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  1. Ando81

    clutch fan locks on

    It’s a common thing for them to lock up. They fail to free spin and really roar which only robs power and wastes fuel. The fan hub should undo with a 32mm spanner and it’s left hand thread. The hub removes from the fan with 4 bolts and you just put a new hub inside of the fan. I’m not sure how hard the fan hub is to buy these days but I think CHESTNUTXE might have one that he was willing to give away.
  2. Ando81

    crossflow roller rockers

    Don’t feel bad mate, wasn’t your fault [emoji1303]
  3. Ando81

    crossflow roller rockers

    Ha ha, I wasn’t sure if it was you or Campo that I got it off. I think if the welder has too many amps going into the weld it is more likely to make the weld pull the surrounding material out of shape. Good luck, hopefully this time it works out nicely for you[emoji1303]
  4. Ando81

    crossflow roller rockers

    Just be careful modifying the rocker cover. I bought a modified one and it had warped out of shape when it was welded. Someone had cut out the lower section and welded in a flat piece on so it went straight across. The heat from the welding had pulled the front of the cover upwards and the rear slightly upwards also.
  5. Ando81

    LPG Tuners Victoria

    Thanks for the input lads, after talking to a few people about my consumption figures and everything else it does I will probably leave it as it is for now. I might take it away for a fishing weekend soon and see how consumption improves with highway travel. I’ve got new plugs and leads to put on it but can’t really justify adding MSD to it as I’ve heard it can get expensive.
  6. Ando81

    LPG Tuners Victoria

    Yeah I think a fella told me that a 2 wire dizzy would be better, just less that goes on with them but I don’t know enough about both to decide to change it out or not.
  7. Ando81

    LPG Tuners Victoria

    Thanks for the suggestions lads. I forgot ho mention that it’s currently on EST dizzy with hardened dizzy gear. I’m told that it’s got a temp sensor in the manifold that changed timing until it’s warmed up. Is that correct? Also I’d have to bridge the plug to check correct timing myself too wouldn’t I?
  8. Ando81

    LPG Tuners Victoria

    Hi all, I’m looking for someone to help me with a good LPG tune for my xf ute. It’s a crossflow that’s been rebuilt recently with higher compression and a small cam, running straight gas via a 225 mixer and EFI manifold. I’m wondering who I should go to, I’m in central Victoria but would be happy to travel to a reputable Mechanic. What cost would be involved in a dyno tune? Is a dyno tune critical or not? I’m looking for good torque and reasonable economy. It seems to be heavy on gas at the moment using about 40 + litres for 265 kms. I’d appreciate any input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ando81

    Ford falcon xg ute

    Just see if the door locks ok from inside, I fixed a door mechanism on my brother’s xg a few years back and the door locking part wasn’t right when his mechanism was playing up.
  10. Ando81

    Ford falcon xg ute

    I’m wondering if a spring in the inside mechanism might be stuffed and not making it properly latch onto the striker when the door shuts onto it.
  11. Ando81

    Ford falcon xg ute

    Check your door hinges and pins mate, I’ve always kept a small amount of grease on the striker and they seem to do a lot of work and don’t show big signs of wear[emoji1303]
  12. Ando81

    Ford falcon xg ute

  13. Ando81

    Ford falcon xg ute

    Oh what a pain in the arse, hopefully someone on here will be able to help you out or show you where to find some.
  14. Ando81

    Ford falcon xg ute

    Maybe Eb falcon are the same mate, I know the latch mechanism inside an xg door is the same as eb. I didn’t know xg strikers were different to the xf ones, never looked closely.
  15. Ando81

    Crossflow Lifter Noise

    Thanks Gerg, this is exactly what it’s doing. It just annoys me that it sounds like a clapped out old crossflow on start up. Everything is fine at operating temp so like you said probably just a bit of crap allowing it to drain out overnight. I can leave it for my 8 hour shift at work and it starts fine but once I’ve turned it off and it sits for 12 hours or more then it becomes noisy. Maybe the crap will become free one day and it will be all good again [emoji2369]