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Xf bolt on spoiler

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I thought so . 

Have a few street machine magazines with it as the cover car . Will have to re-read it . 

Ol mate recons this is not a full bumper tho . 

Thought the millenium one was a full bumper .

It " slips over" the orig bumper and screws in under the no; plate and some on the lips in the wheel well . 

Ill visit him and get some decent pix to bung up on the site here . 

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Hey this is not a millennium falcon front spoiler, its actually a Modern motor/ mobil special.

The big difference is the spotlight mount holes on the millennium the spotlights were mounted either side of the center duct and on the Modern motor /mobil special the spot lights were mounted within the center duct the same as this.

Both the millennium and moderm motor/mobil front spoilers bolt onto the original bumpers.

How do i know these details i had a second Millennium ute built by phase autos after the fluro red one

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