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Good work Rick,told ya it was a quick car.Tub job looks awesome Mossy...With out the class stickers it looks very sleeperish. 

I'll get Footage next time :) i was busy with the Girl's today.


GhiaJohn noticed it out there too! A STANDOUT Car.



hey Rick, good to catch up today, Rob you are spot on,  this thing was seriously quick , nothing came near it all day

it was good to have a chat John, Blake is growing up, everytime i see him he grow's  a few more Inches.


I got sent a ph vid of it today but I can't link it for some reason...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

send it to me if you like i'll get a link for you.


hi rick

It was good to finally catch up,

The photos look awesome.thanks for that.

It was a great day with good friends and cars.

PS[ the car performed amazingly those triples are the go, very keen to get to the track after today.


Yes it was good to Finally catch up Kenny! i remember my 1st day out there, it was the best FUN I ever had Legally.

Out there the greatest pleasure in the last few year's is watching guy's getting out of their car's after some lap's & seeing the effect Lakeside has on EVERY one of them.

Motoring Heaven..

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Yeah I kept a eye on the live updates last night aswell.Sort of thought Mossy would have posted it up but he is a modest guy.


With traction and weather conditions that car WILL run a 10.It's half track times are right on it and as it was hitting the tyres hard so it has picked up HP and torque and the 119mph shows that too.


Good work Mossy.

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