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  1. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    It frustrates me how people neglect tyres on their vehicles. The local post lady dropped off a parcel to my house last week and I met her at her car to save her the heavy lifting. I almost died when I saw her steer tyres. There had to be no more than 3mm thread, some spots were about 1.5mm. I told her that it was extremely dangerous but it didn’t seem to bother her. It bloody will if it ever rains again and she understeers through someone’s front fence [emoji15]
  2. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    So many great ones on the Simpsons. My favourite would have to be Hugh Jass [emoji1787]
  3. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    I have seen a few rippa names in movie credits but a standout was Amanda Root. It seems cruel to laugh at an innocent person’s name but I couldn’t help it [emoji1787]
  4. Ando81

    XC grill twin headlight conversion

    That’s fantastic work. A bit of fit & fiddle but looks awesome in the end [emoji1303]
  5. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    Highlights from Summernats on 7mate on now. I stumbled across it and might have to watch for a while, doubt they’ll show any tiddies though [emoji30]
  6. Ando81

    EB 1 KENOBI ? OR 2

    Is that electrical conduit partly melted from extractor heat? I’d be wrapping a heat proof sleeve around it if possible [emoji1303]
  7. Ando81

    Grinds My Gears

    There’s nothing screams dodgy more than too much silastic. Sure, sometimes you need a light film to assist in sealing something up but when something looks like they’ve scooped a handful out of a 10 litre bucket and slapped it all over the place it’s really bad [emoji1304]
  8. Ando81


    That’s a great tip to make people aware to check their cutting disc and blades mate, that could be very nasty if the whole lot parted company with the engine [emoji15]
  9. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    She loves the “D” [emoji1787] You must make sure that the dates are correct though [emoji51]
  10. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    I read that in the Nic Cage voice in my head [emoji23] Sad doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. Heartbroken is more correct for me [emoji30]
  11. Ando81

    What welder should I buy?

    To compare gasless mig to gas mig is simple in my opinion. Gasless is like getting a kiss from a drunk Aunty, you try to avoid it but sometimes you just can’t. Gas mig is like kissing the hot chick next door, like a dream and gets great results [emoji1787]
  12. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    I’ve borrowed one before but never justified spending big money on one when I’m average skilled at using one [emoji23]
  13. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    I’m told Beretta make a quality shotgun, might be a worthy investment to keep boys away from your future princess [emoji1303]
  14. Ando81

    The completely off topic thread

    Bloody Briggs engines. Sorry but I’ve had terrible luck with them over the years on push mowers. I had a Husqvarna “unbreakable” plastic frame mower with a Briggs motor. It needed choke to start from cold and hot. It was always a pig to start from new and let’s just say that the frame wasn’t “unbreakable”! After pushing it at a tree at speed with 100kgs behind it, it was rooted [emoji2959]
  15. Ando81

    the eye candy thread *NSFW*

    Constance Nunes................... what more is there to say, she’s the whole package. Beautiful [emoji1305]