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  1. G’day mate, do you know if your xf colour is ivory cream? It looks similar to my xf colour. Paint code is R from memory [emoji1303]
  2. Do you need press bits??? You can get them at super cheap too. In regards to the punching the cups into a uni, that made me laugh. I was helpin a farmer replace a uni on the back of his ute one day trying to be all careful and we couldn’t get it to go fully back together so we asked another bloke that had “mechanical experience.” He told us to get out of the way and used a 10mm punch to drive the cup fully home. Yep, it went home alright then when the cup stopped moving the punch smashed through the cup and hit the cross of the uni. That was the end of that new uni, another 60 km trip to town to get a replacement uni [emoji45]
  3. Is that cement the grey stuff? We used some for a pressure pipe on an irrigation repair at work and I couldn’t believe how good it was [emoji1303]
  4. Press looks good mate, you happy with it??
  5. Surely he put a Gibbo type fitting on it with rubber seals [emoji51] it looks like thick walled pipe. Is it class 12 or above? It should be written on the pipe what size it is and how much pressure it’s rated to.
  6. Ha ha, talking like that I reckon you’d get a job at the abc [emoji1303]
  7. this stuff is really good for dry looking plastic & rubber. [emoji1303]
  8. I’d love to go to that auction, bloody busy time at work so will be unable to attend. Matching numbers xd Fairmont would be great to see but no doubt beyond my budget. Plenty of cool metal fab tools I could use too [emoji45]
  9. Hilux utes are well known for instability when turning at speed. Hence the name rollux [emoji23]
  10. Super ute racing from Adelaide on OneHd now fellas. As a ranger owner, I’m interested to see how they hold up to the thrashing they get [emoji1303]
  11. Ha ha dumb dental chick. #soznotsoz. 🤣
  12. 2jz and do power skids like this.
  13. But I bet it doesn’t complain when it gets home from work and tell you every useless detail of the day’s events [emoji849]
  14. It would shit me but that’s just my opinion. I’d be worried about it running too lean and burning a hole in a piston [emoji51]
  15. So................. are you gunna get this rig onto a dyno and get a good tune done on it? Surely that would save a lot of frustration [emoji6]