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  1. Great work mate, that is a killer ride height[emoji7] I’m not usually a fan of red cars but the xe esp is just something sexy that everyone should love 🤙🏻
  2. Yeah I guess budget would be huge for those fellas. I was wondering if it was actually done brilliantly or just a bogged up job. It’s funny how you see cars that look fantastic but are actually poorly done. Like the Street Machine Sony Scorcher 2 door Ea falcon they did years ago. I had the opportunity to buy it for $5000 about ten years after they built it but it was in really average condition then, poor paint and interior falling apart [emoji51]
  3. It’s going to a festival??? Is it for a band like the Bliss n Eso Kombi?? I can’t imagine it staying straight too long if it’s going to festivals, pun intended [emoji6]
  4. Sad to hear you had dramas mate, will check out vids when they appear [emoji1303]
  5. That sticker that says scrap if dropped isn’t a good sign [emoji51]
  6. Mate, I don’t want to sound like a boring old man but those globes suit it fine in my opinion. With a bit of polish on the alloy they would look sexy as hell. But that’s just my opinion [emoji23]
  7. Rest peacefully Bob you champion [emoji471] Condolences to his friends and family [emoji22]
  8. I’ve heard that the first gear bearings don’t like burnouts. Just use second gear for skids, then third and fourth [emoji1303][emoji23]
  9. You may not be a professional mate but are definitely taking care and respecting the coolness of the car. Much more than a few “professionals” that I’ve seen over the years of mates having their x-series cars repaired[emoji1303]
  10. Nothing shits me more, you work hard to buy nice rims for your ride and some cock smoker can’t be stuffed to take a bit of care when fitting new tyres🤬 A local tyre shop I know has a “Holden Culture” they don’t give a shit about nice fords but you can roll in with a VN commie with 20” rims and they roll out the red carpet [emoji1589]I don’t want special treatment, just want them to respect my shit.
  11. Thanks for the link mate, I’ll grab one and see how it goes [emoji1303]
  12. Loving the progress mate and the tricky mods along the way, is there any chance that you had a link to the Nutsert kit that you got? I’m not being lazy, I could find a kit myself on eBay but there’s so many that I’d like to buy one that I know works well [emoji1303]
  13. Is anyone else enjoying the Double J hits from the 90’s of a weekend? I think they start of a Friday arvo and go all weekend, bringing back memories of back in the 90’s [emoji1303]
  14. Great to see you back Paul, Jo sounds like a real keeper. Hold onto her with both hands if she buys you car supplies [emoji23][emoji1305]
  15. I’ve been told that if there is no gas in the system then it won’t let the clutch engage to drive the compressor. Doesn’t the gas have oil in it to help lubricate the compressor therefore if it ran without gas it could do damage to it. Someone may have to confirm this but I’m 80% sure that it’s correct.