering if this starved the engine of oil for long enough to damage a lifter or possibly the cam. I’m hoping it might be a lazy lifter draining oil out over night but am doubtful. I would appreciate any thoughts, no need to slap me on the back of the head because I feel stupid enough [emoji2357]
  6. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    I’ve just ordered some of these, $169 a pair. It’s a special Tuesday only price cut. It’s the cheapest I’ve seen them in a long time [emoji1305]
  7. Ando81

    Funny Photos/Pictures

    Wow, not just nips but Areola on show too [emoji1305]
  8. Ando81

    Funny Photos/Pictures

    After driving in Melbourne’s busy traffic rush this afternoon I must say that I’d be looking forward to driverless cars. Some people driving cars on the road are so brainless and distracted these days. Without a word of a lie, I saw 3 nose to tail accidents probably no further than 30km of freeway driving [emoji849] Maybe whoever created Snapchat & Facebook are actually owners of big smash repair companies [emoji1787]
  9. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    This is on eBay at the moment
  10. Ando81

    Could come in handy.

    Ha ha that’s a pissa [emoji1787]
  11. Ando81


    I really hope that you can sort out your problem by changing the water pump & gasket mate. I get frustrated by seeing things put on an engine that is obviously incorrect, it could cost the customer a tonne of money if the engine builder gets it wrong but it still happens from time to time. It would be like fitting 12slot mags on a Nissan skyline, obviously wrong so why bother bolting it up [emoji2959]
  12. Ando81

    Funny Photos/Pictures

    I found car parts & strippers [emoji2369] Who am I to argue [emoji1305]
  13. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    So I just read that fast food giant McDonald’s has invested $423million in a tech company that will help suggest appropriate meal options for customers when they place their orders. It’s said that the technology will suggest to order a coffee on cold weather days or a frozen coke when it’s a hot day etc etc. I wonder when McDonald’s will spend another $423million on the frozen coke machines so that you can actually purchase frozen coke on a hot day[emoji1787]
  14. Nice touch [emoji1303]
  15. Ando81

    Excel race car

    I’m glad everyone is ok and unhurt mate. As frustrating as it is, that’s the way it goes in any sort of racing. It happens to everyone but I know it hurts when misfortune comes your way.