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  1. XRWagz

    what is the v8 like on fuel compared to the 6 cyl

    FWIW, when I had my ED XR8 Sprint, it was surprisingly good on fuel, best I got on a long run was 9.7L/100km, regular day to day driving was 10.5-11L/100km My AU V8 ute on the other hand..... 13L/100 is normal
  2. XRWagz

    Au ecu conversion

    That sender only appears to be fitted to EB/ED's, and is almost immediately in front of the #5 injector on the passenger side front of the intake manifold. Apparently EF - onwards falcons don't use it, I know the hole for it is plugged on my AU
  3. XRWagz

    Au ecu conversion

    The instrument cluster gets its info via that sender edit: no..... no it doesnt
  4. XRWagz

    Au ecu conversion

    this is on an ED XR8 circled in red is the temp sender for the ECU/Instrument cluster circled in blue is the plug that gets replaced with the temp sender for the climate control setup on higher spec cars believe me when I say you're better off finding a stand-alone engine harness to allow you to run a EEC-IV computer instead of splicing together components from 2 different models to put into a third..... and then trying to make it work easiest way otherwise is to find an engine harness and ECU from a pre smartlock EB V8, its what I've used previously to make a EFI windsor run in a car that never had one, but given the option, I'd find a pre-made harness before going through all that again.... my liver and sanity can only handle so much punishment as for the automatic side of things...... i'm unable to help you there, I've managed to avoid having to make one work so far....
  5. XRWagz

    Au ecu conversion

    The coolant temp sensor for the climate control on EB-EL V8's is at the start of the heater pipes up near the thermostat and oil filler cap. As for the engine harness, it'd be a LOT easier to buy a stand alone EECIV harness than to bodge one together.
  6. XRWagz

    Au ecu conversion

    The biggest hassle of making it all work is going to be actually getting pipework made up to suit the V8 installation (if its much different to 6's), the systems arent remarkably different, ED's use a TX valve and receiver/dryer to manage refrigerant flow, whereas AU's use an orifice tube and refrigerant accumulator. Assuming the pipework is adaptable, its simply a matter of connecting up the AC clutch and the pressure switch wiring. Other than that, theres no reason why there should be any difficulties making things work. The climate control in EA-ED's works with the heater box under the dash, and the limit of its communication with the ECU that aircon has been selected. There is, however, feedback from a second temp sender in climate controlled cars that sits in the steel heater pipe near the oil filler, in non climate cars the sensor is replaced with a threaded plug. Atm, I'm more concerned as to why you seem set on using an ECU from an AU The easiest way to achieve ECU functionality for a V8 swap without the benefit of a donor car would be to use a standalone harness kit. Bare bones EECIV needs barely any wiring outside of the engine harness 1: -ve 2: +ve in for constant for memory 3: +ve in for ignition on 4: +ve in for crank/start 5: +ve out for fuel pump 6: (optional) +ve in for A/C on All that can be set up without upsetting pretty much any of the car from the firewall back
  7. XRWagz

    Au ecu conversion

    For the hassle, why not use whats meant to be in there?
  8. XRWagz

    ed ford wiring harness

    its going to be a LOT less drama if you find a complete donor car from the SAME model, IE: you want to find a rusty V8 Fairmont strip the good body of EVERYTHING, then start pulling the donor car apart, take note of where every part came from, and install it like Ford did at the factory
  9. XRWagz

    Au ecu conversion

    exactly what are you trying to achieve? what car is it in, and why are you using an AU ECU? also.... why are you using a TX valve? AU's ran an orifice tube