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  1. Yes it’s going well .. wonder what kens thinking? Think we went to school together? Or that yellow 302 Mazda from the older brother rings a bell from the 90s at saint patty’s blktwn? Great, but show us some insight on how these times were achieved with the Bonnet up, either way.. single 4brl??
  2. So here’s another cool feature that can plug into with the Holley sniper EFI.. its obvious holleys new roll out has been well thought out.
  3. Still playing with other aspects of the car before installing. in this video theres Some intresting aspects, it’s a Blo Thru Turbo 6cyl..video shows some set up including the return line dumping into the filler hose.
  4. Personally I love the Grand Prix! I spent many hours in my youth reading about them.. there is no monza red ones left ( all 6 monza red cars are gone..maybe there out there? but none seen in the last 15years ).. or there owners don’t want them pictured. Im a painter. A “maintenance paint” is a freshen up.. it’s not a full rebuild or respray.. it’s done to just keep the appearance of the car up.. it’s a service.. like a engine service but for appearance purposes.. in comparison a “rebuild or respray” is done with rust repairs and/or a full strip down usually with a colour change.
  5. Yes that’s a tuned Ferrari getting clobbered by the old 928 v8 Porsche at the end.. at a tight track willow springs. yes the v8 928 passed the Ferrari on the outside. Mark Anderson: known to be a total gentlemen in the traffic... from last to 1st! . Mark Anderson’s 928 is a v8 legend!
  6. I like the 928. They go ok..
  7. I think what there saying is it’s a genuine HO compliance vehicle..based of a ESP, the matching numbers part has me confused because it’s a 6cyl from Ford. unless it means it’s been plated by HO with the current engine. its always sketchy with these types of cars, the Johnson GP built by CDT were similar, and I think Mike Vine may have done it also, in that CDT attaches there build plates , except those were built back in the day when new and offered through Ford dealers with a factory warranty ( not 35 years latter) how much is a HO build plate worth again?
  8. I like Aircooled and old VW Beatles, always admired porsche, so have been fortunate and being a v8 Guy :Cayeen GTS and a 928 Euro, both v8 and very practice for me and the children, the Cayeen is my daily, 928 took a long time to find but I’m happy with it too. brother has the old 911 and previously to that the mentioned Esprit s1 JPS ( that was featured on the cover of Unique Cars in the 90s).. The Xd and Xe were great cars with great history.. and I’m doing my Xe Spac as a simple original driver, had to have one again. Back to the 150k falcon: agree this one over priced.. nice , but I’d take Ferrari F1 Spyder for that money.
  9. I’m fortunate.. I have my dream cars already..a couple Porsche.. but I came back to these boxy taxi as I miss them!. I find myself daydreaming about my XE more than I’d like.. I honestly couldn’t be without a XD or XE no matter what’s in the garage beside it.. I’d feel like a big part of my childhood was missing.
  10. it Is a nice car but.. one of the best looking I’ve seen, I too think it’s on the steep end but if he gets close to this then all to him.
  11. I like it, but curious as to what others think about the Advertised Price.. 150k? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1982-Ford-Falcon-GL-XE-Manual/SSE-AD-5492186?id=SSE-AD-5492186
  12. Seen this same one same spot recently.. he parks in a residential homes driveway , it’s on a hill of course, and gets people as there cars speeds up...I often wonder if this is his house and he’s just one of those guys who prefers to work from home...
  13. hi

    No idea on the percentage chance of getting caught without a 240v sticker in a really old van, but check over the wires if it’s that old just to be safe.
  14. I’m going to put this link in here for future reference.
  15. I’m trying to figure all that atm.. which dissy to run. (Side note: yes I’m aware of a std Barra that recently run 350hp with just a carb and cams here in QLD ..but im no drag racer, it’s intresting to see what may be out there for the future.) Back on topic: for ignition control , it’s going to have to come latter. here’s the video of the Holley tech rep showing Phasing and dwell.. atm I’m scratching my head TBH as to what Distributor to run.. EST , TFI. I’m checking on Holley Sniper forums and seeing what USA Ford guys are doing, I will probably contact Holley directly and put it to them. In years to come people can look at this...hindsight makes a expert.