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  1. Ah well there you go, I didn’t read the ad after the auction finished. That’ll teach me to shoot my mouth off [emoji23] I’m interested to see how the auction goes this time round [emoji1303]
  2. I see this has been re-listed on eBay. Maybe the buyer wasn’t happy with what they saw upon inspection [emoji51]
  3. Correct, I’d be showing as much as possible to try adding value [emoji1303]
  4. What’s he got to hide? If he was genuine he should put all required proof that it’s legit to avoid everyone asking the same questions.
  5. Here’s one I found on eBay for about $20
  6. I’m pretty sure it’s 32mm mate, you can buy a proper spammer for it but some blokes have said to buy a thin towball spanner and cut one section out of it so you can turn it into an open end spanner to undo it. I’ll post a pic for you.
  7. How does it not leave the tennis ball behind when it launches off the line [emoji23]
  8. She’s gotta look good for the viewing at her funeral [emoji57]
  9. I’ve four words for the green panno. NO, JUST FU**ING NO [emoji90]
  10. I got an aerosol can mate and it was awesome on the alloy head on my crossy [emoji1305]
  11. Would it be worth a spray of Hylomar on the mating surfaces to assist with proper sealing? I’m told it’s great on head gaskets so surely it’s ok for use on manifolds too.
  12. Please make sure you wash every last spec of sand and debris out of it. A mate of mine got his intake manifold powder coated on a commodore v8 and all was sweet till he gave it a couple of big revs and she sucked sand into the cylinders and shagged the whole block. Apparently there was a misunderstanding between the powder coaters and the mechanic that fitted the manifold and the mechanic didn’t know it was going to be blasted before powder coating. After a big blew with the mechanic I think my mate had to pay for labour for the repairs [emoji51]
  13. I always try to give everyone a fair go mate and if it was my dog that did it to someone else’s property regardless of if it was their pride and joy or not I would be offering to repair it. People just don’t respect other people’s property anymore and it shits me to tears, we all work hard to get what we have and people just treat it like shit [emoji35] Hope you’re feeling better soon mate [emoji1303]
  14. That sucks balls mate, you should have stabbed her in the throat like a real crackhead would have [emoji35]