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  1. Ah right, thanks for clarifying mate. It’s been a while since I’ve owned either and couldn’t remember the difference [emoji1303]
  2. Dunno if xe is the same as xd guards or not.
  3. I heard of a law abiding citizen get booked in Queensland for speeding and he thought he was about 5 or 6 kms over the limit. The copper said nah there’s no arguing it, you’re 17km over and that’s that. A week of contemplation went by and he called his solicitor to see what he could do to fight it and was blown away by the response he got. Solicitor asked him if he got done for 117 or 134 km/h and he said 117 and how did you know? Solicitor stated that that was a default reading that could be displayed on the speed detection device and there was no way of arguing it [emoji1304]
  4. Hey mate, I’m not knocking your work but in one of the u-bolt photos it looks like the U-bolts have a bigger gap between them at the diff tube and they might be closer together at the spring mount end. It could be just the photo angle or the way I’m looking at it but it might be worth trying to measure it. If the u-bolts slide closer together at the top I think you’ll get some loosening on them.
  5. Cool, cheers mate. Jumper leads onto the zl should be enough to light up the dash surely [emoji1303]
  6. I’d be interested in a rh tail light if you’ve got a genuine one in the red xf too [emoji6]
  7. Nah Nagambie, sorry I didn’t know you were so close. I can pick up [emoji23]
  8. Ok, it’s a bit more than my current one but current one is playing up now and again. How much you asking for it and would you be interested in posting it?
  9. Any ideas on how many kms on the cluster mate?
  10. I don’t have a clue about that game coz I only follow afl but I do know what he was famous for [emoji23][emoji527][emoji1315]
  11. LEGEND!! And that is what a good forum is all about, genuine blokes trying to help each other out. We are so lucky on this forum coz some other forums are all just negative crap and blokes having a pi$$ing competition to see who is better than the other ☹️
  12. It’ll be sexier on the Eb rims [emoji1303]
  13. Anything in particular I should be looking for in an lsd diff? I’m an lsd addict [emoji23] only commodores spin a single wheel [emoji1303]
  14. Great write up mate and a good heads up for blokes like me who have had a diff sitting in the shed for 5 years waiting to be installed. I’ll be sure to check out for signs of crusty bits inside any diff before installing it into my cars. Of course I’d be checking brake parts for corrosion but probably would have just checked diff oil level and put it to work, now I’ll give it a good going over beforehand. Thanks for sharing your knowledge [emoji1303]