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  1. SPACK

    AU Series 3 Forte. Stalling

    Fuel pump, would be a start, change the fuel filter, clean the injectors..
  2. SPACK


    I am not sure what has happened, it was just the changing through the gears, the car felt like it was being held back, but now that LAG has disappeared..the car seems freer, the lag, being held back, has gone..
  3. SPACK


    Thanks guys, just wondered, it just FEELS and drives better..
  4. SPACK


    I heard such good things about these CATS, i decided it was time to put one on and obviously, it should have one on, mine was a straight through pipe from the extractors to the muffler at the rear.....I WENT OUT side and measured the diameter and it is 2 1/4 inch...any way the car works a lot better now....
  5. SPACK


    I have been driving my XF EFI without a CAT for about 20-22 years, 2 1/2 INCH STAINLESS STEEL, GENIE EXTRACTORS, AND a rear muffler., GREAT sound, how ever i have always found that if I accelerate through the gears, every time i change a gear, the car feels like it is being held back, it does not want to keep going, I have decided this week, WEDNESDAY, to put a HI-FLOW 100 CELL CAT ON. CHALK and CHEESE, The car wants to go, it feels like there is another 5-10 kws OF power there...any one know why this would be.I thought the straight through pipe would be better with no restrictions..
  6. SPACK


    Has any one had or have an AU S2/3 XR6 with the VCT MOTOR, and modified it WHILST keeping the VCT ? I cant seem to find any info on these engines, NO problem with the INTECH MOTORS, but nothing on the VCT...Would love to put a nice CAMSHAFT in, either STAGES 1-2-3 OR 4..but nothing...Any one able to point me in the right direction..?.cheers
  7. SPACK


    I just dont want to pull the head off and have it checked out, costly, BUT, I may have to..
  8. SPACK


    Double valve springs on it,..and you said PRECISION, is that there full name..?
  9. SPACK


    Is there a company that sells a stronger better PUSHROD for the XF EFI ENGINES.., I rarely ever go pass the 5000 rpm,s, YES the SVO does do it, but I keep bending the RODS, when I do, so its a rarity..also WOULD it help to change the LIFTERS?..CHEERS.
  10. I had these noises from under my AU XR 6, The mechanic said link pins were gone, I bought some springs and monroe shocks and a 28 mm sway bar 2 new link pinks, It sits a few MM,s lower and handles better ..However the noises are still there...the only thing the MECHANIC pointed out to me was the rotors were slightly warped, could that be where the noise/s are coming from....he did not say any thing about the Ball joints..?
  11. SPACK

    Megasquirt into XF EFI

    Is the UNICHIP any good for the XF EEC1V computer.?..Or using the EA/EB 1 closed loop( no smartlock) EEC1V, and running a stock code better, and cheaper...?
  12. SPACK


    He has driven it, but obviously not for that length of time...ill be talking to him tomorrow..
  13. SPACK


    It appears to need at least 20-30 mins of driving/usage/heat before the noise appears. The noise appears at a certain REV..2200-2500 rpm...when i am in 2nd gear there is a BEARING sound and i can actually "feel" the gear stick slightly moving in my hand, yet the gearbox mechanic cant find any thing wrong internally, the bearings are new, and the seals changed...
  14. Hopefully some one has had this problem, and can help. After driving the car last week for about 20-30 mins, all at the legal speed limit, so there was no speeding, no taking off like i am doing the 1/4 mile, I noticed, first a "BEARING" type noise when i depressed the clutch and changed from 2-3rd. At the next set of lights, turning the stereo down, I took off, staying in 1st a little longer, just when i was going to change into 2nd, I heard, what sounded like METAL RUBBING METAL, changed into 2nd, ball bearing sound, then at about 23 to 2500 RPM,s the METAL sound again, I depressed the clutch, to change into 3rd, did it, and as i released the clutch pedal, the noise could be heard again..This noise is only heard going UP through the gears. On thursday i had the box pulled down really the only thing they could find wrong is the REVERSE gear cluster, slightly worn,...I had the bearings replaced anyway, and new seals. Went out today, sunday, Same thing happened again, same amount of time, same noise..1st, off, I am thinking, 20-30 mins..HEAT, 2ND its the front INPUT BEARING....thoughts please...OH, last year I had a EXEDY SPORTS CLUTCH put in....
  15. SPACK

    Megasquirt into XF EFI

    Thanks STEVEHOBART..will love to hear how it goes..