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    BTR Auto Transmission Videos

    The EB transmissions are more serviceable than the later ones. The EA/EB/ED/EF ones have the better oil pump (higher flow rate). External dipstick. Easy external band adjustment, (internal shim adjustment only, on the later ones).
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    got rough shifts real quick and wouldn't change higher than 2nd from memory, warranty paid just on $5K to rebuild and that was probably 5 years ago or more. was the family car but now just parked in my shed for odd cruise days.
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    no heat shield not on it. problem was very intermittent, could drive for an hour and it does it once then was fine. hot of cold. 5 minutes in or a hour. nothing constant about the fault. the gasket/ trans has two bolts on one side and one on the other, under the actual bolts there is no loop or gasket just a gap where a gasket should be. surprised it still sealing. yes my GT-P also has one (4 speed) going to swap it for a 6 speed auto or manual once i get time. 4 speed has gone once but was rebuild under a aftermarket warranty. standard cooler not big enough was the issue in they say. (the 500hp the car is may have also played a part...lol)
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    i prefer lows because the car still drives fine (not much bump steer, and has suspension travel still)
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    Cast or 4340 408 stroker crank

    Cast cranks are much tougher than people will give them credit for. A stock Clevo 4MA will spin to 7500 no probs if everything's balanced and prepped right. If you can get hold of a neutral balance one, even better. If it's just a weekend cruiser, that might not even be an issue. Being a stroker, it will be all about the mid-range torque, not the top end, so even less reason to go steel. Steel cranks are really only for serious, sustained rpm. Total overkill for what you're building. Sent from my CPH1607 using Tapatalk
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    The BTR/DSI/ION 4spd Auto transmissions are most definitely NOT sealed. Of course you can check. The filler plug, is a 16mm nut on the right hand side of the transmission towards the back. Make sure you only use a six sided socket, (not a 12 sided) or you'll likely round off the plug hex. The fluid should be a clean cherry red colour. If it's a black/red, or brown colour, then it needs a service. Only use TQ95 transmission fluid in BTR's.
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    300 USA 6CYL

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    300 USA 6CYL

    3.9" or 4.0" ( " = inches ) not a ohc piston.
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