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  1. It depends what type of diff it is mate but when I had limited knowledge and tools I just bought a complete second hand diff and swapped it out. Pretty simple job but removing a centre can be a bit more laborious.
  2. There’s something different with the axle seals being different from drum to disk too. I’m pretty sure Repco have a different part number between the 2
  3. They are both sweet looking rides Paul, 22” rims look great mate. FINALLY a bloke with a modern car with some shine on his wheels instead of being a sheep and having black rims. Did I ever say I’m not a fan of black rims [emoji19]
  4. Trouble turning the tyres??? Just do what the commodore boys do and wet the tyres first so it’s not as harsh on the driveline to get it going then once they do turn it’s all fun and games from there[emoji1305]
  5. Comedy gold right there mate [emoji1305]
  6. I could be way off here but it’s worth a shot. I’ve got a px ranger and the tow hitch is too high for every trailer I put onto it so I was wondering if you could put a Hayman Reese drop hitch into your receiver to lower the front of the trailer which in theory should throw weight towards the front of the trailer to avoid swaying. Just be aware that if it’s a ford towbar, the Hayman Reese drop hitch may need to be modified to go into the ford receiver. I’m told that Hayman tongues are too long to line up with the hole for the locking pin.
  7. Agree 100% mate, insecure pieces of crap damaging innocent people and they get away with it [emoji1304]
  8. Keyboard warriors gmg. I just read the story about Amy “dolly” Everett, the beautiful young girl that took her own life at the age of 14 because she had been bullied to the point that she thought there was no other way she could escape. Such a waste of a young life with so much potential. Condolences to her family, those poor people [emoji174]
  9. I agree with broken-wheel, I heard of a fella leaning off his speedway car carby and burnt a hole in the top of a piston. Worst thing was that it happened on the dyno where he should have been monitoring everything [emoji51]
  10. Great work lads, maybe we’ll see a skid video tomorrow [emoji1303] did Rose get her friends over to do a dance for broken wheel?? [emoji23]
  11. I’d love to have a big bike like that but wouldn’t have the self control to ride it within the speed limits and I’d end up without a license [emoji23] looks great mate but I’m sure you’ll add some more shiny bits to it [emoji6]
  12. Hopefully you get her sorted soon mate, just make sure you insulate all of the wiring joins before you drive too far or you could end up shorting stuff out and cause further problems. Oh and please, for reliability’s sake remove that bloody scotch lock on the red wire that you spliced in. Those things are ok for a temporary patch up but lose contact very easily causing more issues later on, just when you think you’re getting it all sorted [emoji53]
  13. I didn’t win many coz my friends didn’t understand my crude sense of humour, we had plenty of laughs trying to win though[emoji23]
  14. Mine was an original ford gasket and well stuck, finally got it all nice and clean then someone suggested a good coat of hylomar. Brilliant I thought, till the bloody head bolt broke on final torque down so I had the pleasure of repeating the process all over again 🤬
  15. Yeah the hardest part of doing the head gasket is getting the remains of the old gasket off.