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  1. It’s been happening with older Porsche too.. prices double in a year or so when a small group has the monopoly..then investors /collectors come in to get some action, and the cars are out of reach for enthusiasts soon after, but at least there now safe and not butchered up and worth restoring. ESP guys could ask say 70-80k..even 100k on a immaculate ( don’t blink)...good original v8 base model 30-40k and good 6cyl 10-20k. its heading that way anyway.
  2. I seen that, this mint looking XE Spac 6cy for sale atm up here in Brisbane , 20k for a clean 6cyl XE! that is a sign of the times. you could go buy a cheap new car for that and enjoy , but in 5 years it will be worth half or a 1/4 the price..not sure how far the X-series values can go but there staying stable or rising a little more yet.. im guessing the good cars are in sheds and the rest were scraped for parts. It does not take long for a good X-series to turn to scrap if it’s left outside. Then we all swoop in and feast on the carcass. ( Car-cass) We really are keeping a piece of history.. even the Australian Mint has minted collector coins of XE series coins, check them out! We got our own money now. Hehe
  3. Ok flash back to only 5yr ago.. there was many who had Xd,E and F falcons.. where did all these cars go? Like seriously where the hell are these cars now. surley there was many good cars that were around back then, but are they just sitting in somebody’s garage now??. Did they get all parted out and scraped? 5 year back I walked into the ford wrecker and they had a container full of Xd,E,F bonnets and panels, called them recently and nothing... dam it, I have been searching for 2 months up here in Brisbane and can’t even find a simple decent Xe falcon bonnet! the local wrecker back then had a lot full of Xd,E.. now they got nothing
  4. Further Update: grew up in the States and have family there so im all sorted now..got a good deal! 2 barrel sniper master kit is sorted and on way.. I will do a thread on OZfalcon to show it’s fit up. I could have gone the 4 barrel version, but for what I’m doing there’s no point.. the flow is around 500cfm from a 2 barrel Sniper and I suspect it may atomise better on a mild 4.0 or 4.1. im keeping the Redline Tourqer manifold for the moment to compare against others at a latter date.
  5. Well as a update: im about try order this , but keep running into import charges that are adding a few 100 to the cost.. Looking at all options from Holley and FiTech, yet still getting slugged with import charges.. checking out govt websites I shouldn’t have to pay a import charge on under 1k total including postage .. So hunting hard to try find the best deal.. of course I’d rather Holley but those import charges add another 300+ I’d rather not deal with.. at the end of the day it’s not that cheap, especially thanks to the import charges..hmmmm.. I will keep hunting ,but any tips on buying?
  6. A bit further back it was mentioned about the tool ( it’s a square block) to wind in the calliper, this is available from super cheap for a $20 or so.. I set caliper up with a gclamp or vice from memory to hold it , and the tool did the job winding it in, I put a extension bar into the square with a ratchet... there a universal thing designed to fit many Calipers. just wanted to add some input..
  7. Go onto the SuerCheap website, they sell tyres and give reviews.. the prices are cheaper than tyre shops for exact same tyre.
  8. Yes I’ve read that too.. this is new stuff so we are all on the ground floor.. this isn’t the McGee injection we tried ( my older brother tried that stuff) on in the 80s, as Steve Morris stated “ this IS Holleys carb replacement!”
  9. Sorry NZXD, I had edited it in now to that above post, I’m going the basic 2 barrel system.. it’s all I need for a basic street car.. most of you guys are little more hardcore, so I guess a 4 barrel would be better suited to you. But there’s some real big systems coming by the looks of it from Holley... Dyno tuners for carbs are going to be scratching soon. As for my humble project will let you guys know how it goes.
  10. Matt, I’m going to run one, I’m done with Carbs, and apart from a nostalgia build I see no reason to not try this.. to think the same people who gave us the Holley carby havnt improved significantly on it in 30years just baffles me..and I will go just the basic 2 barrel system..since everything on my car is old I want to replace the entire fuel system so it’s reliable. Interesting is I have not found one single video of a carb beating it, not 1! , even after extensive tuning and dyno time.. there’s a few videos on YouTube of boosted cars. Importantly with that there is a lot of tech videos about doing ignition control, fuel mapping. but from what I see most just do a basic hook up in 2 hours and go drive. Its interesting to watch the Steve Morris promotion of this Holley product on one of his big HP monsters..Sniper beat his carb too! and he lets it out the Carb guys are in for it with this..( Steve Morrris is a house hold name in the States)
  11. Thanks Ando..yes Zorans good on carbs. I kinda have some hope for this system.. it can substitute many systems and consolidates them into one, so cost wise balances out..so will order one soon. Hopefully my experience will be a good one. but a couple things I like.. 1)they can take mild boost. 2) they can run fans and ignition. 3) they are easily transferable from engine to engine, as long as a Holley Flange is there to bolt down on , so that opens up some options for possible later engine swap (maybe with some of Aussie speeds other manifolds) 4) there is a large support network, a simple search on YouTube for Holley Sniper shows Holley Tech vids, from installing 02 sensors to programming ignition, remapping fuel curves.. 5) the master kit comes with everything needed including a inline fuel pump and fuel lines.
  12. I haven’t yet tried any of these systems.. Ando76, No, it was on a V8.. but if it’s atomisation then what would be better? Not saying a carb isn’t a bad way to go, I love carby motors and the more computerised the more I dislike.. I’ve had a few Aussiespeed manifolds through in both 2 & 4 barrel, yes aussiespeed have nice products, but I’m staying with the Redline tourqer manifold as that’s what’s available to me atm, I will possibly fit one of there pigs into it to try at a latter date. So leaning towards the Holley sniper 2 barrel system over the FiTech as they have to many customer reports complaining about the lack of support. No problems there with the Holley sniper efi ( example: https://www.efisystempro.com/efi-pro-hangout/holley-sniper-efi-installation-tips). they wouldn’t risk there name on something that’s not well sorted,plus they have a very nice touch screen that lets the user play with afr graphs with just a swipe of the finger like a phone..but the Holley EFI supports up to 400hp / Fitech is 350hp on the 2 barrel systems. The Sniper can control many functions including thermo fans and ignition control. One thing of interest I noticed in this posted video below is they had problems with the EFI carb because it needed a open manifold , the dual plane upset the EFI.. I’m at a gues that the spray pattern of the injectors requires a single plane. This seams to be a common problem with all the systems atm , they like some plenium.. I doubt many of us could tune a carb as well as these Engine Master guys? But the self learning aspect of the Holley EFI still beat there best tune on the carb, it also beat even there custom tune on the EFI.. i don’t have dyno time to play with, I also don’t have a box full of carb parts to chop and change stuff. ( especially if even the best carb tunners can’t match it!) ...so a self tuning bolt down system appeals..the Fitech or Holley efi system would probably go ok from what I’m seeing? If you can show it’s not suitable please do
  13. I’m reading a lot about the FiTech, I keep reading bad customer support..bad customer support.. but on eBay there like $900. For something that’s possibly a bolt down and go this is good.. Watched the engine masters Efi verse Carb challenge , the Holley sniper efi beat the Holley HP carb..there was no tuning needed as it self tuned, but they spent a lot of time on the carb to try beat it, tuning as best they could, and it still lost.
  14. Thanks man.. im thinking this will be a option for me on the new build. I’m curious to know people have experienced.
  15. Ok guys, lets chat about the current bolt on self learning EFI 2 barrel ( or 4 barrel ) ,yes bolt on carb style EFi kits from FiTech and Holley that are out there now. 1st) no I don’t feel like bolting up and connecting crank angle sensors , soldering crap together and everything else...then doing dyno time with a laptop, , selecting injectors.. and so on.. if I wanted to spend 5k+ I’d drop in a 8! ( Or I think I’d just smash in a 2nd hand Barra for complexity ). This basic style of EFI is a simple $800-$900, it’s bolt on and go, this seams a ok upgrade on top of what I got, it comes with a hand controller to fine tune it a little. Let’s just pretend I want to keep my old 250..as it is, sell my holleys, and just put a efi syle carb on as a replacement for the 350 Holley that’s currently there..keeping it as simple as possible.. this is a Carb replacement.. so I have a couple 350 holleys on the bench, and I’m running a redline tourqer manifold,Extractors and some sort of choppy cam.. (the compression hits my hand from a metre away so it may have other mods..) .. frankly I don’t know what’s inside it, I just want something that will idle clean and runs ok.. So for me, I’d rather just bolt down something that goes well, And it has to do that on top of what I currently have..( whatever that is..) I want it to start cold nice and go ok.. simple with no smell of fuel, popping or rough running.. So, before I waste another $ , I’m thinking just selling my 350 holleys for $100 each on gumtree, then looking at the possibility of just bolting down and running one of these self tuning EFI style 2 barrel carbs from FiTech or Holley on the Redline manifold.. has as anybody run one yet on a 250? give me your opinions..(and who knows, I may even try run a std style air cleaner housing just to mess around with people that little bit more