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  1. After having a new dash installed in my XF, I found i only had PARK LIGHTS no HORN, and the Indicators worked some time. Went to the AUTO ELEC and he told me I needed a new/another indicator/ wiper assembly.. Fitted and works great now....$30 for the part, $ 95 to fit...
  2. No it wasn,t a standard cam, done by TIGHE...Also he only told me after it was all done and back in the car...
  3. That was done a FEW years ago, he use to be at Chermside, Had it changed back, IMMEDIATE difference..
  4. He was, he wanted my GENIE extractors as well, said HURRICANE were better, I made him put them back on..
  5. The reason i am asking, is that, i had double valve springs on, I had the rockers all changed and the MECHANIC, took them off and replaced with NEW single ones, He said " you will never bounce these"..However I found that by the time i got to 1/2 way on the accelerator pedal, the car/ENGINE just ran out of breath, AND i know there is heaps more it could do...
  6. Never been to WILLOWBANK..what is the best way to get there from the N/SIDE.....
  7. Good info, thanks guys...
  8. Thanks.....Hopefully I can make it there..
  9. Can some one explain, why would you fit DOUBLE valve springs. What is the benefit if any..?..Thanks.
  10. Any one know when the ALL FORDS DAY is on in qld, Use to be at 6 ave KEDRON, in OCT..where and when is it Now?....cheers.
  11. Hi and welcome...nice looking car....woooot.
  12. Hi and welcome, UNDEFEATED...yes even the XF,S have a history for FORD, I treasure mine. All the X series have a history and some fine examples can be FOUND here...ENJOY..
  13. Hi and welcome...nice looking ride..
  14. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, But, how do you guys and gals, protect your car from the Elements, without a CARPORT or GARAGE. Just been to CLARK RUBBER, BUNNINGS , nothing, SUPERCHEAP had something but for $250.00 bucks, it looks too flimsy and would blow away...any suggestions ??..Is there a place that actually caters for this sort of thing?
  15. Thanks CRAZY.........