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  1. Thanks CRAZY.........
  2. THANK YOU..................
  3. I put another $25.00 in 98 ron in the old girl and took her for another run, the missing seems to be gone, and the idling is at about 900 rpm. So maybe it needs a good long run for the COMPUTER to LEARN..tell you what, I HAVE NOT DRIVEN THE OTHER 2 FORDS since I got this the way guys, I need to CLEAN my headlights...heard about tooth paste and 1200 sand paper..or is there a better way of doing this??
  4. Wow, that does not look too bad at all..something to look into....especially as it hooks up to the original computer,,
  5. Ok, went and had a look at the accelerator STOP, near the throttle body and there is a ADJUSTMENT SCREW there, wound that back a bit, opened the AIR screw on the throttle body and its at around the 1000 rpm mark, went and put 25 dollars in of 98 ron...took it for a 15 min drive and it seems ok...however when I " GET UP IT"...there is a definite miss, so something is still not right...However ITS A LOT BETTER....
  6. Thanks for that bit of info CRAZY 2287, For all I know, the KNOCK SENSOR was never hooked up. I only saw 1 SCREW on the throttle body, did not know there were 2.I will have another look. These after market COMPUTER,S...Whom sells them and are they up here in QUEENSLAND/BRISBANE?
  7. GOT the one on the throttle body screwed right in at the Mo...
  8. Thank you.....Hopefully this will explain why the engine is IDLING so high, as well...
  9. PANKO..BUT WHERE ON THE ECU...? Any photos??
  10. Neither the MECHANIC or the AUTO ELECTRICIAN, know where the WIRES from the KNOCK SENSOR goes...ANYONE KNOW or and have a photo..IT ,might solve a lot of problems here...OR is there a section here I can refer too...cheers..
  11. When the car came out in 87 the engine was set up to run on 95 Ron, I dont know if 98 was available back then...
  12. I really want to keep the car original, True there are Mods which will make the car, BETTER, but then it wont be what it was..Going to try the 95/98 fuel first then get the Mechanic to check the timing , maybe change the spark plugs again after they were all sooted up..
  13. I had forgotten that this car was tuned for 95 ron..and I have stuck 91 in it...
  14. Just got the XF back this afternoon, Apparently the computer they had connected, THEY WERE 3 TO CHOOSE FROM, had water in it, TPS and 1 other computer change and it works, OK, However it now needs to be tuned, as it idles too HIGH and it PINGS on accelerating, so BACK to the MECHANICS, ..
  15. Just saw the PHOTO..thanks for that....