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  1. You Grinch, ha ha nah I couldn’t agree more. It’s a big money grab where we buy excess shit for people we really don’t care enough about. We rush around stupid trying to fit in a month of activities in a few days worth of time. I’d rather celebrate Australia Day with a snag on a Bbq with true friends but even Australia Day doesn’t seem Politically acceptable any more [emoji30] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. GERG, thanks for sharing[emoji106][emoji2532] That is super cool how it is done [emoji108][emoji2532]
  3. Cool Rod, makes sense. I was picturing something like that in my head but wasn’t sure if my thoughts were correct [emoji51]
  4. That looks awesome mate, can you give us and insight as to how the rounded tops were made. I’ve made the twisted pattern on steel at high school but the rounded pieces are really impressive [emoji108][emoji2532]
  5. I believe so, don’t be a sheep and follow the crowd with black rims. Polish those mofo’s [emoji7]
  6. Ha ha well done [emoji23][emoji106][emoji2532]
  7. To quote Kindergarten Cop movie, “boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.” If only it was that simple these days [emoji849]
  8. Ha ha I wasn’t sure about a falcon tragic but that’s fine. Chrome bumpers are super cool anyway [emoji106][emoji2532]
  9. Congratulations on the bub, we need future generations of falcon tragics to keep the forum going [emoji106][emoji2532]
  10. Rest up mate, that appendix pain is a killer. Cute pics on the wall in the GV Hospital kids ward behind you [emoji23] Those parts in your gasket set look like valve stem seals, hard to see properly to be sure but they have the mushroom type head on them like a valve stem seal. Glad to see progress is being made with your build, or at least was [emoji106][emoji2532]
  11. It was great to see Scotty take the title, he’s obviously a very talented young driver with a bright future. Sad to see Lowndesy leave too as he had plenty of ability and personality. Some of the current younger drivers don’t seem to have the passion or personality that Craig has but I guess personality doesn’t win races. It was good to see Lowndesy let his hair down by roasting the tyres for his send off too[emoji106][emoji2532]
  12. Thanks for sharing such a wealth of knowledge Thorne [emoji106][emoji2532] I found your info very interesting, tricks of the trade are always handy for an everyday joe like me [emoji23]
  13. [emoji107][emoji2532][emoji90]
  14. Yeah I’m not impressed to say the least. I was talking to an auto trans guru and he told me that the trans fluid needs to be changed a lot more often than Subaru recommends. He also told me that a rebuild on the CVT could be $8k-$10k. Really mate?? For something that would almost fit inside a milk crate?? He’s quoted me $1100 less than Subaru dealer for repairs at least.
  15. CVT auto’s grind my gears at the moment. Just been told that my mrs car needs $5000 repair to a 6 year old car. We’ve owned it from new and always serviced at Subaru dealer, 2.0 litre standard motor and all highway kms. Never towed or thrashed, disposable pieces of shit these days [emoji107][emoji2532]